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  1. Haha, thank you! Glad to be back. And I'm fine for a little differing opinions, I can see how some people might enjoy the reboot. It just wasn't quite my thing. On the topic of things that are my thing, even though it's not official, I wanted to talk about... Never Hike Alone Before I rewatched this for the review, I planned on framing this review around the fact that this was a fanfilm, and as such we had to understand it had a lower budget than the other movies, and to be prepared for weaknesses based around that. But upon the rewatch, although there are plenty of (very clever) editing tricks and directional choices to show the low budget (primarily using the first person camera) everything looks so good that's put in the film, I don't really feel it needs its budget dismissed. This is how you make a low budget film; you make story and editing choices that reflect your budget. So, on that theme, this film very wisely eschews the typical Friday set up, instead introducing us to a lone protagonist. The very clever premise of him being a Youtube Hiking vidlogger (not quite sure of the right term there) means that he can deliver plenty of exposition to the audience through the means of making his Youtube show while the film is a one person act. That said, this wouldn't of worked with a lesser actor. Carrying an entire movie on your own is a challenge even for the most expert of film actors, but Andrew Leighty does a remarkable job. There's a real potential here for Kyle to come across as a bit douchey and unlikeable, but he does an amazing job of avoiding that while keeping the experienced, knowledgeable sense Kyle needs to make the movie work. It would be easy to make this purely found footage, or to throw Kyle right in to the camp, but again, very clever choices are made to build tension, including a great sequence with Coyotes at night that delivers just a hint of what's to come. Kyle's Youtube act also makes him perfect to deliver exposition about Crystal Lake (even if it means we have to accept he has all this knowledge of it and just found it by chance; it's fine in this type of film). Once Jason shows up, we also get something quite exciting and new, because Kyle is presented as a physically fit, able, aggressive protagonist. It's often been a long running joke for people who mock slasher movies, 'Oh, I'd just run away', 'look how slow he's moving, I'd just hit him' etc. and this film does a wonderful job of dispelling the myth as to why that wouldn't work. Kyle is capable, practical, smart and strong, but none of that matters when your opponent is Jason Voorhees, and it shows. It's also worth complimenting the way the directing sets up the geography of the film world, by using Kyle's narration and later returns to familiar points to let us know just where Kyle is and where he needs to go (for example, tripping over the barbed wire). It helps keep the tension and for an audience to relate to Kyle's plight. Geography of the scene in horror is, in my opinion, really important (see the failures of Part VIII, where we have no idea where on the boat people are from each other at any one time making Jason's appearances less effective as we never know where he is in relation to the protagonists). It's admirable as well that this movie went for a whole new look for Jason. Being honest, it wouldn't be in my top five Jason looks, I find him slightly too slight, I think he needs even more bulk, and I'm not 100% sold on the jacket, which almost cuts too much of a heroic figure for Jason in my opinion, but I deeply admire the decision making behind it, love that Vincente DiSanti has put a lot of thought in to it and backstory to this incarnation of Jason. I also love that he feels so 'earthy', like he's almost become part of the camp's colour pallete. I like how most Jason's have a theme (Part VI: tooled up, Part VII: zombified, Part VIII: wet) and I like how this film is no exception. And the 'ghost' hockey mask looks great, it makes Jason feel even more ancient and it's a creepy, different design. (Although when Kyle takes him out with the axe, I kind of wish it had been in the top of the head and given him the axe mark back, but that's just a fannish thing). Finally, I'm going to talk about the end, so SPOILERS, and go watch if you haven't already, because it's free and it's great: Kyle's waking up in the Ambulance with no explanation to how he got there feels a bit weak, and while the surprise cameo is fantastic, it raises more questions than it answers. Why on Earth would Tommy Jarvis be so casual about picking up a lost hiker near Crystal Lake with a stab wound? You'd expect more urgency out of him, instead it feels like he doesn't expect Jason to show up, which seems odd given his experiences. Yes, he gets a line, "I knew it!" when he shows up, but I think it'd of been interesting if he was more antsy about leaving, and obviously aware something was up. But that's a small complaint since we got to see Thom Mathews revive his old role, and call Jason a 'maggot head' one more time! Overall, this film is actually REALLY good, not just as a fanfilm, but as a short horror movie all on its own. I would probably rank it