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  1. Yes thank you, also not being able to interact with anything after swinging with combat lock, or hitting jason
  2. This new patch messed up alot more things, just played 5 matches and so many more glitches came up. Everytime I hit or attempt to hit Jason, Im locked out of x button interactions. I fixed the battery and afterwards I was completely frozen where I put the battery in, I couldn't move at all. These bugs keep repeating
  3. Anyone else experiencing a bug after you hit Jason with combat lock or attempt to hit him with combat lock, I am not able to interact with items, doors, weapons Etc afterwards
  4. When using the new character Victoria, when I am grabbed by Jason and I escape via pocket knife, I am not able to interact with anything for a while. Doors, windows, weapons Etc. Also I feel like you guys should really shorten up the time it takes to come out of the using the sweater emote, there's been times where it's me and Tommy trying to kill Jason. But when I use the sweater ability, I am not able to stun him to make him fall to his knees and neither is Tommy Jarvis, I feel like you should really shorten the time of the email that way the person using the sweater can hit them and make Jason fall to his knees. Rubber banding of the car is still a problem as well
  5. I don't know about anyone else but for me this patch has really messed up the game for me, I've never experienced so many bugs since before this update. Every time Jason grabs me and I survive using a pocket knife or a counselor hits me out of his grasp, I cannot interact with any items, doors, windows, weapons Etc. On top of that, Jason has stoped the car and killed me immediately after I stepped out, no invincibility frame. He's also grab me and on other players screens he killed me, but on mine I survived and escaped for the car, but after escaping it showed up that I was dead and I also couldn't view players, view remaining players. So many frequent bugs after this update, I've already reported all these bugs but these past matches on playing is just so frustrating and lame because of all this
  6. I really like this game but this update so far out of the four games I've played, seems to be bugging out a lot more then before the update. Already one time Jason stop the car, and after I got out he immediately grab me there was no invincibility frame. The car seems to have terrible handling now, I escaped with another counselor in the two-seater, and it shows that I'm dead, and I can't view the other players playing in the match. I also got grabbed by Jason and I started like flying all around him until another counselor hit me out of his grasp. This is like my favorite game but it just seems like there's just a lot to still work on, anyone agree?
  7. Definitely not a beginners character, if you know how to hit and evade Jason, and practice repairing with her, She's a runner up Tommy Jarvis, she's the best character.
  8. Bro you just suck lol. I personally still love the game, playing as counselor and Jason. I play private matches with experienced players, and still get at minimal 5 to 6 if especially if the lobby is real good. But on quick matches, I usually kill everybody before I even get rage. You just work on your skills bud
  9. This player wasn't really good lol, he sprints too much. Jason is just terrible
  10. Really looking for some solid advice on the best way to hit jason to stun him. I use bugzy mostly. And I'm pretty good at evading and tricking Jason, and distracting him so other counselors can repair stuff etc. Anyways I seem to only stun him when he's distracted with someone else, or if he grabs someone. Sometimes I spectate other counselors and they are so good at stunning him and hitting them before he gets a chance to grab them. Like they time it so good or something, any tips ? Should I go into combat stance and try to stun him? Reeally need some hitting Jason tips, thank you.
  11. Hello Chloe , do you play on ps4?
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