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  1. One of my earlier posts in this thread mentioned that we don't need more songs on the radio. I find it funny and ironic that they made a Twitter poll today stating the following: "Do you want to hear the music from the Challenges Trailer - @SunglassesKid’s song Can’t Hide feat Miranda Cary - playing on the in-game radios?" This warmed my heart in a special, special way so I wanted to share it.
  2. I agree that limiting only punishes good tappers while also removing any real skill from the mechanic. Limiting still allows macro players to obtain the best possible results with no effort at all. That's a problem. It needs to be changed to a QTE, Tecmo Bowl kick off bar, or a randomly selected 3 button combination that must be cycled. These options require skilled input that cannot exploited by the use of macros. The same is true for Jason's stun and shake off 'E' prompts. These should be addressed in a similar fashion. The emphasis should always be on rewarding skilled input from the player. That means making all game mechanics macro-proof. This is the exact same logic that caused the steroid crisis in baseball. Are we going to have an 'E' macro crisis on our hands soon?
  3. It's not an issue right now, but it will be if they don't develop a solid long term DLC strategy. Unless their plan is to intentionally keep the player counts low (by ignoring the needs of the player base) to control server costs. In which case, you can expect more of the same for another year. People also forget that the addition of dedicated servers will triple or quadruple their server costs. Not to mention what will happen if the player base actually grows.
  4. They should be meaningful for you. Guess what happens when there aren't enough players pouring money into the game to sustain the development team and server costs?
  5. @BrokenFattHardy If it took you a year to finish my driveway, and you did a shitty job on top of it, I'd want my money back. Did you feel really unimportant also? lol
  6. If rubber-banding doesn't get fixed my head might explode.
  7. It could be a good thing. Maybe Microsoft and Sony will force them to correct things that they otherwise would have neglected. I'm sure there are a lot of players that would be thrilled to see "dashboarding" finally resolved. Just saying. They can ignore us when we ask for bug fixes. They can't ignore them.
  8. Is a turbo controller an automation program? It still seems like there's some grey area there. I think anyone can agree that macros and turbo controllers provide an unfair advantage so they should be classified as cheating. The best course of action isn't to police and ban these players. The whole system needs to be reworked. If you were to reverse engineer the break out mechanic you'd arrive at something like this. Let's design a system that allows Tommy, Jenny, Adam and A.J. to escape from Jason's grab more easily than the other counselors. We'll use a rapid button press mechanic to encourage the use of macros and turbo controllers. When people use these methods, we'll ban them. But hey, banning "Timmy" for using a turbo controller sure is easier than correcting the real problem, right?
  9. I think the better question is this: Why would the developers implement a mechanic that could be so easily exploited in this fashion? To be fair, timer and counter don't exactly sound like what you claim them to mean. Why couldn't the term 'macro' be used explicitly?
  10. Asphyxiate needs almost no room to execute. Try that instead. Mash the corresponding button as soon as you grab them. There's no way they should be able to break out, even as an 'E' macro Tommy.
  11. I know you might not like the solution, but here goes. Put 'asphyxiate' and 'head punch' on all of your Jason builds. Even 'E' macro won't be able to save them.
  12. Using macros is absolutely cheating. I can't say that I blame people for doing it though. The game mechanic, as it was designed, basically encourages it.
  13. Jarvis House and Pinehurst are both great examples of game development taking place inside a vacuum.
  14. I remember the liquid nitrogen face smash kill being the last stretch goal. Curious indeed.