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  1. On the subject of picking maps on QP, I think it should be locked to random with rain off since frames dip if you don't have PS4 Pro or Xbox One X (for console players.
  2. It's fine on PC if you have a good enough rig. It should be removed from Quickplay on consoles though, and left optional for private matches. If you don't have an Xbox One X or a PS4 pro, it kills frames, especially in cabins with a lot of hiding spots. Why it exists on the Switch at all is a mystery to me.
  3. Meh, it's bothersome, but the worst buff for me has got to be a buff not from Jan 2019, but Jan 2018. Jason's movement speed buff from the Pinehurst update is still one of the dumbest changes and makes any counselor not named Chad, Buggzy or Vanessa (Even Tiffany with 6 speed has to sprint quite a bit) forced to burn their stamina without Jason even having to use long shifts. I'd say keep the rage buffs, but revert his run/fast walk speed back to 2017. At least that way repair counselors actually have a chance to repair against a good Jason early game. I get the argument if Jason not being able to be two places at once, but 99% of the time in quickplay, that is never going to happen as people are either laser focused on killing Jason, or they are not coordinating to repair two things at once. I know in private matches players are much more organized, but the game should be balanced more around quickplay, not the top 5% of players. Jason getting his old speed back would be the only nerf I give him, I don't mind him spamming shift and not being able to be stunned during rage. Long shift is easy to counter and there are windows to help replenish stamina. His base movement speed is actually ridiculous though, especially on running Jasons.
  4. Something that shouldn't be mentioned/promoted on the forums. It's something I save exclusively for teamers, as doing it to a legit Jason would be a d*ck move. It isn't any kind of roof glitch though.
  5. I have a very special way of countering teamers/teaming, that never fails to get the teamers to leave their party chat and yell at me. I usually look forward to running into teamers so I can bully them until they leave. I feel bad for the average player who has to run into it though.
  6. Interaction lock isn't fixed, so I don't get why that is part of the notes. Otherwise, the patch has been fine. The balance is better now, although this isn't the buff Jason needed, considering it makes killing him easier.
  7. Yes. I usually wait until I am the last one alive, give them a few tips on countering kiting while they chase me, then if they still don't catch me, I'll give them the kill, granted they are new of course. I would also give them advice on traps and other basic functions with Jason if I noticed that they weren't using any. I gave a higher level Jason a pity kill once when I saw the 4 seater literally phase through him when he shifted perfectly in front of it, robbing him of 4 kills.
  8. Marathon, Nerves of Steel, Thick Skinned. Having extra sprays is not super useful if you happen to get injured up close once Jason has rage since he can just slash you to death before you can heal, so I just play more careful and use NoS over Medic. As long as you angle your camera to where you can see Jason, Stalk won't hide his indicator if he tries for Stalk + Shift, so you can dodge shift a lot easier seeing where he is moving on your mini map. If Jason Morphs, I just get in a cabin so I am not a sitting duck for a free shift grab. Even if the doors are gone, it is better than being out in the open. Also helps for driving, the rare times when I do drive. The buff for Jason isn't really a big deal at top level play. It's a nerf to the Swift/Sucker Punch combo, but I barely stunned Jason before the patch thanks to how long Vanessa's stamina lasts with Marathon and the slight composure boost from NoS. Glad to see he isn't getting endlessly stunned as much though.
  9. Dying as Jason rare? Now that they fixes the bug where couldn't die during Rage, he is easier to kill than he ever has been. Jason takes more damage on non stunning melee attacks, which is the entirety of what heis hit with when he gets Rage. Between this and the suiciding to get Tommy being changed, youcan simply run Potent Ranger, Sucker Punch, and Slugger, have your friend suicide, let Jason kill you, guarantee that you come back as Tommy, and get what is basically a free kill at that point. Aside from those who trolled and bullied Jason for the full 20 minutes, this patch is actually a huge nerf to Jason against kill squads.
  10. This inadvertantly nerfs Jason against kill squads, since he takes full damage when he doesn't stunned, and doesn't get stunned when he has rage. This also makes teamers even more of a hassle to deal with, as they can give their buddy rage and make the teaming process even easier than it was before. Not sure what the direction was for this, but this isn't at all the buff Jason needed. He needed more HP, a better grab box, and faster kill prompts for grabs. This is a lazy buff lol.
  11. Quitters, sure. Suicide and betrayal? Not so much. Teamers have it good enough already.
  12. Let yourself get slashed once or crawl through an already broken window. Run up to Jason, use the sweater, heal, and cancel the healing by swinging.
  13. It depends on the exploit. It seems like they were attempting to get on the roof and failed, so good on you for killing one of them. Unfortunately if they make it to the roof, it is a stalemate unless for some reason they come down.
  14. Yeah, no map is safe. You can get on the roof of the barn on Pinehurst. You can get completely under Higgins Haven. You can get on Packanack'a roof. You can get completely under the blue house on Jarvis House, and You can get completely under the floor of the repair shop on Crystal Lake. Not to mention counselors can fly if you do a glitch involving the car.
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