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  1. I have some new ideas to make the experience more real. 1. Add some furniture that can be broken 2. Can hide the corpses or hang them from the trees 3. New trap in the trees to hang the counselors with minigame to escape before Jason kills them 4. To be able to catch the counselors from outside the window if they are very close to it 5. It would be great to be able to use gasoline to burn down a cabin or to get the councilors out of hiding 6. New means of transportation to escape, such as fixing a bicycle, a van or a canoe 7. Add a backpack as an object to find to be able to carry more objects 8. Create more places to hide like a canoe a well under the cars or under the stairs 9. Can use fire extinguishers to create smoke and mislead Jason 10. Add unique skills for counselors such as knowing medicine and being able to self-cure or know about electricity and create a electric baton with the pipe and the battery
  2. Playing as a counselor It would be nice if only the counselors that are close to you are shown on the map. It would help to create a better sense of horror.
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