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  1. I always bring the fuse to the phone house if I find it (I have all the static locatiins for the fuse house memorized and I can determine where it is depending on where I found the fuse) I always bring parts to cars, and if no one else is there, I will risk doing the repair. I defend people repairing objectives and defend the phone box with my life if Jason is present when it gets fixed. I pick up any counselor that doesn't take forever to leave their cabin and get in the car. I wait at the exit for more people if the car isn't full. I stall for time if my time needs it. I tank traps to waste Jason's morph if a seperate objective is about to be worked on. If someone is injured, I will spray them. If they need help, I will stun Jason a few times. However, if it gets to a point where I am babysitting them, I usually let them die since I am not trying to break every weapon on the map while risking my own life. I'll give the designated sweater girl all of my goodies (Med Spray, Pocket Knife) as well as defend her so that she doesn't have to resort to wasting those goodies until I die.
  2. Plenty of people still quit, even back when host was still a thing. The salt mines are pointless if nothing else. They also assist cheaters/teamers. It was an idea that was good in theory, not in practice.
  3. The outfit is based off of Melissa's outfit from Part 7. The problem is that despite being loose clothing, it is way too baggy in game and a lot more slim/form fitting in the movie. The devs didn't do a terrible job with it, but it could be better than what it turned out to be.
  4. Swift Attacker + dodge canceling is usually more viable than Sucker Punch, since a good Jason can react turn around and then grab a whiffed weapon swing. 20% swift attacker is hard to react to since blocking isn't instantaneous anymore for Jason. I have 10% Epic Nerves of Steel and 10% Legendary Preparedness. Once you hit 20% fear resistance, you won't really succumb to fear unless you are injured. Good luck on rolling an Epic or legendary Nerves of Steel, and hopefully it is a 10%. Same for Preparedness. I used to have 9 as well, and surprisingly the full 20% is actually quite better than 19% despite only being a 1% difference.
  5. That would make sense, if the door was the size of one of those small doggy doors and counselors had to squeeze through it.
  6. Chad Grease Monkey (15%), Lead Foot (20%), Nerves of Steel (10%) Once the 4 seater or 2 seater is fixed, I pick up as many people as possible and loop Jason for the entire match or until Jason quits. In the off chance that the car happens to be stopped, Grease Monkey gets it started again if I can land a stun since Chad has max luck.
  7. The car delay is already crazy because someone could go and repair the phone and call the cops (assuming the group is in party chat) in the time it takes to pull someone out of the car plus the stun you inevitably have to take after. Pulling someone out of a car should have more invincibility frames, although Jason does lose collision for a bit when pulling a counselor out, which helps eat hits sometimes. What I meant was a shorter animation in general so that the prompt can actually pop up before someone halfway across the map cam make a save. The prompt does come up after the animation, but the animation is rather long, leading to very easy saves. Play against a group of Chads all running Epic Thick Skinned and Epic Medic and it will become a lot more understandable. Slashing won't do much unless you Shift Slash, since someone behind you can punish your whiff, throwing knives will run out, and grabs are uselss. Meanwhile they have good weapon durability to make enough saves for the time it takes 20 minutes to go by. A quicker kill prompt/animation, would make grabbing slightly more viable against groups.
  8. No shame in being defeated as Jason, while I haven't experienced it yet myself, I am sure it'll happen, even though the Tommy Box is always my top priority. You went out fighting, lasted a year and a half, and got defeated in a patch where Jason is very weak. No shame in that at all, pick up where you left off and keep cleaning out lobbies.
  9. Pause screen should just be laggy when you go to quit. Other games have that feature. It should take three seconds to give you the "are you sure" prompt, so that the Jason can get their kill. Maybe not the full animation, but still credit for it nonetheless.
