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  1. Bropollocreed79

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    To be fair, they can't reliably tell us what was coming anyway, since it could have been cancelled, like Paranoia mode.
  2. Bropollocreed79

    Religious Study Group

    A lot of the Old Testament contains ideologies that are dubious at best, and Leviticus is a prime example. I mean, can anyone honestly read 25:44-46 and not interpret it as anything less than an explicit endorsement of slavery? I think we can all agree that the concept is abhorrent, and for me, there's a wealth of objectionable material, like stoning blasphemers, burning prostitutes who are the daughters of priests to death, killing homosexuals.... Passages with laws that are directly contravened by the teachings of Christ in the New Testament are effective, to me, as more of a window into the daily lives and cultural mores of the folks who lived when it was written; providing context and insight--literal interpretation has too many logistical flaws to be considered reliant, especially in light of later teachings.
  3. Bropollocreed79

    Who's your favorite band?

    When I die, if I'm fortunate enough to have the time to prepare for it properly, I want to go out listening to one thing, and one thing only:
  4. Bropollocreed79

    The End

    @bewareofbears, I'm going to miss the poignant, thoughtful discourse. We didn't always agree on things, but I respect the hell out of you and your contributions to the community. The silence in your absence was deafening, and while I know you're not the first (nor will you be the last) forum icon to go down this path, I can't help but feel this impending sense of doom. We've all seen it in other game-specific forums: community members with a LOT of influence begin stepping back for any number of reasons, and eventually, the community withers. That's the vibe I'm getting from the forums overall right now, which sucks, but I can't say I blame anyone for the decision to walk away given everything that's happened in the last three or four months.
  5. It makes complete sense for Miller. The law, as written, was designed to protect the works of artists/creators after they died. The children of the original creator can retain control of the copyright to prevent, say, Uwe Boll from making a Peanuts movie. Even with Miller filing to terminate the original copyright (to ostensibly protect his rights), it should be interesting to see how the rights sort themselves out. Was there an original assignment executed at any point by Miller which transferred his rights over to Cunningham (and his successors in interest)? I honestly don't know. What would be interesting is reviewing the particulars behind the Miller filing with the proper administrative body. There's a great write up of the process by an attorney here, and I encourage folks to give it a read if they really want to understand the process a bit better (though it's not case-specific). What I found fascinating was this portion of the article: "Keep in mind that special rules apply to derivative works, such as motion picture versions of books. Despite termination, the right to continue to exploit previously-prepared derivative works (e.g., a motion picture based on a book) may be immune, or safe from termination. This privilege, however, does not extend to preparation of new derivative works based on the work covered by the terminated grant." Essentially, the game should be covered by this right, and a legal argument could be made for any DLC based on "previously prepared derivative work". Miller's attorneys may be arguing that any future DLC would be considered "new" derivative works, and there is probably a ruling or injunction barring any use of the license until the current litigation has concluded. The big mistake was Cunningham crediting Miller with sole authorship of the screenplay of the original film. If I had to guess, the judge will probably award joint ownership of the franchise to Cunningham and Miller, and at that point, they'll have to enter negotiations or ADR (alternative dispute resolution) to sort out where they go from there. Unless one of them buys out the other, they'll probably have to agree on every project going forward. It's all a big mess, no matter how you split it, and the bad blood from the lawsuit is going to make it difficult for any sort of resolution in the short term; there's too many outcomes that are possible, and almost all of them lead to prolonged discussion and negotiations, even under the most optimistic circumstances. Which sucks, because it could be YEARS before we see any sort of development with the property. Even if the parties to the litigation were to pass on, their children and/or successors retain the right to cancel the copyright, so it's better to resolve this thing now.
  6. Bropollocreed79


    Play Lachappa like he's Arnold Schwarzenegger's kid he had with the housekeeper. Much more fun than playing Chud.
  7. Could not agree more. Did not care for TLJ, but loved Solo. I do. I know it's not for everyone, but as someone whose favorite part of any movie ever is the assault on the first Death Star at the end of ANH, and who sunk hundreds, if not thousands of hours over the years into those star wars flight simulators on PC, Starfighter mode on the current BF2 is right in my wheel house.
  8. Definitely, nothing pisses me off more than irresponsible gun owners--they make the rest of us look bad. I treat guns the way I treated premarital sex: even with my girl on the pill, I still wrapped it up. Guns are no different: a secure safe AND trigger locks are a good idea.
  9. Is someone sweet on your? I've had a stalker IRL before, and that shit's no joke. I actually started sleeping with a loaded gun in my nightstand (before I was married and lived alone) before it was all said and done.
  10. It's either an old-school union mentality, or a terrible case of hubris. In either event, the number of posts or forum points is not relevant to the discussion, and turning a conversation into a dick measuring contest because a point can't reasonably be refuted is not only an ad hominem attack, but as close to an admission of defeat as possible, short of waving an actual white flag.
  11. Seniority by virtue of length of tenure is the most archaic and inappropriate measure of validity I can think of short of nepotism.
  12. After he regains his stance and is out of animation lock, correct?
  13. Like your namesake, you were probably too busy getting laid than to bone up on your SW street cred. Meanwhile, my dorky ass was immersed in that shit until I was 30. Any lingering feelings were destroyed by TLJ.
  14. Making the best damned rice I've ever had. I didn't know Rian Jonhnson worked at Gun. Was there an issue with folks using multiple accounts over the weekend, or was the heat wave in the East keeping the kids inside and they were bored enough to troll the forums? The biggest problem with this game isn't the lack of "basic content", it's the failure to capitalize on the content they had and focus on the core gameplay, the asymmetrical pvp. Adding new maps and counselors is all well and good, but playing ONE mode or variant with different Jasons/counselors for over a year does not a fun game make. PvP is the backbone of this game, and not fleshing out the experience with additional PVP modes or even a more robust customization suite for private matches (which should ABSOLUTELY be a focus now--that's not "new content" that's optimization, fwiw) is the biggest misstep as far as I'm concerned. Single Player Challenges, and Virtual Cabin were vanity projects that contributed very little to the replay value of this game. Replay value retains players far more than adding new skins, costumes, or emotes. Nobody came back to this game because you could dry hump a tree or twerk on Jason's prone body. They came because of content that added to the replay value. For as divisive as Pinehurst was, it still was one of the better moves in terms of adding perceived value to the game. By contrast, there's literally no reason to play the SPCs once all the objectives and "skulls" are obtained. At least with online play, there's progression, unlocks, and a reason to revisit the QP lobby or private matches. And they should have focused on enhancing value THERE, as opposed to SPC's which any dedicated player could knock out in a weekend.
  15. Practical effects, for the win! Ain't no cheesy vfx work there, no sir!