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  1. How would it ruin the game?
  2. This the question after I put it through google translate: Hello, I would like to know how to fix this error: "dx11 feature level is required to run the engine" this error happens when I click to start the game. Before I changed the video card this game got normal, after my video card from one problem I had to switch to another and it started to give this error. My directx is 12, I already tried a program that converts to directx 11 but unsuccessfully continues with the same problem. I would like someone to help me with this error, someone who has already had this error and solved it.
  3. James McAvoy as Bill in It sequel

    He isn't someone who I ever would've thought of to play Bill, but I think he's definitely a good choice!
  4. Hello Campers!!

  5. New to the forum

    Welcome to the forums! Good job getting to 150!
  6. Happy F-13

    Happy Friday the 13th!
  7. I should try this the next time I play! But knowing me, I would accidentally step in my own trap lol
  8. 1 hour if no one has mics, 3+ if there are people with mics that I get along with
  9. Health bars?

    I really like this idea, I always wish I could tell if I need to use a med spray or not.
  10. THANK YOU! This is the mentality of so many people on these forums...
  11. Exactly! I feel like there's always going to be those players to who just take everything too seriously. In the end, it's only a game so what's wrong with dancing every once in a while?
  12. I honestly love the emotes. I've never felt that the game was a serious horror game, and always found it to be as cheesy as the movies. The emotes are fun (especially the dance ones) for me and my friends. If you're in a slow game, dancing by the radio can pass some time. I get that sometimes it's annoying to see people using them, but isn't it satisfying to kill someone who was trying to dance by the police or something similar to that?
  13. No Mask Option (Idea)

    I just thought of it as an option. When you customize your selected Jason's kills, you could also choose whether or not you want his mask on or not. But I guess this was just a really dumb idea by the looks of the replies I got lol
  14. No Mask Option (Idea)

    Okay danggg y'all really didn't like this idea
  15. So I got to thinking about little ways the game could change in order to change the difficulty. Some people believe that it's too easy to be Jason now, which I also agree with. So what if we could choose whether or not we start with our mask on at the start of a game? This could make it more difficult to be Jason because now counselors could immediately go to Jason's shack without alerting him, and not have to worry about getting his mask off before killing him. Just an idea!