somewhere like this, but remember, this is a short fanfilm competing with professional movies!: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Friday the 13th Part Three Friday the 13th Part Two Friday the 13th Part Four: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Never Hike Alone Freddy vs. Jason Jason X Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Friday the 13th (2009) Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  2. Holy thread resurrection, Batman. So I lost steam doing this when it came to do the remake. I'd seen the remake before, and I just had no desire to go back to it. But the other day I finally sat down, and gave it a rewatch. And it was... interesting. So... Friday the 13th (2009) It's interesting to watch this in light of the recent Halloween sequel, and see the difference in audience faith. One thing that leapt out at me about this film was the two false starts the movie uses to start the story. I initially thought showing Pamela dying was the right move to make, to bring audiences up to speed, but the 2018 Halloween proved that you can trust audiences to learn the past without flashbacks, and it's an odd way to start the film because it leaves the (in this version) unnamed Counsellor who killed her feel like a loose end. Then you get the entirely false start with the teenagers, which goes on for far too long, and seems set only really so somebody can retell Jason's origins around a camp fire. This is where it starts to feel like it treats the audience like they're dumb, and it never lets up. We've just seem Pamela die, we know Jason Voorhees, we don't need a character narrating it. That said, this sequence felt the most classical Friday out of the movie, and the sleeping bag over the fire kill is pretty cool. The first time Jason runs, despite it being odd to see him do so, also managed to feel scary because it's not something he'd ever done before, and it made him more intimidating. However, once we get to the main teens (fun to see Sam Winchester battle Jason Voorhees!) the film feels like it takes all of the dull stereotypical aspects of Friday the 13th and none of the fun. So yes, we get sexy teens being sexy, yes we get over the top kills and Jason stalking them, but because it's trying to be grim and gritty, none of the kills feel fun or silly, none of the characters are anything but one dimensional, quite dull charactertures, and there's no real storyline for them bar Sam (as I'm going to be calling him)'s search for his sister. Which itself just feels like a random plot alteration for plot's sake; Jason keeping a prisoner doesn't feel right and doesn't really make any sense. It's just so Sam has somebody to save. And unfortunately that just leads to a very average movie. By making Jason a more realistic survivalist/hunter, we get a few nice moments with traps and surprise kills with ranged weapons, like the bow and arrow, but it also brings him down to a human level. To the extent Sam (given the actor is so tall) feels like almost a physical match for him when they confront each other at the end. It just doesn't do anything unique and ends up feeling boring. One final point, Jason's look goes the classic end of the 00's way of grungy and gigantic, but I kind of like it. The mask's shape looks a bit off, but its wear and tear is kind of cool, although I'm not a big fan of the coat and shirt. It doesn't quite work as well as in Freddy vs. Jason and it's missing the classic worksman shirt. Also I hate the odd bit of spouting hair and feel too much of his face and head are visible behind the mask. I actually preferred the wrap mask, around his face, as a way of updating the pillow sack, but I don't really feel it was necessary. And it led to the hilarious scene where Jason picks up the hockey mask for the first time, then checks himself out in the mirror, like a teenager about to go on a night out, and it just felt ridiculous to me. Still, it's a modern movie, so an easier watch then Part VIII and Part V, but on revision, and after some time thinking (altering my original order), I'd rate the movies in this order: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Friday the 13th Part Three Friday the 13th Part Two Friday the 13th Part Four: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Freddy vs. Jason Jason X Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Friday the 13th (2009) Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  3. All these look great, guys! I've done or helped put together a few Friday the 13th Cosplays over time. Here's two 'Jasons' (well, one Roy) I put together (worth pointing out I was on quite a budget). Part III Jason: That was a real budget build at first. The hood is literally just a dirt cheap 'bald thug' hood that was actually used for a Roy Burns cosplay (the next pic) I put together, and the trousers from a Thrift store. The mask is a NECA one but it was a gift to me so I hadn't even bought that! Does have the accurate Dickies shirt though. Roy Burns: This one isn't accurate at all. I hand painted one of those cheap masks just to give it a 'cool' look (I know it's way too grimy for Roy) and got some dirt cheap second hand coveralls for him, and used the same 'bald thug' hood.
