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  1. Mainly because the mean girl is a really common 80's trope currently missing from the game. And it seems highly unlikely another 'special' character will happen. As for Tiffany, it's again what the trope is. (Plus have you seen her Halloween outfit lol).
  2. It's a fair point that heels are unlikely. But Fox is the tough biker chick, not having heels for her makes sense, even if she has them in the film. The Mean Girl, on the other hand, having heels is a really big part of the trope. (Then again, I'd say the slutty/flirty girl should have heels too for that trope and they found an alternative for Tiffany).
  3. That sounds more sensible to me! Not sure if her strength is a bit high for the trope, but it makes sense balance wise.
  4. I think separate mode is the only way to go if something like this was implemented. And I totally get where you're coming from, that it would divide games more, but lots of games have more than one game mode, right? There's no reason it couldn't make the game MORE fun. I also think the best way it would work is you pick your counsellor and then are assigned to a random lobby that has that counsellor free, rather than join a lobby and only get to play as whoever's left. No idea of the practicalities of that but that's how I envision it.
  5. So, one of the interesting comments/complaints I've seen come up a lot is people worried about immersion, which is understandable. It's a horror game, we like to feel scared. But out of all this concern of outfits and dance emotes and things, I've not seen mentioned the one thing that breaks immersion the most for me; and that's that there are several clones of yourself running around in a map. I'm not suggesting you stop people playing as more than one of the same counsellor, as we all have our favs, but I'd love to see an alternative game mode where you can only be one of each counsellor. So you can only have one Jenny, AJ, Tiffany, Chad, etc. I think it'd a) keep immersion more and b ) make the team work more interesting, as everybody would have their special skills, you couldn't just have four fixers and four fighters. You'd have to use the full range of counsellor abilities to escape.
  6. The problem with traps being totally unhealable is things would go too far the other way, since once you've lost the ability to run, you're basically screwed either way, and Jason would just have to trap the objectives and there'd be nothing you can do. I love the idea of Strength affecting how long it takes you to free yourself from the trap (with or without a QTE). It gives Strength another game use, and is more realistic. And the idea that somebody else could help you is interesting too to speed things up and make it safer.
  7. I'd love Crystal Lake counsellor uniforms, and I love the idea of each one being 'customised' to the character wearing it! I still think winter packs would probably break immersion as much as the Halloween outfits, because you'd have some people running around in bikinis and swim shorts and some running around in cold weather gear. So I'd rather see the uniforms than that.
  8. I hate Zombie's movie for all the reasons people have already said here. Michael Myers is an incredibly creepy killer because you never really KNOW what's going on with him. (If you ignore Halloween 6 that is). He's this immortal, unstoppable killer that can only be explained as 'he's pure evil'. The fact that his background was so normal, that you can never understand what made him snap, it's a huge part of what makes him scary. And his appearance, simplistic as it is, makes it scarier. He's relatively normal build, just a plain white mask and plain overalls. The Zombie version turned him in to a hulking giant, scarred and filthy to make him look 'scarier', and it just didn't work. I always thought Zombie's remakes with their Mommy issues and costume design were like he wanted to make a Friday the 13th movie but got the Halloween licence instead... Not that it would of been a good Jason movie either.
  9. I'd love to see those! I think they'd be great! And great fun to have in various forms, like you can easily see Tiffany's being cut off at the mid-riff, Jenny's being worn perfectly, Chad's being with a popped collar etc.
  10. This would be really cool, and I'd love to see more customisable counsellors just for fun. It'd also help the game feeling too samey when you have four of the same character running around.
  11. I personally think the one-time wreck option really would swing things too far the other way for Jason, and make it nearly impossible for the Counsellors. Which I get as a theme, but repairing the car is difficult, going through all that to have it wrecked and unusable right away would be incredibly frustrating. Especially if there's no repair option. But I love the idea of different starting times (perhaps tied to luck or repair?), and the idea of it stalling too is a nice idea, and very Slasher Movie. It'd be fun if again the odds of the car stalling were tied to say, repair (because people with high repair skill would make better drivers), making it again a more interesting choice in who drives.
  12. I think composure depends on whether or not it's Melissa, or a generic Mean Girl. The Mean Girl trope is usually the type of person to act all confident and mean, but panic the second her hair gets messy. And we don't have a female Counsellor with 1 Composure yet, which I think fits. But if it's specifically Melissa, maybe not, if she's meant to be more confident... Interestingly, I was watching videos for Last Year, and the Showcase one specifically mentions they have their Mean Girl running slow because of her heels! So I guess that stat would make sense to be low.
  13. If you throw yourself through the window, you land a fair distance from it, right (and the character turns to see what's going on), so you should be out of his grab range, but if you climb through, I'd say it's fair game to get caught. With Jason on your tail then, it's much riskier to not just dive through the window. It'd be about weighing up the damage taken against the chance of being grabbed, right?
  14. Sounds good! But to prevent her from just being a Chad clone, maybe they should be varied up a little bit? Something like this, just randomly trying things (just random suggestions!): Composure: 1/10 Luck: 10/10 Repair: 2/10 Speed: 4/10 (if she's in heels, this should be low) Stamina: 9/10 (Mean Girl being in shape/physically fit/cheerleader type works, and high stamina but low speed could be interesting) Stealth: 7/10 (Mean Girl is usually good at sneaking around to spy on others) Strength: 2/10 (Mean Girl is usually physically not very strong at all)
  15. I think Tiffany is more of the 'flirt', the one in the skimpy outfits obsessed with sex (and probably dies first!). The 'Mean Girl' is usually the rich brat, in the super fashionable clothes, who's horrible to everybody. Stat wise, I'd suspect they'd be similar though.