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  1. Marathon and Night Owl

    @Alien_Number_Six That's exactly why I use restful on low composure counselors. The fact that they get it back so slow makes restful very effective because it usually brings their regeneration up to how it is when they don't have fear.
  2. No big deal, simple mistake. And although my preference has pretty much always been set to counselor(which means I'm not gonna be Jason)I do sometimes see my Jason during the opening cutscene and kind of hope it's me. Yes the balance is a lot better. I'm not going to lie, I do sometimes miss the easy days with 9 pocket knives---It was a nice little break from the horrible force grab--- but now it's up to a middle ground which I prefer. I agree that the hit detection needs to be fixed... For both sides. Let's hope that engine update allows them to fix these things a lot quicker and easier.
  3. @Rexfellis I think you might have misread what I wrote. What I said was that the first few months after the release, It was super easy to BE Jason. As in yes I do agree it was brutal for counselors and yes I'm talking about the digital release.
  4. Dance parties and gang ups still happen and that's a good thing. We get it annoys Jason, but they can't suck the fun out of being a counselor. Jason is stronger but not to an extreme, so it's pretty balanced right now I'd say. If you're expecting being Jason to be easy as pie as it was the first few months of release, then no. It's a bit of a challenge for both.
  5. Your first time as Jason

    That was not even close to balanced. It's much better now. Also, isn't that statement kind of hypocritical? Couldn't I have said the exact same thing back in October and December when Jason was nerfed? Thanks for not adapting, you ruined it for the rest of us.
  6. Jason needs a buff

    @NoOneK9503 Yes that video has been shown to me already. I already know about the pocket knife double-stun, I mean I'd like to see Jason get knocked out by a weapon, then get out of the stun and then get stunned again immediately. That's what they're saying occurs yet I've tested it and it doesn't seem actually happen.
  7. Jason needs a buff

    Well if anyone can record it happening that would be great because so far I have not been able to do it. I've tried and tried and all that happens is that he gets hit, but not stunned. I've tried attacking at different times and it doesn't work, which is making me suspect it's a PC thing.
  8. Your first time as Jason

    I was part 3 and slashed because I didn't know what else to do. I figured out what the sound pings were and what shift and morph was, but had no idea what stalk or sense were. I somehow managed to murder everyone except one person who swerved around me on a narrow road in the car somehow and escaped. I do remember someone going in the water and being skeptical about following since I didn't know whether or not Jason would die if I went in there. I took the risk and it worked.
  9. Jason needs a buff

    You still haven't answered my question so I'm not sure what exactly it is you're talking about. When you talk about chain stuns, do you mean that if someone stuns Jason with a weapon, you can stun him right away before he can do anything again after the stun animation is over? If so, I have yet to find a video of it and I have not been able to replicate it. If you're talking about getting chain stunned with a pocket knife then that's fine because there are only Four pocket knives which mean you can only get "double-stunned" 4 times max in a game.
  10. Jason needs a buff

    Again, there are 4 pocket knives. Take the double stun and deal with it it's not a game breaking thing. Well now you just confused me. So you are saying that they can keep stunning you as you get up from being knocked down? If so I'll need to see a video of that because it did not work for me when I tested it. The only double-stun I've seen is with pocket knives and those really aren't a big deal. It's like me complaining that there should immunity frames after swinging because Jason can grab me after a I swing without me having time to react.
  11. Jason needs a buff

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow Thank you for the video, but I already knew about the pocket knife stun and it isn't a big deal. There are only 4 pocket knives, this should not be patched. When you guys said chain stun I was imagining them knocking you down and when you got up they knocked you down again over and over before you could do anything. That would be a problem, this isn't. It's a great way to stall Jason as the cops are called.
  12. Jason needs a buff

    Tried it exactly. Did not work. I know how the stun over frames look like, I went into combat stance and when he got up I waited a second, swung, and hit him before he could move. Nothing happened. I hit him and he brushed it off. Tried it in online matches multiple times too, died 2/3 times. This has to be a PC thing because I've never encountered this on consoles.
  13. That would make things way too unbalanced. I'd say swapping weapons should just be that and the strengths of the Jason should stay the same. They should also slow down the weapon destruction speeds with the machete and shears for Jasons who have destruction.
  14. Weapon swings keep missing

    Any recent examples? I used to be able to crouch in front of Jasons and their swings would miss. I tried it recently and it doesn't seem to work anymore.
  15. Jason needs a buff

    Gotta be some sort of glitch on your end. That has never once happened to me ever. If I try to hit Jason after he was just stunned, it doesn't even faze him and he grabs me. I've never seen anyone who as able to stun Jason over and over unless he stays there and lets himself get hit. Again, you have invincibility to stun after being recently stunned. Just block or shift and you're fine. Unless I'm missing something... The only time you can chainstun Jason for real is if he's just been pocket knifed. Wait until he takes the pocket knife out of his neck and drops it, then wait a second or two and hit him.