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  1. You're supposed to keep it in the ash tray of your windowless utility van.
  2. Bropollocreed79

    Why the Lack of Communication

    I"m on PS4. Not holding my breath, nor playing the game until I check in here after the patch to see how broken everything is.
  3. Bropollocreed79

    Oh for the love of god

    Its target audience is definitely niche, but you haven't lived until you've played as Brommando.
  4. Bropollocreed79

    Oh for the love of god

    It's only the greatest game ever. Two years ago, it was the PSN free game of the month in March, and I've never had more fun in my life.
  5. Bropollocreed79

    Why the Lack of Communication

    Pffft, I wish. They just started fitting everyone at work here over the age of 55 for their golden parachutes after the recent sale of the company to a much larger one. I'm so far below that threshold that Kanye West will be a grandfather before I get that AARP card.
  6. Bropollocreed79

    Oh for the love of god

    Anyone can be a "bro" regardless of gender. Case in point:
  7. As long as he isn't harassing the devs, he or she should be good to go.
  8. Bropollocreed79

    Jarvus house glitch

    There's a glitch in the title of this thread.
  9. 12 is on the back end of the Bell curve for this game on consoles.
  10. Bropollocreed79

    Why the Lack of Communication

    Right around the time I get my AARP card.
  11. It could be worse, he could be shilling for DbD.
  12. Bropollocreed79

    Where are the patches!?

    That's just mean. A lot of students are getting school credit while building their respective CVs working on this game.
  13. Bropollocreed79

    Oh for the love of god

    Sparkly Twilight Jason, FTW! I find your lack of faith (in my predictions) disturbing. You can call it turd sandwich "veal fecal" but it'd still be a turd sandwich. There's a reason people got irritated when vinyl discs got scratched up and the songs skipped around, and this game is no different. I am loathe to play as Jason because of the Interaction Lock issue. It sucks the life out of me faster than I can down a pint, and that's saying something. Do you not have a dedicated beer fridge, bro (mine is padlocked to forestall freeloaders). But it's five quality guesses. I'll take quality over quantity any day. I'll take one bottle of Abyss at $14.99 over a 30-pack of Natural Light at the same price any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Bro, that ship left the port a long time ago. The rest of us are just refugees who couldn't afford steerage rates.
  14. Whenever I RP Jason as Trump and riffing his quotes while engaging counselors.