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  1. I am surprised Part 8 has the most votes so far! I think Part 8 has the coolest weapon kills in the game!
  2. I personally don't like that Part 4 got Premium kills instead of any other Jason. What do you think of that? If you could choose which Jason should get premium kills next, who would be? I think it should be Part 7 so more people can play as him plus, the kills he already has are kind of lame.
  3. When you spawn in the game as a counselor and are a team-player, hard working and have helped other counselors and get killed by Jason while doing that; don't you think you should become Jarvis? Does it not suck when you do those things and die then all of the sudden another player that is AFK or did not even try become Tommy? If you have played Star-Wars Battlefront, you should be familiar with the game mode "Hero Hunt" In which it's a 1 vs 8 in which one player becomes a hero "Luke Skywalker or Han Solo" is forced to kill the enemy and the enemy that does the most damage will become the hero next. I fell it should be like that in F13. But when two players die or escape, the one that did the most work should come back as Tommy. You all know that Tommy's job is to save the other counselors. Just like you were helping them earlier as a counselor. But now you have an advantage. am I the only one who thinks should happen?
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