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  1. Gun/Illfonic could make a Halloween game very easily if they acquired the license. They counselor dynamic could easily be converted to babysitters and boyfriends. There wouldn't be a need for multiple killer choices; Myers is fairly consistent in both appearance and armament. Instead of Tommy Jarvis, babysitters could contact Dr. Loomis for a potential kill/stoppage. Cabins could be converted to houses in Haddonfield. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Even though I always select both my Jason (Part 7) and my counselor (Sheldon), I have recently been dumped into matches as random Jasons and counselors. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  3. Happy Birthday, Jason! Know what we did for your birthday? KILLED YOUR VIDEO GAME!
  4. As things stand, no. Hitman 2 has already started taking pre-orders and I'm an Agent 47 mark from way back (own all Hitman games, have beaten all Hitman games, can't wait for another Hitman game). On top of that, I'm from WV and Fallout 76 takes place in my home state. That's going to total $300 in pre-orders for 2 games and a $150 upgrade for my CPU. That's my gaming budget for the year. I can scratch the horror movie itch with DBD and there's still hope for Last Year: The Nightmare. I'm going to keep popping in on F13 from time to time to finish out my achievements, but I've been pretty much finished with the game for a few months. Jason nerfs killed it for me. Gun and Illfonic were very direct in their statement: there will not be additional content for this game now or in the future. Period. They're all the way done. If the lawsuit was resolved in a manner that was favorable to the production of new content, it would not matter. They're out. I seriously doubt that the servers will last more than 18 months. There's no additional profit to be made here. I wouldn't be surprised if the game is pulled in the near future from Steam and sales for consoles stop. The development team is maintaining a legally actionable position by continuing to sell the game and the DLC that's currently out there. If they don't pull the plug and make this game into abandonware really soon, they could be sued if Mr. Miller wins for some serious cash (as they would have violated his intellectual property rights). That means everything, up to and including every single dollar earned throughout the Kickstarter, every single dollar for every single game sold, every single dollar of every DLC pack sold, AND punitive damages that could total millions of dollars never even made. If Miller wins, he's entitled to EVERYTHING they made PLUS punitive damages. If he wins, there's not going to BE a Gun Media or Illfonic anymore; he'll put them both into bankruptcy.Hell; even if the devs completely abandon the game, they're fucked. The infringement on intellectual property rights has already occurred and the devs either knew or should have known that such a potential claim was out there. The devs are going to have to spend what they have left to hire a killer legal team to protect them from financial devastation beyond compare. This show is all the way over and that right soon. Enjoy while you can, folks.
  5. I switched from console to PC for gaming back in 2015. At the time, NVIDIA was still selling their Shield Portable (it's like a game controller with a flip up 5 inch touchscreen) and Shield Tablet products. (Both have been discontinued.) I got both of them. You have to have a solid internet connection and a recent NVIDIA graphics card, but I routinely stream games from my PC when I'm out and about on both of these devices. If you have a PC with a recent NVIDIA graphics card, you have the ability to stream games to some mobile gaming devices. You can cruise EBay and hope to find a used Shield. There's also a 3rd party app for Android called Moonlight that allows you to stream games from an NVIDIA equipped computer. There's a Chinese company that makes an Android device that's a lot like a Nintendo DS; it's called the GPD XD and it should have the hardware specs to stream from your PC with the Moonlight app.
  6. You're the one who said "play the game more". I've played plenty. I've probably played more than you have. Grab range IS an issue. Jason doesn't have 24 inches of reach and he's easily 6'5".
  7. I've got about 600 hours of gameplay in. You? The changes to the grab mechanic have really ruined the Jason experience. Playing as a counselor was fun from the beginning; I liked it more when it was harder. Jason needs a serious grab range buff. Jason needs better hit collision detection with his slash attack. Something needs to be done about window and door swing throughs by the Justice League camp counselors. If anybody should be able to do that kind of stuff in a game like this, it should be the killer, not the kids.
  8. I burned $40 on it; I want my achievements. I'll get them and then I'll go play Dead By Daylight until Last Year comes out. F13 is a bad game that insults the source material, has an unrealistic physics dynamic for the killer, and has soured me on future offerings from Gun Media and Illfonic. Go get a moderator if you don't like my opinion. They've banned me before; I'm sure they'll ban me again for not singing the praises of this crapfest.
  9. A three foot grab (arm length plus one step) for a near seven foot tall person isn't "unbelievable". Hell; it's an understatement! I have a three foot grab and I'm not undead nor nearly seven feet tall! If I have to fight on the street, my first move is a choke against a smaller opponent. I've got about 3 1/2 feet of reach for a choke (arm length plus one step) and I'm only 6 foot tall.
  10. It won't. This game isn't about realism or keeping to the source material; it's about a shit developer placating crybaby counselors so that they can have a Dance Dance Revolution.
  11. His grab radius is not fine; he has about 12 inches of reach. If Jason had a 36 inch reach radius, I wouldn't complain nor need to. A slightly longer reach (a full arm extension plus one step by a near seven footer) would not unrealistic nor unfair. Jason would be dead from one shotgun shell? Have you ever watched a Friday the 13th movie? Like, ever? Dude is nearly impervious to damage in the films. I'm fine with your two slashes for a kill dynamic on a counselor. I'll live with the medspray dynamic as long as Jason has a somewhat realistic grab radius.
  12. I'm 6 foot tall and my arms are nearly 2 1/2 feet long. I have short arms for a guy my height. A guy Jason's size should have 36 inch long arms at a minimum. A 3 foot grab radius is not unrealistic nor unfair.
  13. Undead serial killer has a slightly longer than normal arm reach? "Darth Vader" grab, as you call it? Yeah; sounds fair. Undead serial killer can't grab people 24 inches away? Yeah; sounds like dev bullshit. Dev bullshit to placate crying counselors. You realize that Jason has always been depicted as a supernatural force that is nearly seven feet tall, right? Until now. Apparently, Jason's arms are now less than 24 inches long. According to Gun Media and Illfonic.
  14. Counselors should not have an edge in combat. Counselors did not have an edge in combat at game release. Counselors also did not have an advantage in combat in any of the films. Jason's grab was formidable at release and there weren't so many Boy Scout pocket knives. Jason's grab at release shut down a lot of this gang rape bullshit. Today, Jason is a soft whore. When I play a counselor, I focus on objectives, not combat. I'm trying to call the cops or repair a vehicle. Most folks go for beating the camp retard these days.
  15. Counselors have an edge in combat. Now the truth comes out. Why should counselors have an edge in combat against an undead killing machine that is a foot taller, 100 pounds heavier, and immune to drowning?
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