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  1. Too bad. But like I said not terribly surprising. I too hope they see the value added for something like this soon! I wouldn't think it would even be that hard to implement either (but I could be wrong). well, at least relative to the gigantic undertaking they just finished
  2. Not making me like my odds any more :( Still, hopefully we'll be able to generate enough interest that they'll add it in at some point (like they did with the "mean girl" trope)
  3. I hope it is included in the bot improvements (at least selecting which bots are in the mach and maybe the outfits), but with all of the things the dev's have mentioned, and this not being one of then, I am not liking our odds.
  4. Sounds good to me Honestly this is one thing I am most interested in seeing (custom bot options).
  5. Please? This would be awesome (or trying out other variations of bots/perks).
  6. Has there been any word on which, if any, of these will be implemented with the "new game engine"? (I presume the answer is no news, but figured it doesn't hurt to ask)
  7. The ability to select which councilors you are going up against (as well as clothing, even it's only 'they use the clothing you have in your preferences'). Down the same vein, allowing multiples of the same councilor would be nice (if I want to just select the ones who have highest stealth/repair/strength/whatever and duplicate them).
  8. lol. Honestly, even if it is was as 'user friendly' as a text file I had to go out and edit (ie bot1.name = chad; bot1.outfit = speedo, etc) each time I wanted to change it that would be fine. It would make some good videos too, I think
  9. Any chance of adding the option to customize which bots (including clothing, as some other have suggested) appear in the match? (pretty please )
  10. I'm not a fan of the 'blame game' (especially in forums where no one can really do anything about it but vent, and especially before all of the details are in), but I do wish that they would have reported it on the steam page that the steam launch was unexpectedly delayed. Something for future consideration perhaps?
  11. Now I'm a as little confused (to be resolved tomorrow). The Steam release notes under 'news' say you can select which councilors you face (http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/pcgamer/2442505391483384021) EDIT: I'm guessing the steam reviewer just misspoke, but he did get my hopes up (shouldn't have let him do that :P) EDIT 2: Looks like the answer is 'bots are completely random'. Nevertheless, hoping one of the devs at least takes a look at this and lets me know what would need to happen for this to work! (I wonder if someone will at least be able to mod it in without getting banned? )
  12. Just so it's on the books as having been suggested, I think it would be neat to be able to customize the councilors (chad chasing, sorority slasher, frat filleting, etc) for offline mode. I mentioned it in the other forums and it sounded like it was not currently planned (props to ShiftySamurai for answering my question in exactly 13 minutes). Anyways, I thought I'd mention it here so maybe the devs would look into it 'soon' (tm). Thanks!
  13. Not the answer I was hoping for, but that was some speedy feedback, thanks!
  14. I was about to ask this question as well. As a follow up, 1.) if you can choose, can you select duplicates, since hunting down chads seems to be a thing? 2.) If the answer is 'no', what are the odds of seeing those features added 'soon' (tm)?
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