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  1. You use to be able to quick block/instant block on reaction to swings by doing combat stance into block, but now there's a giant delay it feels between the two actions and I was wondering if anyone has found a way to do it still.
  2. It's fine. You're pretty much dead anyways(unless the sweater stun doesn't want to work for some reason), at that point. Just go hide in the water like every other jason if you don't want to "lose".
  3. You can just spin your camera the other way and break the door down outside of combat stance with out using the animation, is prolly what he means. As long as you don't see the E prompt, you won't do the normal door break animation. But I'm pretty sure you already knew that.
  4. This tactic is a counter to jasons who just run away like babys when they see the two together normally. Nothing wrong with it.
  5. It just makes you have to think more about the grab instead of mindlessly throwing it out hoping to get a succ grab like most jasons do. I don't see a problem with this. The good ol block into grab will still work too.
  6. Honestly jason is the easiest he's ever been, you don't really have to try anymore because of how mobile(twirling is stupidly strong on running jasons now) he is now and how often the new grab can just succ people in. I've had grabs that I should never of landed, but they just get grabbed from miles away anyways.
  7. Combat is the ONLY viable thing in this game until they buff "stealth" and make it a real mechanic vs jason. Also jason "mains" are getting a bit happy over nothing, if you were getting your ass beat last patch it's still going to happen this patch. Nothing really changed with jason that fixes his problems.
  8. I think instead of downgrading Counselors they need to just buff jason to be above their level. Since the majority of the time you're going to be one, you have to keep that gameplay type fun so you can keep people playing the game because they are not always going to be jason. And the only real jason only nerf was his grab getting nerfd, both sides are effected by the wonky hit dteection and awful dumbed down combat. Though I will say the majority of people that play jason aren't good at jason and still fall for basic stuff like turn around hits, when they should just bait it out with a spin/twirl and grab then Counselor. I honestly never want to go back to the days of aj dying in the middle of no where while she held onto the fuze and car keys. Thick skin is a balanced perk now, I would agree with you if you said legacy thick skin. But the new one is fine. medic is a bit op though because of how many potential med sprays it can make.
  9. This game was never a survival horror game, you could always group up and beat jasons ass. It's just worse now because the devs nerf'd the shit out of combat to try and fix sliding. But they couldn't even fix that.
  10. I'm sorry, but it's not lag. It happens when the driver of the car gets out after the car has been crashed or has been stopped by jason then when you get out, you get bugged and trapped in car hell.
  11. There is alot of knives, but there at most like 7. Just go part 3 and slash people down if pocket knives trigger you that much.
  12. It is a glitch and isn't determined by ping. I've had this happen to me countless of times(and others as well) and I'm always playing at anywhere from 32 to 100 ping. Mostly in the lower end. Sometimes when you exit the car you can stuck in place or get sent to some weird under the map part of the map and for everyone else, you'll be stuck in that place or slowly walking around/by the car. But on your screen you can be all the way across the map, but jason can still grab you because your body is still by the car. Even pocket knives can't always save you because even if you break out, you can still end up glitched and back in that spot ready for jason to grab you again. This sometimes also gives you infinite pocket knives, but I'm not sure what triggers that.
  13. Pocket knife stun time is fine, just really annoying. What they DO need to remove though is the fact that you can knock jason on his ass again after he's done with the knife pull out animation and there's nothing jason can do.
  14. Jason needs buffs, there's no denying that(though i'd argue that he's inherently flawed as he's pretty much built around his shift ability). But nerf'ing stuff and making things useless isn't the way to go about it. We already got enough useless things in the game like half the stats and more then half of the perks in the game. Even things like environmental kills are "useless" and they need to buff those and incentive and reward jason to use em. I was thinking some sort of passive perk boost unlock system for each different one you do as jason would be neat.
  15. Most jason "mains" are honestly really bad at playing jason. It's why you see most of them cry to get the old suck you in from miles away grab back in. Even though shift grabbing is still super strong if you're decent. Anyways, that rage idea is dumb and makes the item useless. Just reduce the amount of knives back to what it use to be(which was like 4 or 5 iirc, not including tommy).
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