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  1. JED

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I would prefer any company over gun after seeing how they handled this game.
  2. Wish they did a better job announcing stuff like this.
  3. JED

    The lawsuit ended I suppose

    The game can still be fun but I would only recommend buying it for the cheapest price you can find. The steam community averages around 300 to 500 players a day. That's not dead but definitely dying. I hope the new team can at least make the game bug free and give us a way to save our progress and play offline. For some reason it's still set in stone that this game cant have ANY new content.
  4. Maybe it was a little cheaper when it started (dont know) but now they have the license for five characters...you telling me the Jason license alone cost more...gtfo hehe. Also I dont see any excuse here why they couldn't have f13 on the steam sale....well other then milking the fans and getting a few more people to buy that dont know better. DBD is 10 bucks now and has a future, this game (as far as we know) has no future.
  5. Yeah but DBD has been 20 bucks all along and is now 50% off for the steam holiday sale. If that game can do it why cant this broken game?
  6. No I didnt think everything would change after one patch but judging whoever's decision it was to keep f13 off steams holiday sale tells me nothing is going to change with this game under "the new guys".
  7. Well the steam holiday sale is on with lots of good games that are half off. Of course this game isnt one of them became they got to make as much money as possible off this dumpster fire. So much for the new guys making the game better...sad.
  8. JED

    Anyone see this?

    Hmm well I would think Lebron knows a little more then any of us here if he's looking to buy it hehe. This article is like twenty hours old so I'm sure we will hear more in time.
  9. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    So what's in store for this week of celebration? Or did they already post it somewhere else?
  10. JED

    Anyone see this?

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/lebron-james-friday-the-13th-reboot/amp What do you think?
  11. JED


    Thanks for the avatar!
  12. Hmm ok well this is really different then what was originally said. The no new content will be added ever regardless of the legal outcome was really depressing and the cause for alot of the hate. This makes me think there is still a chance for future content but who knows when.
  13. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    Made a profile and provided my email so I guess I'm in now hehe...thanks for the info.
  14. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    Where is everyone getting this information? Is this sweepstakes a secret or only for backers or something?
  15. JED

    October Event Celebration!

    What and when....also if.