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  1. If so, please tell me, there must be a trick to become host on console? Maybe lower the MTU? Or ything else?
  2. What i wanted to say is... this game is rated for adults but i stumble across so many childs in the age of 8-14 in this game and it's communities. I really wonder how these kids could get this game. I mean you are 16, i think if you're mature enough i would make an exception for you, but 14 or below? No way i would allow my kid to play this game if it's that young.
  3. Sorry i meant the other truth... *swear*
  4. The truth can sometimes be a party pooper i know
  5. Only one of my friends has this game and even if i play with him it aint more fun because the problems stay the same. Sure i could join a community and maybe find some people who are not under the age of 18 (the amount of kids playing this game and by kids i mean younger than 14 is really frightening) but that shouldn't be a solution and is no excuse. They have to fix the core of the problem.
  6. So it's fun for you when the things said above occur ? Can't understand this.... Yesterday 6 different hosts left game, in one game the host was jason and killed everyone except me. He couldn't get me so he just left. That's ridicolous. On Sunday i had a team of 3 british bricks playing together. when i realised it and came back as tommy jarvis i trolled the jason for 10 minutes in the same cabin. i knocked him out 10 times (broke 3 baseball bats for that) and gave him my nuts to taste. his 2 friends meanwhile blocked 1 entrance of the cabin with the car. when they realised his stupid friend wasn't smart and skilled enough to get me, they blocked the doors inside the cabin too, and that is when he was finally able to get me. Very poor show but very common in this game.
  7. Sure when Servers come (if they come) this will take away the Problem with bad pings and the leaving hosts.... but what is with the other Part? Sure you can say there are "some" people out there who want to ruin the fun... but it arn't just a few! I played the whole evening yesterday. And out of 8 Games i had 4 games with 4 different teams of 2 people playing together as jason and counselor and they did not even try to hide that. That's 50% of the games i played yesterday!!! that's huuuge !!! Why arn't the devs doing something against this? I mean there are ways to completely avoid number 3 & 4 of my points. Just seperate jason play completely from counselor play or at least from parties of 2 or more people. That would completely nullify teamsters and it would also avoid people from leaving because they did not become jason.
  8. Every Game I play (on PS4) it's either: -the Host is leaving after he dies and therefore ruining the fun for all the others -the Host is leaving because he is not Jason and ruining the fun for all others -2-3 other people leaving because they are not Jason and making it harder for all others -People teaming up with Jason as Counselor and ruining the fun of all others -having very bad pings to the host making it impossible to play on a good level This Game could be so good but it is actually the worst i played in a long time! Why not have Servers / Hostmigration ? Why do you allow Parties to be Jason or not having separate Session search for Jasons & Counselors ? It's not like Friday the 13th is the first asymetrical Game out there... There are lot of other Games who did at least the "how to avoid teamsters" thing right like Evolve, Dying Light, Dead by Daylight and so on. Why not learn from them? At it's current state this game is not playable (at least on ps4) except you want to be sadistic to yourself.