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  1. The easier solution would be a "kick" system. Is someone teaming with Jason? Did they run you over with the car? Initiate a "vote to kick", which would only require half the lobby to vote "yes".
  2. There are no bad LaChappas, just bad LaChappa players. Yes, I know this is almost a month old, but I've been busy: The important part of this picture is the bottle of Ardberg on the table near the top. As a "thank you" to the guy whose shop this is, I brought a new bottle along. It was gone in three hours. Why, look at that handsome fellow! It pays to have a buddy who owns his own welding shop. See, dammit, now I have to roll with LaChappa tonight instead of Arthur Morgan. I blame you for what happens next, @TheHansonGoons. I. BLAME. YOU.
  3. Even the most inexperienced Jason players should not be afraid of being killed. Jason is supposed to be an unstoppable force of nature, not some pinata for folks who fancy themselves "1337 gamurz". Weapon spawns need to be halved. Some of the perks need to be tweaked to bring them in line with the balance of the lesser-powered ones. Methods of escape need to be made less predictable. As it stands now, the game follows a discernible logic that is easy to anticipate with enough exposure and practice. 9 times out of 10, the propeller is in one of the three cabins closest to the boat. Gas is often less than half a map away. The fuse for the phone is always within a close proximity to the phone. Little things like these would make a HUGE difference. If Jason blocks your attack, you should have a fear surge, and your weapon should break. Right now, it takes NO SKILL AT ALL to stunlock Jason if you have more than two counselors with weapons. That needs to change. They'll never give him a radial AoE stun to manage large groups, so managing counselor paths to victory (or escape) is the most pragmatic solution in light of the "no new content" mandate.
  4. It's too bad they'll hide behind "no new content" as an excuse to not implement new playlists with different rule variants,like "No perks", or any number of other modifiers. So much wasted potential in matchmaking.... it's not even sad, it's just disappointing.
  5. Of course, if you really want to fix the issue, you could also have a counselor in Jason's grip take melee damage from errant swings by other counselors: let Jason use them as a meat shield to avoid getting stunned while grabbing a counselor. Give Jason credit for the kill, and move on.
  6. There's really nothing to say until either the appeal is filed or October 28th, which will be 30 days after the verdict. Team Cunningham/Horror/Manny etc... have 30 days to file the appeal. And despite all those conditions, the fact remains that no new content is the new normal.
  7. Another one of these threads? Jesus, people are speculating irresponsibly and passing of such as "news". THERE. WILL. BE. NO NEW. CONTENT.
  8. How is this thread still open? I doubt @Kodiak took Columbus Day off. After all, it's only for is filthy Colonials.
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