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  1. Don't ignore the tragedy... Measures HAD to be taken. 🍑
  2. I reported it as well to jasonkillsbugs. They are looking into it.
  3. Yeah no dedicated servers on XB1 as of right now for me as well... @mattshotcha
  4. Came here to report this as well... @mattshotcha
  5. Yeah it cleared up later that night for us after one of our friends left, but was definitely acting funny compared to how quick it had become after the servers were added.
  6. Yeah I was finding em quickly as well when alone, seems to be when three of us party up for some reason.
  7. Seems to be since Saturday... Friends and I seem to sit for ages looking for a dedicated server match. It has been working really well as if late just Saturday night and right now (Monday) it's simply not connecting for us. Just wondered if servers are undergoing maintenance or something.
  8. If ppl would spend half as much time playing as they do crying and acting entitled in forums they'd realize it isn't that big of a buff. I still escape as much as before playing as any counselor. It comes down to luck and the skill of the Jason player like it always did. To quote Carlin, "calm down... have some dip."
  9. I think the circles should stay. The times when I'm trying to escape with a friend and we do all the work on a two seater and then the whole lobby shows up with Jason in tow to catch a free ride makes me wish we could go off the radar for a moment, but it'd make it pretty rough for new players or ppl running solo. Teamers would still find a way to ruin the match regardless, so with that being the real goal, I think it'd do more damage than harm. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater fu.
  10. The new patch is brilliant! Now it's actually fun and a treat to play as J-Boy instead of a "here we go again, let's chase Vanessa through loops for ten minutes" situation. I hope in the next patch you can fix the spot on the front porch of the blue guest house on Jarvis House map. Counselors can climb over the objects to get to an unreachable spot. This is on Xbox One. Thanks for keeping the game alive!
  11. That's harsh... I still love the game despite the disappointments. Plus, DBD just sucks. I'd rather just watch a movie as play that.
  12. Had a rough start but I've made it through the first 5 (missed first one, Tourist Trap)... I'm in for the long haul!
  13. The Corpse Grinders, fun story that could really benefit from an update on the gore effects. Evilspeak, but how do you top Clint Howard? Martin, though they could really screw this one up. The original is classic in it's style and look. The home invasion scene is one if my favorite sequences in horror. My favorite Romero film.
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