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  1. Hello all. I am aware that mods to the game will not be implemented, however, sometimes the chase music gets old...I would love to have the option to put in my own custom music for when Jason is around, or maybe when Jason is killing me, or even when things are calm. If the developers could find a way, this could be done by going into the Game Folder on PC and pasting the desired music into a music folder...much like you can do in Skyrim. The music is great, don't get me wrong. But the ability to switch it up would be awesome, no? One of my favourite video games, Haunting Ground, implements simple, yet EFFECTIVE music when you are being chased by one of the stalkers. It's repetitive, panic-inducing, and gets more intense as time goes on. Here is an example. As you notice, the music gets more intense as time goes on. In Haunting Ground, if the stalker gets closer to the player character, the music naturally gets more intense. I realize that this detail may be too complicated to modify into the game... however, having the option to customize chase music would be fantastic. Thoughts?
  2. Barbara Ann, I love the detail you've put into this character! We need a hot, mean blonde! I feel like you did a great job of summing her up! Please game devs - listen to Barbara Ann!
  3. Hey y'all. Jonny Myers here... since Jenny Myers is the best character but I'm a dude. Great work with this game. Completely addicted! Thank you!!