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  1. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5806-feedback-that-you-will-realize-was-all-true-in-2-4-months/
  2. lol no the meta is about effectiveness stealth is almost useless and you can't argue against it I can do well with stealth players because IM good
  3. umm.. i dont do it personally.. just leave the xbox on if i need to go but i agree
  4. bro stop making these threads Jenny is one of the "weak" counselors... meta is vanessa/deb but u can still use her for a "challenge" and "aesthetics"
  5. point is jason can swing cancel also it wasnt op it made the game fun
  6. that sucks.. play with more people like me.. I repair and bring car to end of the road for the rest of counselors then continue bullying jason
  7. putting traps on campsites are ineffective unless the counselors are noobs
  8. This... use anything else and you're putting yourself in a disadvantage
  9. it's easy as shit with some practice but its completely patched out... it's not really needed tho.. I'm a god at combat Someone on pappus discord said there is a way to do it but I havent found out yet
  10. well.. I dont want luck to have any part in winning but Jason is weak as shit and too easy to bully
  11. Stealth only works in big cabins good jasons don't need noise pings The best you can do to make stealth have value is to get really good at making Jason have a hard time finding you around a big cabin This is really difficult and less effective than just playing as Vanessa though and facing Jason head on
  12. sorry bruh...do you know what exploit means? my point is in every game following it's "how to play" won't make you good the best players always follow some other meta that the devs never even thought of
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