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  1. Yes. I usually wait until I am the last one alive, give them a few tips on countering kiting while they chase me, then if they still don't catch me, I'll give them the kill, granted they are new of course. I would also give them advice on traps and other basic functions with Jason if I noticed that they weren't using any. I gave a higher level Jason a pity kill once when I saw the 4 seater literally phase through him when he shifted perfectly in front of it, robbing him of 4 kills.
  2. Marathon, Nerves of Steel, Thick Skinned. Having extra sprays is not super useful if you happen to get injured up close once Jason has rage since he can just slash you to death before you can heal, so I just play more careful and use NoS over Medic. As long as you angle your camera to where you can see Jason, Stalk won't hide his indicator if he tries for Stalk + Shift, so you can dodge shift a lot easier seeing where he is moving on your mini map. If Jason Morphs, I just get in a cabin so I am not a sitting duck for a free shift grab. Even if the doors are gone, it is better than being out in the open. Also helps for driving, the rare times when I do drive. The buff for Jason isn't really a big deal at top level play. It's a nerf to the Swift/Sucker Punch combo, but I barely stunned Jason before the patch thanks to how long Vanessa's stamina lasts with Marathon and the slight composure boost from NoS. Glad to see he isn't getting endlessly stunned as much though.
  3. Dying as Jason rare? Now that they fixes the bug where couldn't die during Rage, he is easier to kill than he ever has been. Jason takes more damage on non stunning melee attacks, which is the entirety of what heis hit with when he gets Rage. Between this and the suiciding to get Tommy being changed, youcan simply run Potent Ranger, Sucker Punch, and Slugger, have your friend suicide, let Jason kill you, guarantee that you come back as Tommy, and get what is basically a free kill at that point. Aside from those who trolled and bullied Jason for the full 20 minutes, this patch is actually a huge nerf to Jason against kill squads.
  4. Nougat

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    This inadvertantly nerfs Jason against kill squads, since he takes full damage when he doesn't stunned, and doesn't get stunned when he has rage. This also makes teamers even more of a hassle to deal with, as they can give their buddy rage and make the teaming process even easier than it was before. Not sure what the direction was for this, but this isn't at all the buff Jason needed. He needed more HP, a better grab box, and faster kill prompts for grabs. This is a lazy buff lol.
  5. Quitters, sure. Suicide and betrayal? Not so much. Teamers have it good enough already.
  6. Let yourself get slashed once or crawl through an already broken window. Run up to Jason, use the sweater, heal, and cancel the healing by swinging.
  7. It depends on the exploit. It seems like they were attempting to get on the roof and failed, so good on you for killing one of them. Unfortunately if they make it to the roof, it is a stalemate unless for some reason they come down.
  8. Yeah, no map is safe. You can get on the roof of the barn on Pinehurst. You can get completely under Higgins Haven. You can get on Packanack'a roof. You can get completely under the blue house on Jarvis House, and You can get completely under the floor of the repair shop on Crystal Lake. Not to mention counselors can fly if you do a glitch involving the car.
  9. Outside of the interaction lock happening at least once or twice every single match, I haven't encountered any other glitches in a while. I have seen people get into exploit spots, but my personal experience with bugs is limited to interaction locks. As for terrible perks... Lol just lol. Most are pretty bad, but try facing a group of 7 counselors all running thick skinned and medic.
  10. Depends on the Map. Pinehurst, Jarvis House, or Packanack Small, I'd give Part 6 the advantage since the first two are difficult to get anything going on, and Packanack Small since Part 6 can Shift basically across the map. Crystal Lake Small is a toss up depending on where objective items spawn. The other maps I would say Roy has an advantage on, so I say Roy overall. I prefer to use Part 6 though, I can work around -Morph quite easily.
  11. What I meant is weapon strength is a much more significant stat for running Jasons. It does have its uses on power walking Jasons too though. Also I meant guaranteed hits as in hitting Jasons while they combat stance doors or windows. You can hit his hand/arm if he clips through a door with combat stance. Learning the spacing is difficult, but worth it since it gives you free stamina with no commitment. I would use Part 7 over Part 9 and maybe Part 2, but that's about it.
  12. You can catch up to jogging counselors by cutting off the angle they are going to quite easily and punish stumbles with a slash because running Jasons close enough of a gap to actually hit a slash during counselor stumbles. I agree with hitting through doors, but shift-slashing is a very slow process considering you get one slash per shift, and then if you miss it takes even longer. Running Jasons also have a better chance of getting hits through doors on counselors who are retreating and are trying to shut/barricade doors due to closing in the counselors faster than walking Jasons. My point being, your opportunities to land slashes as a running Jason are much more plentiful than your chances of landing one as a walking Jason. As for whiff punishes, that works on counselors who swing more than they need to. Educated counselors who know not to waste stamina when Jason uses shift for its full length and who swing only when the hit is guaranteed are not going to be getting whiff punished by slash.
  13. Fox is the most useful of the bunch, but all in all the post launch crew is pretty lackluster compared to the OG counselors.
  14. Part 8. Weapon strength is such a useless strength on a walking Jason, at least against high calibur counselors that aren't free kills regardless. Same goes for Savini. Running Jasons like Part 3 ans Part 4 can actually close space ans land their hits, so I quite enjoy weapon strength on them. -Sense for some odd reason has increased range during rage that outclasses standard sense and +sense, so again that point goes to Part 8. 3 traps is also hot garbage and juat adds to the problems Part 7 has. Honestly, Part 7 is still the worst Jason. The meme going around that Part 4 is worse is laughable. I have to say Part 8 by a very significant margine.