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  1. Most degrading kill

    Dismember and two handed choke come to mind. For environmental kills, the toilet kill for sure.
  2. Would people actually prefer Part 9's garbage music from the film over the music he was give in the game for the sake of accuracy? Gross.
  3. So why does this happen?

    It's even easier when you have the Nerves of Steel perk, since you won't lose your minimap to fear. Either way, there is a foolproof method of dodging shift regardless of which side Jason ends up on. This is why I prioritize cars over the phone. I can manage to hunt down plenty of counselors in the 3:30 - 5:00 minutes it takes the cops to arrive, especially since most would already be dead by the time the cops are called. A good driver isn't going to be stopped 9/10 times, regardless of stalk or morph since you can still see the red indicator.
  4. Baseball bat for stunning, machete for demasking. Axe only does good damage if you hit Jason during his recovery frames from being stunned where he is less likely to be stunned again, otherwise it will stun him and do little damage, it is even less viable for demasking if you are using Sucker Punch. Wrench against a good Jason won't last you long at all, as the range is simply not good enough to keep Jason at a safe distance for baits, so regardless of its good stun chance and durability, I wouldn't rank it higher than the others. Overall, my vote goes to the baseball bat for most practical situations. Axe has about the same range, but less of a stun chance. The guns are okay, but are only one time uses and don't give you any stamina, so they are pretty situational.
  5. Climbed out of a window when Jason was in stalk and got grabbed, 3 minutes after telling someone else not to do that exact same thing I fell victim to. Unfortunately for that Jason, I got a bit salty and made it my business to spend the rest of that match beating him with a wrench.
  6. I used to bring items to cars pretty much every match as Chad. I would even tank traps and then kite Jason away from the objective. Guess what the repair characters did with all of that? Nothing. You have to keep in mind what those player's previous experiences may have been like. On one hand, they can be useless speedlooters, and on the other hand, they could have did the same thing I used to do, and have nothing done, regardless of their help. They probably feel like they have no incentive to drop parts off at cars. The few times the cars did get fixed, you think Deb or A.J. stopped and gave me a ride after I tanked those traps and ferried those parts? Ha. Yeah right. 9/10 times it's not worth the effort when either nothing gets done, or you end up getting left behind for your contributions. As for the people who just sandbox, in most cases, they genuinely have no idea what's going on or how the game is played. Sometimes I had friends over who didn't know the game and we'd take turns playing, so I imagine that could be the case sometimes for other players.
  7. While we're talking about terrible models, Adam has got to be the worst, his face doesn't even look like it fully renders in compared to the other counselors.
  8. Why Do You Play?

    I don't currently, unless it's a double xp event but back when I did, I played it as something to pass the time because I always wondered what an actual Friday The 13th game experience would be like, and this game delivered in that aspect, bugs and glitches aside. I primarily played QP, so eventually the amount of teamers and host quitters got old and I stopped playing. Private matches, while far less toxic, are usually meta heavy and makes it feel less like Friday The 13th and more like a chess game of sorts, so I never really enjoyed those.
  9. I completely understand why some are disappointed. I guess with me, I've just sort of stopped caring because of how many times this game and its updates have disappointed. If anything, I'm dreading what new bugs (if any) will be in the new engine update. I mean the trend with recent updates is adding more bugs than they fix, and while I understand this will be an updated engine, I'm still pretty skeptical for obvious reasons.
  10. Meh, I am a PS4 player and I'm pretty glad Xbox is getting rain back. That should mean the frame drops from rain are gone in general. If not, what's the point of keeping in a feature that hinders the actual gameplay? Not the best announcement, but it's not worth whining about.
  11. Nearly everyone would you queue up to be Jason. Matchmaking would take forever and would likely not even fill up half the time. Especially on PS4, land of the squeakers who rage when they don't get Jason. The idea isn't bad in itself, but the amount of people quitting when they don't get chosen to be Jason should be a testament to how often people will opt to queue as the killer.
  12. Each player has their own experiences, so 4+ is understandable. I have had one instance of 5 knives, but never anymore than 5, and it was only that once. It was on Pinehurst.
  13. April Update Clarification

    Did you even read what I posted when you decided to quote me? I noted that this patch in specific is understandably taking longer than previous patches. It was the lack of hotfixes between previous patches that I was not on board with because the game had glitches patched into it instead of out of it. I don't play Friday anymore, unless there are double XP weekends, so I, personally, am perfectly patient with this update, especially with God of War dropping in three days.
  14. There are 3 pocket knives, 4 when Tommy arrives. I tested it over the span of hours and hours with a group of friends in private. 1 will spawn at a random camp fire, or one of the designated spots that aren't marked on map as a camp fire (example: the boat dock by the main road on Jarvis house). The other 2 pocket knives are found in drawers. The 4th pocket knife spawns in when Tommy Arrives on the scene. 4 pocket knives is not a lot at all, but not too little either. It is balanced.
  15. April Update Clarification

    You're totally fine, I didn't take it as an attack. Personally, the update can take another year for all I care. I just think saying "April, at the earliest" is smart, yes, but it will also make people like that dude on twitter expect the update sometime in April even though they clearly stated the update will arrival this month at the earliest, meaning it could take weeks or even months longer depending on how things go. I wasn't trying to comw off as bashing the devs, their work isn't a cakewalk, I was simply stating the fact that most of these past updates have felt like steps backwards in terms of bugfixes. The additional content on the other hand is great, especially at no extra cost.(regarding maps, Jasons, and counselors)