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  1. I could imagine to give stealth a small chance of jason missing to sense the counselor, like 1% chance of missing for 1 point in stealth, so tiffany would have a 10% chance.
  2. Thx for proving me right with your Video. First off, yes you did look on the map quiet often, more often then most of the jasons out there i would say ( was around 25-30 times in a 15 min. Game) but most of the time you did look on the map was 2-3 times in a row and then you often did not look on the map for up to 30 seconds. That's more then enough time to disarm a trap silently and repair an objective before you notice it. And you had more then just 1 of these time windows in your gameplay. and your Video did proof another thing, that stepping in traps for disarming them is risky. In your whole match 3 people stepped into your traps and you got all 3 of them shortly after. Look your own Video and then again call people 'noobs' who disarm traps silently! PS: And thx for the info but i do know that you can walk while you look on the map, no need to 'teach' me that mister arrogance. Gosh don't be such a douchbag who thinks he is the only one that knows stuff and all others are dumb (that's exactly how you sound&act in your stream too btw) and maybe you will get more positive feedback and viewers.
  3. Stumbling is fine as it is. If i die as Vanessa early on.. it's because of stumbling in the wrong moment. So to me it seems it works like intended. I would not make that effect stronger because it would be to much of a RNG game then.
  4. I am still waiting for the prooof that you are constantly checking the map
  5. I think he talks about throwing a knife during climb in animation and stand up animation after you jumped trough the window, he is right about this one, it's hard to avoid a knife during this animation but saying he is looking on the map all the time is nonsense.
  6. Still call this bullshit. I want to see you playing a match while looking at the map every 5 seconds like u said in other thread. Please give me a video of that
  7. Yeah but what is better... to alarm jason straight away or alarm him the next time he looks on the map (whenever this is and in my experiences there is enough time for you to get elsewhere or getting the objective repaired) If you always have the luck to play in a coordinated team then cheers to you but not everyone has this luxury
  8. Yeah he shot that girl in the shallow water straight into the eye. Would be cool to have a slow Jason who can shoot at range with that beast. Maybe with a rope attached to it, so that you can pull the counselors towards you
  9. You could trap them... wouldn't that be ironic?
  10. Sense is perfectly fine. It's weak and can be tricked at the beginning of a match and get's better the more the fear of the counselors rises and reaches the max potential with rage.
  11. Jasons speed is totally fine. If you really think you can outrun a good Jason Player forever than you clearly never met one. Stamina doesn't last forever (and that comes from somebody who has an epic marathon + restfull perk). As soon as Jason hits Rage he can get everybody with ease. Until then just leave the stamina trolls (aka vanessa, aka bugzy, aka tiff) until later. PS: Stalk + Shiftslash is the Key to success
  12. Your strategies of leaving doors open and keeping knifes for yourself and instead med spray every trap may does work in the perfect habitat of a private match where you really have a team of 7 people to coordinate with. But in quick play matches that does not work at all, it just makes people die. I played countless hours since release and playtested a lot of strategies , especially in QP because that is the game mode i play the most. And in most cases with a mixed team of randoms it's better to be silent (aka use knifes on traps) and get the job done (aka get the objective repaired) than step into the trap, alert jason and MAYBE get it repaired later. But hey,i have to say thank you to people like you. It's that kind of playstyle which still gives me 8/8 Kills when I play Jason and makes me smile when i see all those wasted pocket knifes on the ground next to the dead bodies.
  13. I completely disagree. If you disarm a trap silently you can repair the objective without jason noticing in 90% of the games. If you step into a trap without thick skinned perk it's a risky game and you have to hope the jason isn't fast & good at morphing. It's even more riskier if you do it with a repair character like deborah because your a high priority target for jason. Second thing is pocket knifes are only useful in combat if you get grabbed, if you get slashed it doesn't help you at all. So yes keeping pocket knifes for combat is selfish if you passed a objective with a trap!
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