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    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    I'm going to be really upset if they dont add pumpkinhead at some point. He would totally fit right in with the rest of the killers.
  2. Hehe I was just saying on these forums about a week ago or so if they planned on giving F13th away as a ps plus game in October to bump the numbers and maybe make some money off DLC to help pay and maintain the servers. Now I don't think they will be able to...or that it even matters anymore.
  3. No I said the game not dlc. I've seen this happen with other games. If they give the game away for free to plus members then maybe some of those new people will buy some or all dlc.
  4. Hehe no proof just saying I wonder if this is their plan.
  5. I wonder if this slasher edition is being pushed now because they plan to give it away for free to playstation plus/xbox gold costumers in October. Its probably the only way to bump the player numbers and maybe a few people would buy some dlc.
  6. I don't know what paranoia was supposed to be but I know what it was....a distractions.
  7. You know they say if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. I've been trying to do that here most of the time by only using the little emojis. For you I wanted to use the little laughing one but apparently I'm only allowed to do this three or four times a day now. So seeing how I'm not able to stay quit and us the little emojis I will say this....your yup I dropped the ball comment on this is incredibly lame. I think you guys hate this community now and are more then ready to abandon ship. Your "Ultimate Slasher edition" is still a broken game with no future no matter how much you try to make it look like a finished game. There's not enough fans here now for you guys to take advantage of to keep this turd afloat.
  8. I fired this game up on Friday the 13th because it was Friday the 13th hehe. I wasn't able to find a match on the first three tries. Then my first two matches I connected to put everyone but two people on spectator mode for some reason. Then I finally got in a full match but Jason was bugged and couldn't do anything. The last two people waited out the whole match too. Needless to say I just exited the game after that. Pretty pathetic how they "celebrated" the 13th and just left it all nice a broken for us.
  9. Ooh yeah I see now hehe. That does make more sense then friday the 130th.­čśü
  10. Well....anything more then what we just had would have been better. Like i don't know 150% xp...something.
  11. Hmm well this would need some explaining then. GunMedia_Ben 2,990 Posted April 6, 2016 Well´╗┐, we're talking about a game that's going to have servers´╗┐ running for a very, very long time. It's not like they'll randomly turn off. A good, good amount of titles have servers up for 15+ years and are still going strong. We're rapidly seeing´╗┐ games take on a longer lifespan, so I wouldn't be too worried about that . Also, we're totally looking to get single´╗┐ player in, as well as bots. Just need to hit that funding goal´╗┐! Feel free to support us here! https://friday-the-13th-the-game.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  12. Wow. In the words of Ford Fairlane...unfucking believable.
  13. So it's a "challenge" to play 1000 matches as Jason in order to get that achievement? Or a lot of grinding...like something you see in a free to play game.