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  1. New Jason /Pamela Voorhees : Jason part X masked & unmasked Uber Jason (from Jason X too) Pamela Voorhees New Map: -Lazarus (Boat from Fiday the 13th part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan) 2 way for escape(on a lifeboat or wait for the Lazarus to arrive in Manhattan) 2 new environmental kills (by hot stone in the sauna and by the electric guitar) -Manhattan (Street,Roof,Subway,Sewer) New way to kill Jason in this map (block him in the sewers,sprayed with toxic waste and wait the flood of toxic waste in the sewers) 2 way for escape (wait the end of time or kill jason with the new way) 2 new environmental kills (by the drug syringe and by drowning the head in the barrel where the rats swim) 8 New Counselors: -Rennie Wickham -Sean Robertson -Charles McCulloch -Julius Gaw -Eva Watanabe -Tamara Mason - Wayne Webber -Jessica Jane "J.J" Jarrett New Game Mode: -Survival Mode:No way to escape for the counselors just stay alive the most long time possible or kill jason New Music: -Pseudo Echo - His Eyes -Metropolis - The Darkest Side Of The Nights
  2. Here to bring new ideas for the game... I play on ps4
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