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  1. Yeah steam shouldn't allow this trash to be sold on their platform anymore. Its straight up false advertising with those trailers.
  2. Hehe well there is no sense in arguing about this because the game is dead and done. Besides even if it wasnt they would just say they cant add this feature because of the lawsuit.
  3. Yeah that's something that could've been easily added years ago but that would require work. It's easier to just say the lawsuit prevents you from adding something like that.
  4. Yeah this game shouldn't be allowed to be sold anymore because its pretty much false advertising now. Or at the very least there needs to be a big warning explaining the stat of the game. Almost all the advertising they use is from the online mode which doesnt exists now. They never did anything for the offline support so we are all left with a dead broken game. Oh well I did my part trying to warn people on steam with my review years ago.
  5. Exactly. Yes the lawsuit had a affect on this games success but it also has been poorly managed from the start. It sucks but I expect we will be left with the same broken game we always had.
  6. Yeah people asked about this for years (even on these forums before the lawsuit) and nothing was ever said about it. It would require hard work and dedication to add a feature like that.
  7. The past thirty days steam has only averaged around 300 some players.🤭 You would think it would be pretty easy to weed out the hackers.
  8. Hehe a development team actually works on a game to make it better...we dont have that here. Since the lawsuit that is all they have to say when people make any requests like the simple little one you made here. I'm not against what you said I just assume the answer/excuse you would get is it cant be done because of the lawsuit.
  9. Hehe ok if DBD is trash then what is Friday the 13th? I mean in the past thirty days forty seven thousand some people have logged in DBD on steam vs F13th 407.
  10. No changing names would require to much work for this game. Well that and lawsuit bla bla bla yada yara yada.
  11. Yeah and these bugs have been "fixed" before for all the other platforms only to come back later. Why would it be any different for switch? Seriously you can Google any of these bugs and find people talking about them (even on these forums) back in 2018.
  12. These are all old bugs that have been "fixed" before.🤭
  13. Yeah boat bugs have been problem since the game released. I'm sure there have been "patches" that were ment to fix them but sadly all they ever seem to do is rotate them hehe.
  14. Hehe yeah unfulfilled promises/misleading statements/straight up lying. That's the Gun experience!😉
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