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  1. Challenges for Offline Bots

    I’ve just completed the Counselor Suicide Challange! It was pretty tough haha, but I managed to pull it off
  2. Challenges for Offline Bots

  3. Your first time as Jason

    My first Jason match, I was playing as J6 on Steam. I did surprisingly well I think I got 6/8 Kills that was back when Jason was a very big threat compared to now

    Yeah, it is. But there’s nothing we can do about it.
  5. Weapon range on Jason

    From my experience I think J2, J3 and J9 Has the same hit-detection. Maybe Part 3 Jason’s hitbox is slightly better but I’m not entirely sure.

    Woah, calm down dude.
  7. Are we going to be able to swap weapons for Savini Jason? Pig Splitter, Pick axe, machete?
  8. Weapon Swaping Confimed!

    Oh, really? My bad I should have checked =\
  9. Weapon Swaping is Confirmed! I can’t wait to use a Pig Splitter as Savini Jason
  10. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I like to push AFK counselors into a bear trap until they die. And if they come back as Tommy, then rinse and repeat
  11. Throwing knives.

    Throwing Darts, are fine. If Jason, can’t damage you up close then he’ll have to damage you from a distance.
  12. Yeah, nothings worser than a “Braindead” Tommy coming back and escapeing in the four seater all alone. And there’s goes another Jason kill :/
  13. I love it when Counselors, leave. The less of the little Fuckers the better.
  14. It would be fun bullying a Braindead Artificial Intelligence Jason, Bot. Honestly I feel like it would be too easy.