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  1. Hehe well it's been patched more then once. Seriously all you have to do is Google Friday the 13th the game roof glitch and look at all the dates.
  2. Does it really matter? I mean all the "patches" this game gets are to fix some bugs from the last patch. Seriously the roof glitch has been a thing since the game released and its still a thing now. I guess the lawsuit doesn't allow them to ever fix the game either.๐Ÿ™„
  3. Yup seen this glitch before...years ago. Pretty sad how it's still a issue.
  4. Dont worry all these bugs have been on and off for years on the PC version...you will not be neglected any less hehe.
  5. I just wanted to give you a confused emoji and move on but it wont let me. So uh yeah no future...don't have to be physic for that when they said the lawsuit would prevent them from adding anything to the game ever...know how long ago that was? You new here or just in denial hehe.
  6. There has been no real updating going on since the last DLC man. It just keeps going in circles with bugs and patches. Sure they will keep things running till that trickle of money stops and I wont be surprised that alot of these bugs will still be here when it happens.
  7. I am saying that because I've seen the same bugs get fixed over and over and then I see these "updates" claiming to "fix" a bug that's been here since the friggin game released. Some of these customers/fans have been following this game longer then you've been posting on these forums. When I saw this game was going to release on Switch I thought wow...those poor people dont even realize they are buying a broken game with no future. Seeing the same complaints of bugs coming from the Switch customers just makes me sick. So yeah I believe you guys are milking the fans and taking advantage of people that don't known any better just to make another buck off this dead broken game.
  8. I dont hardly comment here anymore or play the game but I still check in to see if there is any progress on making it better. This game has been one step forward two steps back its entire life. I have never seen a game get fixed then broken...fixed then broken like this. It's like all "updates" for this game are patches to fix the last "update". I guess giving the illusion that the game is still being "worked on" helps to sell a few more copies.
  9. Ultrawide screen support was added to the game?
  10. I highly doubt we will ever get any new content because the excuse for abandoning the game has always been the lawsuit. If they ever go back on that it will look like they lied. I think the least they could do is offer widescreen support but probably cant because you know...lawsuit.๐Ÿ™„
  11. Lol I saw "killers cant kill in DBD" and pointed out how that's not true....thats it. You two are obviously big fans of F13 and have your opinions why it's better and that's fine. But there is a reason why way more people play DBD then F13.
  12. I've seen so many F13 fanboys saying killers cant kill in DBD when it's simply not true. All Killers executions! (From Both Survivor and Killer views) - Dead By ... YouTube ยท Masterman444 Feb 21, 2017 Edit: Ahh didnt get it to work...oh well all you have to do is Google it hehe.
  13. Yes of course this would be great. But I'm sure the "we can't add anything to the game because of legal reasons" excuse will keep that from happening.
  14. And you three are perfect examples of white knights. No argument just insults hehe. I tried for years to give the makers of this game (and the people who took over and were suppose to make the game better) the benefit of the doubt. Well guess what..fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me three times...well that's not happening because I'm not a white knight or delusional. Also you can look at all my past comments and see I'm not a "troll" but someone who's tired of waiting for this game to get fixed. I hope im wrong and they miraculously turn things around but its pretty obvious it's not going to happen.
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