  10. In 1v1s you can interupt swings with throwing knives or a well time shift and grab immediately after. It will either net you a kill or waste one of their pocket knives. In 2v1s and 3vs and so on, counselors like to hold hands, so I usually target one with throwing knives, and then hold block near them once they are injured for a free rage meter boost, since them and their teammate(s) will inevitably start swinging senselessly at me. Then I shift away for more throwing knives and start thinking out a gameplan to finish them off. Even top counselor players can be outsmarted, and as Jason, that really is your only advantage over counselors. If you play predictable and relentless, it tends to only work against weak players. Jason's tools are less effective against groups which is why it is good to take things slow. Getting stunned is annoying of course, but I am sure counselors feel the same about being killed and then spending an entire 15 minutes spectating, so it could be worse. Just remember every stun gets you one step closer to rage. A lot of people give @GeneiJin and @Tommy86 flak when they offer advice about Jason, but the fact of the matter is that they are providing solutions for the matter. Sure I knew the things they posted before they posted it, but I can imagine a lot of people found what they have posted to be helpful. I think the main buff Jason needs is his kill prompt showing up about 80 or 90% faster so that grabs can actually be utilized against groups. I have choke equiped on all Jasons and can't even activate it in an open area because a counselor 5 yards away can save them before the kill prompt shows up. I think that one buff would completely change how the game works for Jason. You won't be at the mercy of tossing throwing knives and slahsing at 7 counselors who are all running Medic + Thick Skinned. I doubt it would happen, but that buff alone would make Jason a threat again.
  11. Agreed. Part 4 has arguably the best strengths, but they are unfortunately crippled with the two worst weaknesses. If you are against counselors who choose flight over flight (for example, Vanessas who tank traps and then run to safety to waste both your trap and your morph) you will have a lot harder of a time, even when going for a spawn kill, since she can create a lot of distance before Jason can get Shift. If you are against mostly repair counselors, or counselors who prefer combat, that is where Part 4 has a bigger advantage, granted you are well versed in countering conselor combat as Jason. I still rank him above Part 7, because of how slow Part 7 is without rage. Yes Part 7 has normal shift now, but every other walking Jason has +Shift or +Destruction (or both in Savini's case) to compensate for only being able to walk. Part 7 having to walk with no shift bonus and taking 6 hits to mow down barricaded doors makes him weak against looping. Part 2 is probably the next easiest to loop, but has great map control to compensate. If I had to update my tier list on Jasons I'd probably say... Good: Savini > J3 > J5 >J8 (8 is super overatted IMO) Decent: J6 > J9 (-Morph isn't horrible when you use your +Shift to traverse the map and save your morphs) Weak: J2 > J4 > J7 At the end of the day, the bottom 3 are very easy to loop, and while killsquads are trouble for J9, the same can be said for any of the other Jason if the kill squad knows what they are doing. After the well balanced Jasons comes Jasons with clear weaknesses, which I then base off of who deals with looping best while maintaining some kind of decent balance between their strengths and weaknesses. To end the summary, the gap between Savini and J7 isn't even a huge one, and all Jasons are viable. The balance in counselor is where things are way different.
  12. Part 3 usually. Part 4 alternately. I don't enjoy walking Jasons and Part 2 and Roy (especially Roy) are very weak against kill squads.
  13. Balance is okay-ish. Damage immunity on get up would be nice for not having the mask knock off after you have been stunned once. I actually had an instance where I was bored and used Fox for a change. I had the sweater, Tommy lost his PK to shift grab, stunned Jason after the PK, then when Jason got up, we both did CS heavy attack and the mask was off and Jason was dead shortly after. Jason dying for landing a grab is pretty absurd. Yes, he should have turned power off and prevented the sweater from being grabbed, but dying for landing a grab is pretty unbalanced. Other than that, faster kill prompts/faster grab animation would be decent to actually have gab be an option against groups.
  14. I believe you, I was just ignorant to the fact there was another way. The person that OP posted is someone I don't play with, byt someone I know who plays with friends of friends. So that is how I know they used the method I mentioned. If posting usernames of glitchers was allowed, I could expose about 20 of them. The sad part is some of them are/were tourney players.
  15. It is actually quite simple to do. Not sure why people are saying it involves traps or that it has to do with memory leaks. I won't expose the glitch for more people to find out, but it is neither of those. I know the person who discovered it to begin with. Not sure how so many other people picked it up, which was I warned the person not to spread it around. I said in a thread a few months ago that the roof glitch has been back. The same glitch used to get on the roof works on all maps and can get you into other unreachable spots, Packanack/Packanack Small is just the most known/easiest one to do. Also, it isn't the one where you stand by a wall with a PK and wait to be grabbed.