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  1. Not attempting objectives more toxic?

    No offense, but "toxic" is the most over-used word right now. But I agree with the sentiment. Certainly, anyone not actively attempting to complete objectives is a certifiable jackass. Ignorance is not an excuse in the information age, where I can find out the current weather in Duluth Minnesota while ordering blood diamonds at the same time from a computer that fits in my pocket. It's great if you enjoy playing Jason and want to scratch a few environmental kills off your list, though. No victory is hollow or unsatisfying when you're Jason; if it is, you need to walk away from the game because nothing will ever be good enough.
  2. The great equalizer. Then it's time to slash like a mofo.
  3. Salt Points?

    It seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth. Oh, wait, I forgot this is the internet, where trolls will go to elaborate ends to play their games. I mean, we live in a world where Manti Te'o can be more famous for his (fabricated) victimization via the now ubiquitous "catfish", as opposed to playing professional football. That should tell you all you need to know about the power of the internet and trolls. It's like Popeye and spinach, Jason and Mommy, or me and Guinness.
  4. Most hard emblem to get

    My beer belly deserves it's day in the sun.
  5. Better guy counselors

    Eleventy Billion
  6. MASSIVE twitch boost

    see, I read that and thought it said, "big steamer", and being in Cleveland, it spun off into "big Cleveland Steamer" which I'm certain is how some of us think of him.
  7. So what do you all think about Victoria?

    "Oh boy" indeed. The world needs more gingers.
  8. So what do you all think about Victoria?

    Lol, she looks like she was ripped right out of The Californians on SNL.
  9. Sure enough. The projector isn't hooked up in there yet, I still have to run about 18-20 feet of HDMI cables to have it permanently set up, so I'll have to settle for the new TV in the meantime. I did source a nice screen from a conference room at work while we were moving. IT couldn't wait to get rid of it, so I was all to happy to take it off their hands. And let me tell you, a good screen makes a HUGE difference with a DLP Projector. Maybe for tomorrow when the inevitable event drops, I'll fire it up...
  10. Oh, I do. As a Lachappa Main, the boat is my bread and butter. But Pinehurst is definitely a Chad/Vanessa map all those bridges and narrow openings, all that water to herd counselors around (in the hands of a remotely competent Jason). As Jason, I love Pinehurst, but I loathe it as a counselor.
  11. You know, there's a percentage of forum users who read that and thought of white powder instead of the carbonated beverage. Not judging, just making an observation and pairing it to wild unfounded speculation.
  12. It's the Millennial version of "Playing Chicken", although in this case, the chicken gets choked....
  13. Just put a hitbox on the ground around Jason when he's knocked down. If the counselor is in it for more than a specific timeframe, Jason should go full Undertaker on their ass: the hand just shoots up from the ground and grabs their neck for an uninterruptable grab (with the exception of a pocketknife, of course). Problem solved. Did you knock Jason down in a doorway? Tough shit, go through the window. Edit: it could also be set to auto trigger if an emote is used by a counselor or crouch is active within the hitbox.
  14. That's going to be a prime time to take the new 65" at Casa de Creed for a spin. Methinks I'll be on later in the day. Just started knocking the rust off last night and it felt good. I still hate Pinehurst though.