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  1. @Ahab The problem is, if you cared to read what I said, I said you were wrong about Jason not being able to SAFELY do an offensive attack out of block. I then told you that you were wrong as he can throw a knife and go back in without having to worry about being hit. You're assuming that I said Jason not being able to attack while in block was wrong. I apologize that I don't spend my life on these forums and reply immediately. Oh and I'm only arguing because... why would I not? You keep replying and with more bullshit that I'm supposedly doing. My suggestion is you don't remove anything. If Jason does not want to get killed, he should not put himself in a position where he is able to be knocked down and hit in his rising animation. That's why he can easily block all attacks... And there you go, insisting that me calling you a casual player is some sort of teenage slang. I don't understand where you're getting this from but I'm assuming you're confusing the teenage slang of calling someone a "casual" with me calling you a "casual player". Those two are not the same thing whatsoever. Seeing as how toy can't grasp how good blocking is, I'd say I do have a better understanding of the game. Uh, I have read the people who claim piñata Jason exists and they are wrong. I play with some of the BEST players in F13. I play in tournaments with some of the best Jasons and Counselors this game has to offer and I've never seen them become a piñata. All the people complaining about piñata Jason, again, don't know how to block. Blocking negates pretty much 99% of stuns. There is no reason Jason should be getting knocked down if he blocks. It's not because I'm a counselor main and I never play Jason, it's because I've played with some of the best Jasons in this game and I have never ever seen them get bullied even while playing extremely coordinated level 150s. Why? Because they block. It really is as simple is that. Watch gameplays of good Jasons and you'll see exactly that: Them blocking out the attackers and slashing at them periodically or throwing knives. I know you don't want to believe me, but it actually is that simple. There is a reason why I mention it over and over, and it's not because I just like the visual of those words together. And yes, I am aware his block has been slowed. But, if you are the host, it's the exact same as it was before the patch. It has also been slowed for counselors as well. This may have been an attempt to patch the previously mentioned pseudo stance that both Jason and Counselors had.
  2. See, but you say you're not cherry picking, but you are. Your main argument now is saying, "You're contradicting yourself, he can't throw it while in CS". The problem is, that's completely irrelevant as the. Whole point I even stated that was to show you Jason has a safe attack out of block. Throwing a knife and going back in immediately is pretty much the same as blocking while throwing it. I never said he can and the exact quote you put has me literally explain what I meant in the next sentence. Uh, what? My argument was about the balance changes you tried putting forth. I was trying to tell you that I've seen it first hand and it's too powerful. Me calling you a casual player isn't me trying to discredit you, it's me telling you that if you don't play this game and know its mechanics, you shouldn't be in an argument about it. Also, since when is casual a teen slang? I called you a casual player, meaning you only play it casually... It's a real word... Oh, more contradiction talk. Every time there's an argument, you pull things straight out of your ass. You grasp for straws that aren't there. I never contradicted myself. If I did, my argument wouldn't make sense but it does because I explained everything right after. Doesn't need further explanation, I see what you're saying but THAT is technically a contradiction. You say he should be able to block without CS, but that leads to everything you're saying you don't want. Being able to block with a press of a button will allow Jason to block everything and anything. None of this changes the fact that Pinata Jason doesn't really exist, only if you let it exist. Again, blocking is your best friend.
  3. Ah, I see. So you have to rely on cherry-picking your statement to to discredit me. Well, the ONLY reason you mentioned that Jason can't throw throwing knives in CS is to show that it's a weakness of his, and something that would assist him in fighting off counselors. That it why I stated that he can, in fact do that. The fact that he has to leave CS for a second doesn't make a difference since he can go back in almost immediately. This is why I stated that you're misinformed--- this is a valid strategy and is viable. Again, you really are a casual player if you don't know that this was actually a thing. Both Jason and counselors used to be able to easily glitch themselves to only have to press the block button to block. This was immensely powerful as, in the hands of an at least competent Jason, you could never get one hit in on him. I don't know about you, but as Richie said, I do not want pseudo back. It was impossible to get a hit in and made it extremely boring to die almost instantly because your attacks were always blocked, even with Swift Attacker.
  4. I don't remember the actual controls since I don't play Jason often enough to learn all of them, but I do know it's possible. I was replying to the other guy who stated it wasn't possible.
  5. You are greatly misinformed. Jason CAN throw throwing knives out of block and can quickly get back. This just shows that you're a casual player. There are many ways for Jason to enter block quickly and stop the gang rapes. I suggest you play with Tommy, Mx, etc. They know all the Jason tricks and can show you Jason doesn't need a huge buff.
  6. Imayslaylizdaw

    Question for Y'all

    I agree with everything you just said. I play with those guys all the time and they do destroy rooms of 150s all the time in private matches. Wiz is meh but the others you mentioned are great. Blocking helps a lot and Jason is in a good state right now. They just need to learn how to use his tools properly...
  7. Imayslaylizdaw

    Jason's New Grab...

    I like It, it seemed stupid that Jason could just spam his grab before and end up catching someone eventually. Now you have to be smart about it, it takes skill. Before, only counselors would take skill since you actually had to time their attacks. All Jason had to do was turn away then grab; easy. Now you have to time the grab as well.
  8. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    That's an okay reimbursement for giving the Wrench 2/4 durability ?
  9. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I agree, that is incorrect. They're right that there's very little counterplay, but the one counterplay that is available is extremely powerful and pretty much everyone knows about it. Of course, that is Jason's ability to combat stance the door. Trying to fight Jason with this is extremely unsafe for a counselor and pretty much always ends with them taking some damage. It's the opposite, really. It's too safe for Jason and he could just hit, back up, hit, and back up again.
  10. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I'm someone who's been in tournaments with amazing Jasons. Their block is crazy good and is what gets them the win. It always make me laugh when people whine about stun, when Jason has an ability that negates any form of stun from a melee weapon 90% of the time.
  11. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I hope not. Stun weapons are amazing for counselor survival. Jason can easily avoid then by blocking.
  12. Imayslaylizdaw

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    What does it mean by weapon pips being adjusted? Does this mean you've changed the stun chance for those weapons?
  13. You fail to realize that you can slash and it will hit them. You can also block. There are many ways to disperse a crowd. You don't need to nerf counselors any time they have something that's in their favor or because you don't want to use skill when playing as Jason(Not talking about you directly, just Jason players in general).
  14. Sorry to tell you, but there is. We must not be playing the same game. Jason can not be stunned again, unless we have different definitions on what a stun is? For me a stun is when Jason looks to the side or falls backwards while Pamela encourages him to keep killing. That is a stun to me and there are invincibility frames for stun a few seconds after he's already been stunned.
  15. Alright, now where is the evidence? I've been playing this game for a long time and I've never once seen a chain stun the way you guys describe it: Jason gets stunned with a weapon and then gets stunned again immediately after exiting the stun animation. This is what people have been telling me stun locking is yet nobody I know that has played this game knows that exists, simply because it doesn't. Also, it's complained about so much you'd think there'd be at least ONE video on it, right?