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  1. For fairness sake, my previous post was made prior to reading Ben's post. I know that they care deeply about the project, so do I, but that doesn't change where we're at. I bring up "profits" because from an outsider's perspective the decisions being made defy logic. My plea is this, for the love of God and all that is holy, stop adding content. Fix all of the bugs, optimize performance in all areas, fix or remove systems that clearly do not add to the overall experience, and balance the game at the highest level of play. Then use intelligent matchmaking to group players according to skill, so they can actually have a consistently enjoyable experience. Once you are bug free and have a solid foundation, then start adding content that should have been there from the beginning such as host migration for consoles and key remapping for PC. When all that is completed, then selectively create and release new content. The Road Map has been nothing but trouble in my opinion. We got a bunch of content that ruins the immersion such as Retro Jason, Halloween Costumes and Dancing Emotes. We got the Fast Paced Maps which kicked off the balance issues. Jarvis House, the consensus worst map in the game. Virtual Cabin 2.0 was nice but ruined by spoilers on social media. The Offline Bots added a safe place for people to play as Jason without being trolled, but there were a boat load of bugs introduced as well. Let's burn the Road Map and put development resources on tasks that will ensure the longevity of the title. The community can survive without Uber Jason, but it won't survive for long if something doesn't change.
  2. Steamspy.com listed Friday the 13th's peak concurrent players for yesterday at 1,583. That requires roughly 197 servers to support a player load of that size. In comparison, Dead by Daylight's peak concurrent players for yesterday was 17,582. Which requires 3,516 servers since it's a five player game. Let's say 25% of the estimated 466,929 players who own the game on Steam decided to come back and play multiplayer concurrently. That's approximately 116,732 players. It would require 14,591 servers to support that player load. That sounds like a logistical nightmare, as well as a financial one. If the game sold close to 2 million copies with only 466k on Steam, that would indicate they sold over 1.5 million copies on the consoles. Armed with that information let's use the same example from earlier. Let's say 25% of the estimated 1.5 million console players decided to come back and play multiplayer concurrently after dedicated servers were implemented. That's approximately 370,000 players. It would require 46,250 servers to support that player load. Those are staggering numbers. If I were a console player I'd forget about dedicated servers and start begging for host migration. Running servers is a costly affair. As the number of servers you have to run and maintain goes down, your profits go up. A great strategy to maximize profits would be to create an environment where you get people to purchase your game, but not stay around for the long haul. Perhaps because the game was severly unbalanced, or extremely buggy. You could then string along the remaining hardcore fanbase, who will undoubtedly purchase all of your DLC, by dangling a road map of new content to give the illusion that the title is still supported and cared about. Meanwhile you ignore all of their calls to correct the existing issues because you have no clue how to address them and probably no longer care. As Crazy Ralph would say "I'm a messenger of God. You're doomed if you stay here!"
  3. I created a poll where there was considerable favor for fixing all of the bugs instead of finishing the road map, but it was deleted.
  4. It might be possible if there were a flag for both grabbed and limping states. I doubt many people are legitimately quitting in those situations. The only thing that bothers me is that it becomes a mini-game for trolls and poor sports. I don't care if players quit in other situations. Just those two. I agree that host quitting is a bigger problem for sure. Edit: Just to clarify, I'm not looking to punish people for disconnects. I just want Jason to get credit for kills people are disconnecting out of. If people are in bad situations (pre-grab and pre-limping) then disconnect, there's not a whole lot you can do about it.
  5. The fix for people disconnecting during the kill so Jason wouldn't get credit appears to be working correctly. To counter that, people are disconnecting when you grab them and they do not have a pocket knife to save them. Not sure if a fix for this is even possible, but I wanted to mention it. Edit: If someone disconnects during a grab or while limping, it should probably count as a kill.
  6. Got my invite, thank you for the flag.
  7. Looking for an invite on steam please. Same name.
  8. Too bad Richie didn't have any spray... <NSFW>. Anyway, Whitney trying to help Richie get out of the trap got me thinking. Might be cool to need a second counselor to release you from the trap. Sorry Vanessa.
  9. The campfire poker environmental gets me sometimes. The kill is nice, but the struggling afterwards feels like they may have gone a little too far. Which probably means it's just right. Here's a link with crowd reaction.
  10. Destroying LaChappa brings me the most joy for some reason. If I see him early, I'll tunnel until I send that 10 repair to spectator mode.
  11. Jason Taunt Pack?

    As long as the actions don't break character I don't see a problem with it. The classic "head tilt" would be fun to use in different situations. I believe he uses it at the end of Part 2 while Ginny has the sweater and while looking at the RV in Part 6.
  12. Repair

    It really comes down to design decisions and how the characters should be played. Are the stats there to clearly define roles for the characters, or to loosely define roles? Pushing objectives is part of the problem with balance in my opinion. Parts are not hidden as well as they could be, and they get to the objective locations far too fast. I'd love to see a real life Tiffany sprinting down my street with a battery, completely unhindered by it's weight. If the strength stat affected movement speed while carrying heavy items, Buggzy and Adam would be much more popular. I love the thought of Vanessa having to drop the gas in order to get away from Jason, because, though she is fast, she is not that strong. This is just one example of many, but I feel the devs are content with a system that is simplified and more casual friendly. In my opinion, if you are going to have a stats system then make it matter. Otherwise just give everyone 5s like Kenny and call it a day.
  13. Repair

    I think the ability to reset the QTE is the main problem here. I'm not sure if it should be classified as a bug, exploit, oversight or bad design decision. It makes no sense logically. I think once you activate a QTE you should have that same QTE layout for that particular repair for the rest of the match. If the RNG Gods are kind and Chad gets a 5 skill check QTE once in a while I'm fine with that. However, it shouldn't be possible on every repair as it is now.
  14. I like the idea of going back to the shack to get more traps, but the time spent morphing out there and back makes me question if people would even do it. You could also allow Jason to recover his sprung traps and reuse them like the counselors can.