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  1. Nah that would just be to unnatural. Remember in the movie that that one girl fucked him up with those guns she had before he became uber Jason, when he was uber Jason Brodski had that suit on then he pushed him down to Earth like an asteroid, how about Brodski can kill him by putting on his suit which you can only get by finding a key in one of the drawers when you teleport to one of the camps, then you just unlock his metal closet but only Brodski himself can put it on. To make it more fair Jason can put traps in front of the closet to make it harder
  2. I'm not saying the movie is terrible, what I meant was that I think the kills are just very odd for example that chalkboard kill
  3. I bet you Uber Jason will be way more badass than Savini Jason
  4. That would just decrease the amount of players playing the game because no one wants hackers with nothing else better to do in the game
  5. The leprechaun was probably the second weirdest slasher movie Iv'e ever seen. Nightmare On Elm Street is my first
  6. Well it does look like that Jason you suggested should have these stats in my opinion Strengths: +Traps +can run +Shift Weaknesses: -Sense -Less Hit points -Morph I chose traps as a strength because we only have one Jason with +traps
  7. What about a +Shift Jason? We so far only have 3 for the kick starters and 2 for the people who didn't know about the kick starter
  8. I changed my mind he should actually have more hit points or stun resistance because he's made of metal and all of that stuff
  9. And his strengths would be -more hit points or stun resistance -destruction -weapon strength They should also make another custom Jason with shift as a strength because kick starters have 3 Jasons with great shift and people that didn't know what the kick starter was only have 2 Jasons with great shift
  10. True, but Roy can run in the game, which he never did in the movie. I guess they gave him more important weaknesses, in my opinion maybe they should replace his Grip strength weakness with can't run and replace his can run strength with sense because he did hold that guy against the tree with the belt for a good 10 seconds and he figured out where Pam and Reggie were hiding very quickly in the barn and at the main house.
  11. I just wanted to know your opinions In my personal opinion I think he shouldn't
  12. I would love another custom Jason. Savini Jason was made after part 9, maybe this time they would make a Jason after part 10 or after Roy Burns. The one after part 10 will have burnt skin with the same uber outfit and maybe with asteroid shards sticking out with his half broken uber mask The one after Roy Burns would have holes in his body and a dirty jumpsuit similar to the remake Michael Myers but with blood splattered on it and maybe a new hockey mask.
  13. I bet people are going to be going crazy about this, because the time is random when your parents are going to make you get off or when they need help with something.
  14. My favorite match was when me as a female, chad and Tommy Jarvis killed part 6 Jason. I activated the sweater and the first second I activated it chad hit Jason with a bat then he dropped to his knees then 3 seconds later Tommy came in for the kill after the first chop with the axe the player playing Jason rage quit and after that it glitched then Jason jumped up into the air in slow motion. Aw man, I wish I filmed it.
  15. PLEASE NO! Sorry it would just be much more easier to kill Jason.
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