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    Thanks for the avatar!
  2. Hmm ok well this is really different then what was originally said. The no new content will be added ever regardless of the legal outcome was really depressing and the cause for alot of the hate. This makes me think there is still a chance for future content but who knows when.
  3. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    Made a profile and provided my email so I guess I'm in now hehe...thanks for the info.
  4. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    Where is everyone getting this information? Is this sweepstakes a secret or only for backers or something?
  5. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    What and when....also if.
  6. Huh..There's double xp going on right now? Never mind...just saw the news hehe.
  7. Even if the player base tripled it's still pretty low and the game is still pretty broken. I'm sure they will make some DLC money off ps4 players but without any new content then it's just a matter of time before they quit and move on. If next months free games are good then expect a drop in the player base on ps4. But if we could get more content then that would change. Oh and playing Jason on console right now is like shooting fish in barrel hehe.
  8. JED


    Where have I been...well not here so I guess that's why I missed it hehe.
  9. JED


    Hmm so the new game they are working on is Project Melies huh. Will make sure to tell everyone to avoid that.
  10. JED


    I was trying to upvote your comment but couldn't do it for some reason. So instead I will say I completely agree with everything you said.
  11. I hardly post here but I agree with everything that guy said.
  12. Oh yeah well I called it back in july hehe.
  13. Well I hardly ever comment here anymore but couldn't help myself by saying how I predicted this game being the free PsPlus game for October. I guessed then like I will now and say that I'm sure they hope to make a little more money off the dlc with more people playing for free. I hope that article isnt giving people false hope for a future just so they can sell more dlc.
  14. JED

    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    I'm going to be really upset if they dont add pumpkinhead at some point. He would totally fit right in with the rest of the killers.