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  1. Is anyone else as frustrated as me that we still don't have offline bots or a single player mode? What's going on Gun Media? I understand that you guys are an independent company... and probably the ONLY type of company we were EVER going to get this game from... I thank you for that.... truly.... but enough is enough. I waited for months, for the physical copy HOPING that you would have all the bugs figured out, and that by the time it came out those offline bots and single player mode that we were SUPPOSED to have by summers end would be included. I was never an "Online" gamer until this game... and while I do admit it's fun and has opened me up to a new dimension of gaming to some level... I am a video game nerd... When I think friday the 13th... I just wanna kick back on the couch, play as Jason, and slaughter counselors for a few hours.... and if at all possible... I'd like to do so without a bunch of squeeking and sqauking 10 year olds blabbering through distorted mics! WHEN are we finally going to get these? And don't tell me to look at the road map, there are no dates on it... I believe we have been patient long enough to deserve some answers.