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  1. Sad part is things like rain which still destroy performance will remain under the radar probably forever because of how much they keep breaking the game with every 'update.' How do things keep getting worse?
  2. Nougat

    Is the Game over now?

    That's a bummer for them. Uber Jason seemed to be pretty much done, kills and all, and all the work put into that (mocap and such) all had to get canned right at the finish line. I'm not upset that I won't be getting Uber Jason, just upset for the work that was put into this being essentially put to waste right when he seemed to be ready. It's a shame, really.
  3. Every update for this game is worse than the last. How is this even possible? Aren't the point of updates to move forward?
  4. Nougat

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Counselor weapon swings are slower and rolling perks is a lot faster. It also looks like the blood textures for counselors and Jasons were swapped, as Jason's blood textures are a lot more blurry and counselor blood textures are a lot more sharp and reflect light better than they did before.
  5. Jason just needs his quick block back. He's fine besides that. The problem is mostly everyone is shit with Jason, so the complaining won't cease until it is entirely one sided in Jason's favor. What's next, to combat two objectives being attacked at once, when a counselor steps in a trap, it teleports them to Jason? Crazy to see people still having trouble playing Jason a year into this game.
  6. Vanessa, like any counselor is weak to the one thing 99% of Jason players are absolutely shit at doing successfully, shift grab. Window looping is dealt with if you aren't too dense and can guess whether or not the counselor will remain inside or crawl through and go outside. Jason's problem is 2v1 where counselors can save each other from grabs and they both run medic/thick skinned to deal with slashing and throwing knives. Jason mains need a buff to their (or rather their lack of) skill.
  7. QP is favoured for Jason if you have even one dumb player. They will literally run around with gas or a battery or the fuse. When I am Jason and see this, I assume they have the fuse and save them for last, and in most cases, they do. If you're a good Jason, QP is still what it always has been, (besides in December) and that is a field day for Jason. The problem is even 150s are pretty standard with Jason. Window looping is ended by one correct guess or two if they have a pocket knife, baiting swings is easy until they fix quick block. The thing is, Jasons never want to adapt, they want things to be even.more free because they are bad and don't want to spend the time to get better. On to the OP: Weapons already got double nerfed between Man-At-Arms becoming even more useless and wrenches getting nerfed to the same durability as bats and axes. Honestly at this point, just start counselors off injured and start Jason with Rage lol. I understand that private matches exist, but I imagine the game is more balanced around the QP side of things. While Jasons new grab sucks out in the open, shift grabbing has become much easier due to the range on the lunge, so you can actually shift grab running counselors without going in front of them and doing a 180.
  8. Nougat

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    I had a lobby where someone got Jason three times in a row? They couldn't have left and rejoined to up their chances of getting Jason again because they were the host. It was in quickplay, so that threw me off even more.
  9. Be careful of where you go to take cover. Cars can kill you if you are directly behind a tree, if you are inside a cabin but directly next to the door, or if you are in an outhouse hiding. For trees, stand a good two feet away and if they try to turn, just keep maneuvering yourself around the tree.
  10. Nougat

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    I'm surprised interaction lock wasn't top priority. There seems to be two different types of interaction locks. The first one allows you to swing your weapon where as the second one has you completely glitched out of doing anything. A quick fix to the first one is dropping your weapon, then pressing R2/RT. Unfortunately, I don't know any methods of how to fix the second one.
  11. I rolled 9 so far and they were all worse versions of current Epics I had, so I sold them back. The tiny bonus they add isn't worth them being worse overall. It would make more sense if legendaries always had 0% for the minus part of each perk. They are supposed to Legendary after all.
  12. The animation seems to have been put in place to avoid pocket knives from being saved when a counselor saves another counselor from Jason's grab fast enough. Now that the animation starts up so fast, it is significantly harder to save a counselor before they use their pocket knife. Then again, it could just be a coding error.
  13. R2 = Melee/drive forward in car R1 = Pan camera behind you/block O/Circle = Crouch Triangle = Emote wheel/Use sweater
  14. Them removing pseudo combat tsance broke pretty much everything else. Quick swing on counselor's end, quick block on Jason's end, and the interaction glitch. To be honest, pseudo combat stance was barely, if ever, used outside of PC and was hardly worth patching when it adds all of these new problems and only fixes the problems of Jason accidentally interaction locking himself if he did quick block and sprint simultaneously and counselors being able to save stamina while sprinting on PC (the inputs are pretty much impoasible to do consistently on console). They should revert its removal since it clearly break combat. Even if they fix the interaction bug, Jason is a victim to evwn more beatdowns ithout being able to quick so that he can block-grab, and counselors going for quick swing will be stuck in place and will get grabbed for free.
  15. Being stuck in QP hell leads me to using Chad and Vanessa mostly. Victoria is alright, but this patch is too buggy to properly test her out in.