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  1. JED

    Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    I respect when a company (or any individual) keeps their word. I dont have savini Jason and understand why I shouldn't. Another game that I've played and followed for years has the same deal. The game Warframe has exclusive content for their founders too and get people asking/begging on the forums for it to be released to everyone. DE (Digital Extremes) is coming up on a five year anniversary with Warframe and still say it's exclusive to the founders and I respect that....even though I'm not a founder.
  2. Well I think finding a way to increase the offline mode difficulty could help to keep it alive while they continue to work on the game. What I suggested sounds lame but really I wouldn't mind trying it hehe. I would think it would be easier to add more dumb bots then it would be to make better AI for them. Would also be nice to be able to pick which counselors (or Jason's;) you want to play against.
  3. Ok have like five Jason bots...one of them might get you hehe. While we are at it lets have fourteen counselors for offline mode. Could be one cheesy way to increase the difficulty.
  4. I too would like to know when the double xp ends.
  5. +1....Also wondering if anyone from Gun posted anything new on the forums about this scandal?
  6. JED

    Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Oh crap they actually changed the traps to work this way now? I just thought they were bugged from the last update. Either way they should allow them to be placed in front of doors again because I feel like it's the only safe place to put them to avoid other counselors.
  7. So did the event start today on PC or is that tomorrow as well?
  8. Hello...I'm new and picked this game up on sale this past Halloween so I don't know what got nerfed or buffed. So i will give my opinion/suggestion as a newer player. I'm only rank 30 now but I can say in the time that I've played that most people dont seem intimidated by Jason. Hell I see alot of people teasing him by simply running around tables. Allowing Jason to break more things like tables might be an acceptable buff. The grab seems hit or miss to me. I have some games where I morph and grab with no problems and others where i miss all the time. Maybe some speed and stamina perks stack too much with certain counselors stats. Or maybe reworking how morph and teleport abilities work for Jason can help to buff his grab a little. Jason getting swarmed and beat down seems out of place from the movies. So maybe make Jason do more damage based on the number of people around him. Or allow him to go into a short rage mode after getting beat down so many times. Could even make him temporarily immune to other counselors attacks while he has a hold of one of them. Don't know how people will feel about this but (in my opinion) having more options for cosmetics is a good thing for any game. Having stats tied to cosmetics (different Jasons) limits people's choices. So why not allow people to pick the Jason they want and then pick three positive and three negative perks. Well that's enough out of me for now. I think this game has alot of potential and look forward to the next update...whenever that is hehe.