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  1. I don't think being able to buy max level makes sense, but being able to pay to unlock some content? Maybe... I mean, the levelling up IS slow. VERY slow, especially if you play pure counsellor. I've just looked at my account, I've played for THIRTY NINE hours, and am level 29. I've not even unlocked Fox yet (let alone Victoria!). If you figure it's approximately an hour per level, which obviously it's not as I'm a lower level than hours I've played, that means I need to put in another 13 hours to unlock Victoria. That's more time than I spend playing most games NEW. So I can understand the frustration from people not wanting to dedicate literally days of their lives to unlock certain characters.
  2. Veevleigh

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Personally I'm just disappointed her unlock level is so high. I play a lot for me, but I'm not a huge gamer, so only like level 28
  3. Veevleigh

    Your favorite horror movie deaths

    One of my personal favs:
  4. Veevleigh

    Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

    I've said it before, but I still think this depends on what version of Michael you're talking about. If you're talking about the 'disturbed human psycho in a mask' type of killer like the reboot did (and it seems the new sequel is going for) then yeah, Jason would take him easily. If you're going for the slightly more mystical, 'pure evil' version that you see in (imo) the original and Halloween II, I think it's a different story. While that Michael isn't as strong as Jason, he's portrayed with a different, other-worldly kind of power that is a lot more unsettling and strange (for example, when he walks towards the glass in the hospital and causes it to just shatter outwards as he passes through it, the amount of damage he takes in Halloween II without appearing harmed, or even lifting a nurse up by a scalpel, not just a feat of strength, because physically it shouldn't work!). Which means you never really know what he can do. He's certainly more intelligent than Jason (he knows how to drive, somehow mystically, it seems, for example) and we don't actually know if he even CAN be beheaded or have his limbs removed, since literally being blown up didn't cause any lasting damage aside from a few burns. I certainly think THAT version of Michael would take human Jason easily. Zombie Jason though I'd probably still give to Jason.
  5. Veevleigh

    Did Uber-Jason survive?

    Nope. He's definitely dead. There's no way he could have survived that. Let's all go to Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate. I'm sure it's perfectly safe now.
  6. Veevleigh

    Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    I agree with you that as a premise the murder mystery is better, but I still say the problem with Part V is it's not clear it IS a mystery throughout the film. The mystery is presented more as 'how is Jason alive again?' than 'who is the killer?'. As an audience who are familiar with horror movies, we have no reason to suspect the killer ISN'T Jason. Even during the final sequence, it's not until the mask is knocked off we realise that it's not. If the killer had been established as a copycat much earlier on I think the mystery would have worked better.
  7. Veevleigh

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I used photoshop I'm afraid, no easy website solution.
  8. Any update to the character models is welcome from me! I agree Jenny's physicality is a bit odd given her stats. I also do agree her hair looks bad, but I'd prefer to see Tiffany's upgraded before Jenny. (Tiffany seems more like the type of girl who would worry her hair looked bad!).
  9. Veevleigh

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    That would make more sense.
  10. Veevleigh

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    I said it was injured, not uninjured. But his eyeball is still there, whereas in the new image, it looks like his entire eyeball is missing.
  11. Veevleigh

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    Really surprised they're going the one-eyed approach. Even at the end of Halloween, when he's unmasked, you can see he's injured, but he still has both eyes. Then again, you don't know how severe the damage was. But if they're going the ultra realistic 'Michael is a human psychopath' approach, I wonder how they're going to explain him surviving being shot six times... Really curious to see what they have him wear on his body too. Presumably coveralls again, but newer ones as I can't imagine he's wearing the same ones from 1978!
  12. Veevleigh

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    I absolutely love it. A pristine white mask would of seemed weird given how long it is after, but it's a nice type of aged rather than the scarred look from the reboot.
  13. Veevleigh

    Friday the 13th Photoshoot (Image Heavy)

    Thanks! (And thank you @Lyric!). I have to admit, I didn't make the Jason here. It was made by a friend of mine. Loosely based on the Freddy vs. Jason version, but with his own spin, and again, all made on a pretty tight budget (and about ten years old now!). I was responsible for both the Tommy Jarvis and Roy costumes. But speaking of Jason, here's a few more shots we got back: Just another nice colour shot of our Jason: Here's the undermask (not officially a Jason one, but it works pretty well for him, and although it looks a bit fake when caught in a 'proper' photograph, when you only get a glimpse of it as he usually would it's pretty effective): And finally here's one more of Jason killing Tommy (although thanks to the way it's taken, I can't help but think it sort of looks like Jason is trying to give Tommy a peck on the neck...): This one is NOT from the shoot, but actually because some of us took our Friday the 13th act to a con at the weekend. Part Two Jason is actually our Jason's son, he made him a Part Two costume because he wanted to join in (parenting done right or what?). The Part VIII (with a little Part VII thrown in) Jason we met at the con and isn't part of 'our' group, but joined in for the pic:
  14. Veevleigh

    Friday the 13th Photoshoot (Image Heavy)

    Thanks! The Red Kap spruce green ones are definitely the most accurate I found, just, they were more expensive. The Roy costume was put together on an extreme budget. A dirt cheap mask off eBay we repainted, second hand coveralls from a car mechanic's, and a bald head 'thug' mask with the face cut out.
  15. Veevleigh

    Friday the 13th Photoshoot (Image Heavy)

    Haha! I promise you, they ARE green! Not quite screen accurate, as they're just cheap second hand overalls we picked up (so they were already distressed), but they are actually green in normal lighting!