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  1. his scream is funny tho lol
  2. you know the game is broken when you get a female with low strength stunning you every strike
  3. Why is stealth bad?

    composure is a mess
  4. Boy Next Door Counsler

    is it true Kenny, lachappa and adam are models of people who put 10k into the game
  5. pig splitter Jason literally cannot hit anyone crouching, because he swings sideways
  6. started a game last night and Jason spent 3 min chasing me and throwing knives right from the beginning, I counted about 8 before he killed me. he even went to the lengths of letting me break free so he could throw another
  7. Starving for information

    please just work on dedicated servers, anything else can wait
  9. yeah also had that, I got in started the boat and nothing just sat there until Jason came and grabbed me
  10. Im not talking once or twice tho, this is a constant thing im repairing a boat with AJ with epic perks for avoiding sense and not failing a LB or RB press, something is not right at all yet when im Jason I have seen a car repaired and started without a single repair noise going off (must have put them in perfect) just how it should be
  11. press A to collect knife from building A A A A A Im pressing A god damn itttttttttt
  12. Had a weird glitch at weekend. Dropped keys near a car right next to a trap I suddenly warped injured with jasons trap (including leaves) attached to my leg , there was no animation I got stuck in it. From this I now could not open windows or doors, pick up items, hide, I even tried walking over another trap, it was only when Jason hit me I suddenly woke up and was no longer injured either lol
  13. am I missing something, if you do not fail the minigame to repair the car or boat you don't make any noise such as a clang or slosh so how is it im finding jasons warping to me once I have finished
  14. worst case of this is when you melee them as they leave a car and it NEVER hits them
  15. I get the feeling the Jason based achievments don't help when its the last ones you have left to get