  4. I don't think being able to buy max level makes sense, but being able to pay to unlock some content? Maybe... I mean, the levelling up IS slow. VERY slow, especially if you play pure counsellor. I've just looked at my account, I've played for THIRTY NINE hours, and am level 29. I've not even unlocked Fox yet (let alone Victoria!). If you figure it's approximately an hour per level, which obviously it's not as I'm a lower level than hours I've played, that means I need to put in another 13 hours to unlock Victoria. That's more time than I spend playing most games NEW. So I can understand the frustration from people not wanting to dedicate literally days of their lives to unlock certain characters.
  5. Personally I'm just disappointed her unlock level is so high. I play a lot for me, but I'm not a huge gamer, so only like level 28
  6. I've said it before, but I still think this depends on what version of Michael you're talking about. If you're talking about the 'disturbed human psycho in a mask' type of killer like the reboot did (and it seems the new sequel is going for) then yeah, Jason would take him easily. If you're going for the slightly more mystical, 'pure evil' version that you see in (imo) the original and Halloween II, I think it's a different story. While that Michael isn't as strong as Jason, he's portrayed with a different, other-worldly kind of power that is a lot more unsettling and strange (for example, when he walks towards the glass in the hospital and causes it to just shatter outwards as he passes through it, the amount of damage he takes in Halloween II without appearing harmed, or even lifting a nurse up by a scalpel, not just a feat of strength, because physically it shouldn't work!). Which means you never really know what he can do. He's certainly more intelligent than Jason (he knows how to drive, somehow mystically, it seems, for example) and we don't actually know if he even CAN be beheaded or have his limbs removed, since literally being blown up didn't cause any lasting damage aside from a few burns. I certainly think THAT version of Michael would take human Jason easily. Zombie Jason though I'd probably still give to Jason.
  7. Nope. He's definitely dead. There's no way he could have survived that. Let's all go to Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate. I'm sure it's perfectly safe now.
  8. I agree with you that as a premise the murder mystery is better, but I still say the problem with Part V is it's not clear it IS a mystery throughout the film. The mystery is presented more as 'how is Jason alive again?' than 'who is the killer?'. As an audience who are familiar with horror movies, we have no reason to suspect the killer ISN'T Jason. Even during the final sequence, it's not until the mask is knocked off we realise that it's not. If the killer had been established as a copycat much earlier on I think the mystery would have worked better.
  9. Any update to the character models is welcome from me! I agree Jenny's physicality is a bit odd given her stats. I also do agree her hair looks bad, but I'd prefer to see Tiffany's upgraded before Jenny. (Tiffany seems more like the type of girl who would worry her hair looked bad!).
  10. I said it was injured, not uninjured. But his eyeball is still there, whereas in the new image, it looks like his entire eyeball is missing.
  11. Really surprised they're going the one-eyed approach. Even at the end of Halloween, when he's unmasked, you can see he's injured, but he still has both eyes. Then again, you don't know how severe the damage was. But if they're going the ultra realistic 'Michael is a human psychopath' approach, I wonder how they're going to explain him surviving being shot six times... Really curious to see what they have him wear on his body too. Presumably coveralls again, but newer ones as I can't imagine he's wearing the same ones from 1978!
  12. I absolutely love it. A pristine white mask would of seemed weird given how long it is after, but it's a nice type of aged rather than the scarred look from the reboot.
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