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  1. Ya I know there's always a gray area, stipulation, loophole, something that continues to make all of this make no sense what so ever which is really all the more proof making it solid bullshit to begin with.
  2. "Not even a rock" - Gun Media *adds a totally new asset in the game on Pinehurst. Ok.
  3. Since late Tuesday roughly, yep-_- EDIT: Dumbass me just noticed the date of the threads creation. Ok, on that note, its a problem again, there.
  4. Anyone have info on the hitting multiple players thing? Because you could always do that unless the notes are worded strange or it means Jason can swing more than once with no fixed delay?
  5. Jason hitting more than one person with a swing was always a thing in the game. Is that part of the patch notes just not worded right or what?
  6. I play daily and I haven't seen it since the Sept. patch. Now all a sudden they're apparently messing with the programming getting Black Tower situatied and surprise surprise its back. Either i was lucky enough for alllll the lobbies i was in the never have it happen along with anyone else never mentioning it. Or it was in fact fixed and now its back because they can't a Geocities site to save their life if it came to it.
  7. We have this again apparently Anyone else? https://old.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/9xxeo1/so_this_is_a_thing_again_thanks_illfonic_or_black/
  8. Ok...when will it? Why was it not including intentionally when the patch notes were mentioned across various sites? Thanks for letting us know there as no ETA...care to mention said ETA? Also. Interaction locking and random player selection, please tell me those are being worked on still.
  9. *crickets*....OK Thanks Shifty for providing us with the details on this patch. All but like...two of these dont seem to be issues I've ever encountered or have i heard anyone else mention on top of this patch never being deployed..or even letting us know when it will be sent out. Reasons?
  10. Gun isn't involved in any fixes/coding, it WAS Illfonic and now it's Black Tower. This might be Black Towers first set of fixes in game or Illfonics last.
  11. Also, for Steam at least, I believe on the west island leading to the cabin when a spray spawns at the chairs along side the cooler on the ground the prompt for it to pick up wont show up,
  12. You're just living off the experience and you're not wrong to feel that way in the slightest.
  13. I've been playing video games since video games were video games. Once computer games that can be patched and changed where they sat were a thing..NEVER has a game with this few of issues has either A: taken this long to even let the people know when it will be done, even a ball-park idea and B: actually fixing them. There's zero excuse at this point. Its been about half a year..HALF OF A YEAR. For a few fixes which a few of them they've tried to do but since obviously illfonic never had the core code and once again they go to change and untangle something with fixes, other things get messed up or just not fixed all together...not sure how one goes about doing that so often every time but here we are. Game breaking bugs? Being a player you dont want to be, although i dont as so much mind as i do when half the lobby leaves once it happens. Also, interaction lock which has been an issue day one...
  14. Its been a short eternity for these last few fixes to be even addressed aside from "they're being worked on." That was never good enough to hear nor is it now even acceptable being that there's a handful of large bugs still needing to be fixed as well as small ones and its been almost half a year since anything was touched. Unless there's one guy working on it and he's there 6 minutes a week I can understand, but I'm sure that's not the case.
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