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  1. Aha yes so I dont trust google traduction I préfère my brain my Wonderfull brain x)
  2. I think no cauz I would if you have lève (number ) you can have customomable counselors And if you play much you have higth level
  3. I think is not bad for immersion it same for réaction and other Just payer can be with avatar in the game And can choice his skin
  4. I have idea again ahà My idea is if payer have a level I dont know hum 100 Hé can create caractèr counsellor And can put skill point in Repair or Speed or luck ... So you Will say me some payer Will put all skill in max but no cauz when he create their character he have number to skill point ton put So he can t put all skin in maximum Create that can : Have diversity in the physical caractèr Make level very intéressing Have skill that payer want for be better in the game Ps : sorry for my english is bad I M french
  5. Aha I am.happy that you like idea I hope gâme creator like the idea too Ps: google translater can do à good translation sometime Vers l infini et au delà
  6. Lol no , if they put jump take stamina payer jump Just when they should
  7. Aha en espérant que les crêateur soit inspiré par ça
  8. And when you have Killer than jason behind you you want escape with all means
  9. YES the stamia is good idea for that The goal on this game is not trôll jason with stamina counselors can t troll jason I say all time don t feed the troll ????
  10. I think jump should taxe little part to stamina for player dont abuse to the jump And make the game ridiculou But your idea its Nice
  11. Kohagan if jump use stamina I dont think player jump for escape to jason so he can jump for walk more Easy with the rock or little thing For moment it s ridiculus to be Blocked by gâté or little rock
  12. Together we can create really good suggest for this game
  13. Yes very good idea you can jump but downside-drain stamina yes For moment with all thing that your say all I suggest jumping with downside drain stamina and make jason better à little bit for stay fair And nerf the car When jason hit more two time in the car the car is broken And payer cant use car