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  1. I didnt like DBD with the whole generator and hook thing. is there new a new mode similar to F13 where you just kill survivors outright?
  2. didnt see this topic, literally just created a topic about be getting 2 suspensions within a week due to toxic players
  3. I have had xbox live for 9 years now approx, and never received a ban or supsension Since the friday 13th update i have received TWO communication bans and this is the only game i have played, i know the first was because of a message i sent to a player cheating helping jason and it got a bit heated, that was 30th Jan and the suspension was for 3 days. Last night i went on and was told i had another suspension for communication dated the 5th Feb at 11:30pm, id only played 3 games and from the numerous messages of people whining about slash killing, not giving them time to play at start etc i replied to 1 player calling me trash and my reply was that they were salty and if im trash what are they. So either my second ban is for that or im getting banned unfairly. No doubt the person who called me trash didnt get anything Seriously i dont know if playing this is worth getting a Perm ban for doing nothing but being good at the game
  4. as AJ or Tiffany stick the 3 best stealth perks on (high ones obv best) and watch as you have jasons running around in circles as you vanish from sight, last night i ran from a cabin into a bush and sat there watching him do laps around the cabin LOL
  5. sorry but 3 pocket knives in a game with a full lobby is wrong. one person comes across 2 and that leaves 1 between everyone else
  6. well i never did it and full expected it to increase the % perhaps its a newer kill and doesnt go towards the achievment. just glad i got it in the end
  7. i was stuck at 96% so needed 2 kills, i was sure it was the cemetary fence klll and the fence at the barn, however after doing the barn kill it didnt change, i then did the cemetary one and it went to 98%, this was in offline mode. after the game ended it then went back to 96% it was only after finding a list of all kills i punted on the hiding spot in the barn and luckly the achievment popped, i could have spent hours re-doing every jason kill. tho why that closet is a seperate kill to and wardrobe in a shack i dont know
  8. Id say its higher than 50, its rare i get hit and dont get stunned
  9. she literally stuns you more than any other character, and its becoming more and more obvious as shes increasing as a players choice in every game
  10. I have seen cases where the static hits twice the amount of time totally making you have no idea where you are going
  11. i about lost my sh1t recently id taken the prop and gas to the boat and a bugsy came along and decided to fit both parts, the entire time he was doing this i ws fending off jason who was blatent ignoring him doing the repairs, he managed to fit both parts while i smacked jason around when it should have been the other way around me fitting them and him fighting
  12. currently sat at 60K CP wish would could use CP to buy clothing, emojis or other things
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