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  1. Enough is enough

    Say what you will about the bots, using them to practice the mechanics involved with being Jason has made me a better player overall, especially with Jason's reach and melee hitboxes. I still need a LOT of work and practice at it, but I'm much better than I was a month ago.
  2. How Often Do You Get to Play?

    You need to master the shift-grab, bro.
  3. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    And on the plus side, the match finishes that much faster.
  4. How Often Do You Get to Play?

    Grey's Anatomy: the bane of husbands around the world.
  5. Stop it, you're giving me a semi.
  6. tiffany stun rate

    I will say that the propensity of Jason to be stunned on a melee hit is in excess of 50%, and that definitely needs to be whittled down to about 25%, (33% max with perks active). A counselor should not be able to stunlock Jason.
  7. How Often Do You Get to Play?

    If I'm willing to eschew sleep, I can get two hours every other night once my wife falls asleep. My kids are young, and the last thing I need them seeing is Jason using a pig-splitter to bisect a counselor dressed as Wonder Woman. So, once they're all asleep, usually around 11 or so for the wife, I'll fire it up and start slashing.
  8. Blue Retro Jason is the best Jason, tbh.
  9. That moment...

    Wild Boar is a nuisance species in Ohio. Open season all year long with no bag limit. It's practically free bacon!
  10. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    Brobeans, I only have a finite amount of time to play in a given day, and it requires sacrificing sleep to do so. I'm an old, creaky bastard, and having to play from midnight until 2AM when I have to get up at 6:30 requires me to be as efficient as I can. Prune juice, pears, and oatmeal only get you so far.
  11. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    Because that point total isn't enough of a deterrent. Now, you up that to -2500xp, and you have a good starting point. Give Jason a "physician-assisted suicide" badge/xp bonus.
  12. That moment...

    Thank you for this. It was amazing!