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  1. If this was based on me... Composure: 8/10 I can definitely keep my cool. Been in some crazy situations before (nothing like being chased by a serial killer though) but generally speaking can keep a level head. Luck: 7/10 Despite crappy things happening around me, things usually work out for me. Plus very rarely do things (tools/electronics) breakdown on me randomly. Repair: 1/10 Despite enjoying video games, if you gave me a car battery and asked me to figure it out - I'd make a lot of mistakes. I'm pretty sure I could handle putting gas in a vehicle, though. Speed: 5/10 I'd like to think I could outrun Jason with pure speed but I think I'd be kidding myself. I'd need to rely on teamwork, tactics, and potentially force. Stamina: 5/10 Not exactly an athlete... Stealth: 5/10 I'd like to believe I can be quiet if I need to be, but I'm also a big guy (6"4) so being lightfooted in the woods where there are twigs everywhere would probably be difficult at times. Strength: 4/10 As a big guy I am strong, but I don't really lift weights or do any major heavy lifting otherwise. If we're gonna get out of here, give me an axe or pipe and I'll protect you as best I can. I'm essentially a modified Jenny/Kenny hybrid. If there's one thing I'm all about, its teamwork. I would have no trouble helping high repair characters guard the phone box while they fix and call. I'd also help protect someone while they fix the car. Would I fix anything? Hell no. Unless I absolutely had to. But I can definitely muster up some courage to try and help the people who know what they are doing to get us out. Plus if you give me some stealth and/or stamina perks my stats aren't too bad and I could probably find a friend to buddy up with in order to stay off Jason's radar and get out quietly. The only thing I think I need to work on personally is my stamina, which essentially just means more jogging/laps at the pool. (I'll get to it eventually, lol) Backstory: Matt took the summer job at Crystal Lake to get away from the city and get back to nature. He also has a deep fascination with creepy stories and urban legends, so in his wildly unwise youth, he thought going to the home base where a host of mass murders took place was a good idea. It also didn't help that he has a crush on the head counsellor, Kenny. Though Matt knows Kenny is currently dating Tiffany (a good acquaintance of Matt), he can't shake these feelings. He's hoping this summer will be his "very first love." (Summer of Heat reference + in the closet gay teen = lololololololol) Brown shaggy hair (like Adam's), Brown eyes, Tan skin, Generally smiley and friendly, clean shaven Regular outfit: Blue Hoodie, Tan Cargo Shorts, Sandals Swim outfit: Blue and Black swim short shorts (like Kenny's, essentially) Halloween Costume: Prince Outfit (Gold/Silver/Red royal garb with a cloak, tights, knee-high boots, and fake plastic sword) [The mirror to Jenny's Princess outfit] ---- I had a bit too much fun with this. I may create my own thread with this post info so people can follow this template!
  2. Or when she's fixing stuff. "I think I put that on right. You happy now?" "Ugh I hope I'm doing this right...I think I broke a nail..."
  3. If anything, creating a shorter game mode would make more sense. Small maps only, Jason gets rage quicker...mayhem.
  4. I agree with this. Stuns are important to actually keeping the game playable. Giving Rage Specific Kills that are insane would make more sense.
  5. And besides from all the quoting, I'll actually contribute an opinion to stats. 2 or less strength 9 or higher stam 7 or higher stealth 1 repair 9 or higher luck (she made none of the money she has. she's had an easy life.) composure? I'm not sure - I love the arguments people are making about her freezing when Jason appeared but she *is* calm cool and collected, so... speed 4 - 6. She's not athletic, but she's fit. i realize those numbers make no sense, I just wanted to contribute! I'm so excited for her to be created. We need more tropes!
  7. Lorelei - because "Lor" is a cool short name. And she'd KILL that outfit.
  8. Barbara Ann, you are a KWEEN. I'd be your loyal right hand bitch. Let's party up. You on Steam? Please, oh PLEASE DEVS... GIVE US THE MEAN GIRL.
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