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  1. Actually Jason, can be punished for slashing. But not grabbing, because Jason can move out of the way during his grab animation, this prevents the player from being punished.
  2. I feel bad for the low rank Jason’s, who get thier ass’s kicked. Level 150 Trolls, must feel proud and confident when they troll a Jason who doesn't know how to fight back, but when the table’s are turned guess what? They quit.
  3. Ahahaha, this is exactly what i have to deal with every time I’m Jason.
  4. Reyezblood 03

    Creative Kills

    I would love a kill where Jason, beats the Counselor to a bloody pulp with his fist’s and then knocks their head off. This execution would be perfect for Trolls. And i know this similar to “The Rugby Player” but i would still use it. Hmm, the kill from the Swim Suit, trailer would be awesome! He knocks the Counselor, back and then throws the Spear at their face. But eh, it’ really similar to the Fire Axe Throw. Oh, i know one for the Double Bit Axe, Jason is about to kill the Counselor, but then He/She, tried to run but then Jason, throws his Axe, directly at the Counselor's back. A kill from Freddy VS Jason, would be nice! The one i’m referring to the head twist kill, You know the one where he twists that douche bag’s head. I’m out of idea’s, lol i’m not that creative when it comes to murder. Damn, i love that idea! It would be so brutal.
  5. Reyezblood 03

    Friday the 13th Signatures

  6. Reyezblood 03

    Friday the 13th Signatures

    Savini Jason? Or Nah?
  7. Reyezblood 03

    Most degrading kill

    I hate that! I refuse to throw a Counselor, through an open window, unless i absolutely have too. An easy fix to this is to just make the wndow close when the animation starts. Also i don’t mind being thrown through a closed or broken window.
  8. Reyezblood 03

    Most degrading kill

    If they finally fix the voice over bug during kills and improve the head punch camera view so, that we can see where the head went. Then maybe i would actually like the head punch, much more. Hearing Chad’s “Please No!” Voice line for every male character, just sounds dumb and repetitive.
  9. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how she plays.
  10. In my opinion she’s good, but trash when it comes to Composure. No Fear Jenny, is beast AF.
  11. Reyezblood 03

    Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Hmm, i see that this useless thread, got your attention.
  12. Reyezblood 03

    Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Getting 8/8, is child’s play. Also i never did get praised for getting 8/8, just a bunch of hate mail. If that’s people’s way of flirting then i got a lot to learn.
  13. Nope, not me. I prefer the 10/10 Composure.
  14. Reyezblood 03

    Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Nah, I’m not interested in dating people on the internet. Some people can be very wack.