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  1. Nougat


    I have as Jason and as counselor. I wasn't idle and the host didn't leave in either instance. It happened about four times as counselor and twice as Jason. I would say it is a pretty rare occurence, though six times may sound like a lot, I have put a decent amount of hours into the game lately since I had previously been on a break from it for a while.
  2. Nougat

    Ideal Counsellor?

    I secondary No Fear Jenyy with 20% Thick Skinned as her 3rd perk. Swift Attacker isn't really needed on female counselors, and tends to net me more whiffs than anything. Thick Skinned letting me vault broken windows more often helps me gain stamina over going for a swing that could potentially get me killed against high level Jasons who know their stuff. No need for Sucker Punch, since I can make a single bat last most of the match. No medic because I ran that previously and ended up having an overabundance of sprays, even after the supposed 'spray nerf' (they only got nerfed on 2 maps) so I ran Thick Skinned finally which has been working wonders. I still prefer Chad over any counselor, but I acknowledge that Vanessa is the best. I'd rank Jenny as high as 3rd due to the No Fear Build.
  3. Nougat

    Ideal Counsellor?

    Vanessa is the closest thing, but I'd trade in her extra composure for 2 more points in strength for longer stuns and easier demasking. Having a 1 in Composure really isn't the death sentence people make it out to be. Simply keep enough distance to where a stumble is affordable, or if you have good enough reaction times, you can CS light attack to cancel stumble in the first few frames. Vanessa is close enough, though I prefer Chad due to Male melee swings covering more ground and generally being a lot more reliable for saves when someone gets grabbed. Female swings, while faster, lack range.
  4. I once trapped gas on the wrong side of the car and facepalmed right after, but then a counselor trying to loop me around the car later into the match walked right into it, so I forgave my mistake since it gave me a chuckle in the end.
  5. I ready up quickly UNTIL I hear someone spamming X. In that case, I unready and press the PlayStation home button so I don't have to listen to the sound of X being spammed. I can tell you from experience, that is honestly the worst means of protest as it usually makes people purposely wait longer. With that said, they need to revert the wait times back to what they were before the Pinehurst update.
  6. Yeah, it is my main gripe with the game. That and how the ping flies up about 60ms from the pregame lobby to the actual match. I run 300mb download and 250-275mb Upload and I play on ethernet and both of those things happen way more often than they should.
  7. Not exactly sure how to link videos correctly on here, so I'll just post the link itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-3qowOTHcY
  8. Packanack Small has been stale for a whule for me now. I prefer it to Crystal Lake Small though. At least with Packanack Small, it is mostly people trying to loop you, which is easy to counter. On Crystal Lake Small, it is usually all 3 objectives being rushed at the same time before you even get Shift since the objective items practically spawn right on the objectives on that map. I have probably played 2 matches ever on that map where the objective parts were somewhat far from the objectives. Very easy to get escaped on that map. I have a video showcasing just how easy, me and three others escaped in the four seater less than two minuted into the match and the Jason ended up leaving because of it. A lot of people were bragging after the match, but really, escaping on that map takes skill equal to knowing how to count to ten. So while I dislike Packanack Small, I'd have to say Crystal Lake Small is even worse.
  9. Considering you can still get on the roof of Packanack a year later, I'd say it is still broken. 7 counselors can camp out Jason up there and there isn't much he can do except toss knives. There's also a glitch to get underneath Higgins and the guest house in Jarvis House. That only leaves Pinehurst, Crystal Lake and Crystal Lake Small as viable maps to play on since the glitch spots on the other five maps are impossible for Jason to reach. You can still teleport, gain infinite stamina, and glitch on rocks in the lake by swimming on them. On Jasons end, he can do the equivalent of the abducting grab glitch where he would grab and then shift away, only now you have to do it with morph and there is a another glitch to avoid getting stunned after being sweater stunned, meaning you can play as reckless as you want with Jason. These glitches don't occur often in QP, but they exist to begin with, and they are all very broken.
  10. If you have Epic Speed Demon and Epic Lead Foot, you can loop Jason for the rest of the match in the car if you are driving alone. There are other non meta combos that work too, such as the 'No Fear' build for Jenny or Lightfoot/Level Headed/Low Profile on A.J. or Tiffany or Deb, although that one is a bit of a gimmick. The perk system is really terrible though. Nothing but meaningless RNG after countless hours of grinding.
  11. I would rank Roy as 4th if the fact that his shift duration wasn't as short a it is. They fixed the cooldown, but the duration of the actual shift is still no good. It especially makes catching a car a pain. I'd put Part 2 above him since Roy is just as bad at catching cars. At least Part 2 has +Morph and Traps to tey and defend those objectives before they get going. Overall my tier list would go: Part 3 Savini Part 8 Part 5/Part 2 Part 6 Part 9 Part 7 Part 4 I only put 9 over 7 since -HP honestly doesn't seem like it even works aince all Jasons lose their masks rather quickly against dedicated mobs. +Weapon Strength helps against mobs, but I would say +Shift is a better ability overall, since when paired with +Stalk you can stop the car reliably without giving away your position, multiple times due to the short cooldown on both of thoae abilities. I may even put 9 over 6 since -Morph is such a poor weakness. Also Part 3 over Savini due do how much more pressure you apply while running. You can wear down high stamina a lot faster and punish mistakes easier.
  12. Nougat

    How would you have designed the game?

    If you ran Buggzy with Man At Arms (Epic before it got nerfed) Thrasher (Epic) and Slugger (Epic), You could one shot kill up to 5 teammates with heavy attack while wielding an axe. It was like having a 5 shot shotgun. I agree about the windows. Everything started breaking when they started messing with windows.
  13. Nougat


    Ph.D in Murder is a buggy mess. I have a friend who got it by performing a kill on Jason as Tommy. He probably had all of the kills done as Jason, but killing Jason as Tommy is what triggered it. Personally, I got it by doing the lawn chair kill about 10 times before it registered since I had a list of kills I had to do, and that one was last.
  14. If nothing happens by 4 or 5 PM EST, I'll be on the side of thinking we aren't getting anyhing. For now though, if we are to get anything, I predict it would be something similar to the December event when we got increased Epic Perk drops. Even though we just had double XP, it would only make sense to get it again (or 130% XP) since extra XP = extra CP which helps for rolling perks.
  15. I found a game after a 3 minute search. I was surprised it didn't give me host. Things like creating parties or inviting friends when I am already in a match don't seem to work either. Also on PS4.