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  1. Why is it no longer in the outro, and I know its been that way since the PC hotfix, but is there a reason?...*we all know there's not* and is it coming back or has any light been shed on this what so ever?

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

  3. Stun Resistance isn't the chance of being stun its that its easier to recover from stuns.
  4. Yep, random player selection still a thing too. Illfonic/Gun ALLLLLMOST had it on this one
  5. This post is as useful as "which Jason do you want to have in the game next" uh....
  6. It may not be a bug as sometimes they just flat out don't work.
  7. And god forbid you leave a match due to these issues or the usual *someones teaming, hacking etc* then you get your infraction. Sounds like all of this paired with the salt mines is intentional to push people off at least the pc platform so they can dump their server obligations to Steam which costs them money.
  8. Not only does Gun not do shit about this, but everyone has already seen it. This is 100% a non-issue.
  9. There's a shit load of actual fixing that needs to happen first before anything else, so that and asap please.
  10. If I didn't own the game, or any dlc and if the mask didn't look like absolute shit...maybe.
  11. Darkest Dungeon and Path of Exile which I'm coming up 5 years on playing with no slow down.
  12. That mask couldn't look anything less like part 3's actual mask, yikes...
  13. Probably something as useless as the virtual cabin and single player challengers. An hour of something then no one discusses it ever again.

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    On Steam: Stuck at the phone while calling cops when trying to get off the phone. And by stuck i mean the visual/audio of them calling is still active yet the progression prompt is gone.

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I wouldn't call it released because I can't select him in any way shape or form. Lets just call it another 'wtf' moment from illfonic.