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  1. Imayslaylizdaw

    Jason's New Grab...

    I like It, it seemed stupid that Jason could just spam his grab before and end up catching someone eventually. Now you have to be smart about it, it takes skill. Before, only counselors would take skill since you actually had to time their attacks. All Jason had to do was turn away then grab; easy. Now you have to time the grab as well.
  2. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    That's an okay reimbursement for giving the Wrench 2/4 durability 😕
  3. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I agree, that is incorrect. They're right that there's very little counterplay, but the one counterplay that is available is extremely powerful and pretty much everyone knows about it. Of course, that is Jason's ability to combat stance the door. Trying to fight Jason with this is extremely unsafe for a counselor and pretty much always ends with them taking some damage. It's the opposite, really. It's too safe for Jason and he could just hit, back up, hit, and back up again.
  4. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I'm someone who's been in tournaments with amazing Jasons. Their block is crazy good and is what gets them the win. It always make me laugh when people whine about stun, when Jason has an ability that negates any form of stun from a melee weapon 90% of the time.
  5. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I hope not. Stun weapons are amazing for counselor survival. Jason can easily avoid then by blocking.
  6. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    What does it mean by weapon pips being adjusted? Does this mean you've changed the stun chance for those weapons?
  7. You fail to realize that you can slash and it will hit them. You can also block. There are many ways to disperse a crowd. You don't need to nerf counselors any time they have something that's in their favor or because you don't want to use skill when playing as Jason(Not talking about you directly, just Jason players in general).
  8. Sorry to tell you, but there is. We must not be playing the same game. Jason can not be stunned again, unless we have different definitions on what a stun is? For me a stun is when Jason looks to the side or falls backwards while Pamela encourages him to keep killing. That is a stun to me and there are invincibility frames for stun a few seconds after he's already been stunned.
  9. Alright, now where is the evidence? I've been playing this game for a long time and I've never once seen a chain stun the way you guys describe it: Jason gets stunned with a weapon and then gets stunned again immediately after exiting the stun animation. This is what people have been telling me stun locking is yet nobody I know that has played this game knows that exists, simply because it doesn't. Also, it's complained about so much you'd think there'd be at least ONE video on it, right?
  10. ... Are you guys some sort of company? It's always the same response over and over "It does happen..." with no substance.
  11. This 100%. Everyone keeps complaining about this chain stun but nobody has any proof of it besides the double-stun you get with the pocket knife. Jason does have invincibility to stun after getting out of one yet everyone is claiming that he doesn't. They want to make excuses because they get their ass handed to them by a group of counselors.
  12. I don't normally make modern pop culture references because they are a lot of the times garbage(this one is no exception), but that definitely deserves a
  13. It has nothing to do with extraordinary claims. The first analogy was used to disprove the argument that God is real because there isn't evidence to prove he isn't, but it can still be used in other situations because the moral is "The burden of proof lies on the individual making unfalsifiable claims, rather than shifting the burden of disproof to others". Your example doesn't relate to our problem. Galileo, Copernicus, etc. All had visual evidence and mathematics to prove their claim as you stated. In this case, there is no proof. There is no code being shown or, even more simple, video proof. The problem with your claim about omitting steps is that it is simply untrue. I have followed steps that everyone here told me to. I really do want to figure out if it's possible so 1. I can do it before it's patched(should be fun) and 2. Show a video to the devs so they know what exactly to patch and hopefully won't mess up and patch something else. Agreeing to disagree is fine, but I don't see how I can work on my timing when I hit him right when he's out of the animation. I even tried swinging at different times. Anytime I play with my group of friends, we gang up on Jason sometimes and not once has he been stunned over and over and over. I've been maining Chad for quite a while. With Sucker Punch and Swift Attacker, it is safe to say I have definitely joined that rank. My job? Taunt Jason so that he follows me while others get objectives done then turn-and-burn him as much as possible to waste his time. P. S. I won't say who but I will say that I was disappointed. The show was pretty funny and enjoyable, and it's horror-comedy which is one of my favorite genres. I hope the new Halloween movie will be good.
  14. And I trust my controlled tests rather than a Jason ass-kisser who says, "I'm telling the truth, believe me!" I guess this will be settled once I record the tests.
  15. I've already been told how it's done, it just doesn't work. The only chain stun that works is the one with the pocket knife, but that's just a double stun. I'll try to give it another go and record it. @BeepBeepRichie I'm guessing you're on PS4. The other guy I was testing this with isn't gonna be on for a while. You mind helping me test it? Psn is my username.