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  1. I once got a kill in 6 seconds. I morphed without grabbing the knives at the start then pressed L2 as soon as the morph animation finished to fish for the most random grab. I got said grab and mashed the head punch kill. I know the head punch animation takes 5 seconds in itself, but the kill counts the moment you select the kill, so I count it as 6 seconds.
  2. It's never not been boring. 12.12.17 patch was a hassle, but nothing I couldn't handle. Thankfully counselor preference keep me from getting Jason. The thing is, a lot of Jasons are around mid level, so they need the buffs.
  3. Bring Jason's speed back to what it was and let him start with 2 knives minus the two he can grab from the shack. This will save him time from the animations so he can use Morph ASAP while also not giving the non +Throwing Knives Jasons enough knives to kill someone off right off the bat. Pocket knives and sprays don't need an increase. If you're still falling for stalk shenanigans or if you can't juke shift, that's a player issue, and if you have an issue doing either of those two things, that pocket knife will not have saved you for long. Counselors got the nerfs they needed to get, adding Jason's buffs was overkill, especially to repair characters. His grab buff was about all he needed. I assume with the new engine all the glitches that cause him not to be able to do anything will be fixed, but hopefully that patch also normalizes him a bit.
  4. 6/8. I used Part 3 and the two that I didn't kill suicided, one at the start of the round on purpose and one by accident by going through a broken window while I chased them. I got the hang of the game on both ends of being Jason and a Counselor rather quickly.
  5. Host and quiting

    I usually avoid killing the host until the end unless they are pushing objectives. That isn't the way things should be, but it beats searching for a new lobby. For matches where I am not Jason, I get chased for 20 minutes because I use Chad, so host is usually spared for a while.
  6. I always quit as host, but it is as soon as the lobby opens and no one has joined. Oddly enough, the game feels laggier when I have host. So yes, I deal with hosts quitting pretty much all the time. Unless you mean the error where you're the one who is host and the game crashes during the pregame lobby, in which case I don't know what causes that, but that is the other reason I refuse to ever be host.
  7. If Jason mains get their way, you won't have to. I posted that jokingly, but from someone who adapted to the 12.12.17 patch and only had one single 6/8 match (that being my worst performance, it feels like Jasons never want to adapt, and would rather receive free buffs instead. Then they complain when people get behind counselors in anyway. I don't ask for buffs or nerfs for either side, I'll always adapt and do my best, but when Jason playerd call counselor players babies, I always have to hold in a laugh when they're the ones crying for buffs 9/10 times. If I can sweep lobbies of coordinated counselors who are great at the game, there's no reason why someone else can't make the same adjustments and do the same thing. Jasons just want "Cakewalk: The Game."
  8. Throwing knives.

    It was already like this before. If you mashed X or A (depending on which console, not sure what the controls are in Steam) fast enough at the start of a match, the 2nd knife would count as 2 and you would get 3. They fixed that and essentially only added 1 knife.
  9. Counselors spawn in with parts locked in cabin bathrooms and have to beg Jason to open the door for them. Jason spawns in with all 4 abilities and they have no cooldown. Also, fear makes your entire screen black. Vanessa and Chad spawn into the game in an injured state. Counselors alsl have to find a car engine (which takes 4 of them to lift and move). Does that wood that Jason's shack is made out of look familiar? That's because he made it with wood from this new battle royale game he's been playing. One in which he stole a trap from that will auto-kill a counselor if they dare step inside his shack. If you somehow manage to make it to Pamela's Sweater, it will have the effect of Medusa's Head from God of War II and turn your counselor to stone. The boat makes noise when it starts and sends noise pings as if someone were swimming. When Jason tips the boat over, it gets a hole in it and sinks. Make Jason Great Again.
  10. I agree with this. If you combat stance a door as a +Destruction Jason and do 2 heavy attacks and then a light attack, it cancels out of the 2nd heavy attack very quickly and breaks doors down in under 3 seconds which is ridiculously fast. Make the doors like the walls that Jason has to use the prompt on.
  11. Waited in a boat out in the middle of the lake on Packanack for someone who had previously helped their friend who was Jason a few matches back, once they got close I left. They got back to shore with no stamina and got slashed to death By Part 6 of all Jasons.
  12. Chad. Vanessa is more or less a training wheels version of Chad that made me play lazier. At least Chad's stamina forced me to fight more and take risks. I only say Chad because I never pick anyone else. My Vanessa days were short lived. I can reroll and hit skill check without missing on a very consistent basis, so I don't mind the 2 in intelligence.
  13. Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    A Bat will stun Jason pretty much every single time with 25% Epic Sucker Punch. The Axe and Wrench will stun about 98/99% of time with 25% Epic Sucker Punch. I have tested it in a number of private matches using Chad with 25% Epic Sucker Punch and 25% Epic Man-At-Arms for added durability so I could test more hits without getting a new Wrench or Axe or Bat for a while. The Lead Pipe needs its attributes updated, as it does not stun nearly as often as the Wrench. Everything else has a lower chance. For people not getting stuns under the circumstances I listed above, either Jason did a quick block or you are hitting him too soon after he has already been stunned during his frames of invincibilty.
  14. That feeling when you see a car escape 15 minutes into the game on your big map and then see the fuse pop up on shore. That feeling when a white circle is approaching the cabin you just finished barricading faster than a car and then you hear a window open followed by Vanessa's ugly ass grunt.
  15. I go on tangents a lot and tend to be too descriptive. I definitely listened to the points you made, I just listed ways to alleviate them. But yes, to each their own.