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  1. Religious Study Group

    This will be interesting to follow. I'm actually a die hard atheist, so I find it fascinating to read about people of all beliefs. I always say I'm not an atheist by choice; I simply do not believe in any higher power. I can't force myself to believe in something I don't feel in my heart is true, so I don't.
  2. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    That would work, if it wasn't a Friday the 13th film. Because it is, anybody watching is just going to assume it's Jason. I feel like the film needed to establish earlier on that it definitely WASN'T Jason to have any sense of mystery about it. The Sheriff making a wild guess it's Jason just muddied things further. If you had a scene with the Sheriff confirming Jason was definitely dead (seeing the body or a video of his cremation or something) and then being like "Then who the hell is it?", you'd of had a more firmly established mystery. And at the climax of the film, you don't really have ANY suspects. Roy is such a nothing-character up to that point, I doubt anybody on their first watch even really remembered him. Tommy is your only suspect, and once he shows up, it's a 'it's definitely not him' moment. Which still, could of worked. Subverting your expectations by making it Roy, a minor character you otherwise would of forgotten about, is actually really clever, but I think the movie needed to be making audiences ask WHO it was more obviously than just having everybody assume it's Jason. (Imo, this is made even worse when Tommy shows up and addresses Roy as 'Jason' and he responds, really making it seem like it IS Jason, so you stop asking who it could be).
  3. Do we have any Jason cosplayers here?

    Okay lol. They're not the best pics, the best I could grab off Facebook quickly. This is my friend James as his Jason, which is really a sort of his own mix of a few different zombie Jasons: And this is my friend Rich's Savini Jason, with an edit done by another friend of mine, Wilson: Sadly I couldn't find a full body pic of Savini Jason, which is a shame because I know people would love it here!
  4. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    The problem, in my opinion, with that approach, is that the mystery is never emphasised AS a mystery. It's a Friday the 13th movie. Somebody is killing people. He's in a hockey mask. There's no reason to think it's NOT Jason for you to begin compiling a list of suspects. There is no 'mystery' introduced. Even the Sheriff says right away that it's Jason Voorhees. For a mystery to work, the audience have to know there IS a mystery. To make matters worse, when the film DOES introduce suspects, like Junior or Raymond, they get killed off SO quickly it's long before you can consider either of them as the killer. Really this film needed to reveal the fake-Jason earlier, and establish that it's NOT Jason Voorhees to have audiences guessing. And I agree, Tommy is meant to be the prime suspect, but since as an audience we don't have any reason to think it's not Jason at that point, it doesn't really work. (And sure, they say Jason is dead, but this is a slasher movie, nobody's buying that!).
  5. Do we have any Jason cosplayers here?

    Wow, that Roy is fantastic @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow! I'm actually part of a horror costume group, we have a Jason and a Savini Jason! And I'm working on making a Roy for somebody at the moment (a super budget build though, so I doubt it'll look anywhere near as good as that). The paint is literally drying on the mask right now! I'd share pics of the others, but I'm not really sure if I should, since I neither made them nor wear them.
  6. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I'd prefer an original character too. I mean, ideally, I'd of loved a whole new Mean Girl (rather than a Chuck/Mitch type renaming) but all the evidence looks like we're getting somebody who, if not is Melissa directly, is VERY much based on her.
  7. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Yes lol as others said, its very hard to make her look younger in Fallout 4. I only used it because my PC can finally run it and I picked it up for cheap! (Although wasn't Melissa's actress mid-twenties lol, so I'm a bit far off, but hopefully not TOO far). As for the stats, they are intentionally very similar to Chad's, based on Barbara Ann's suggestion :). But mostly it was just a fun edit.
  8. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Haha, I see your point. I tried to redo her, to make her more explicitly Melissa. I didn't quite get it right, my skills with face editors aren't that great, and I had to mirror the shot so the parting is on the wrong side, but still:
  9. The Wasted Potential of Part 7 and Part 9

    I actually love Part 7. As others have said, Jason looks pretty much the best he ever has, but it had an actual plot with character development, and an exciting clash of powers you don't normally see in a horror movie. It was something different, and to be honest, psychic girl vs. unstoppable brute is more fun than Freddy vs. Jason as a set up to me (at least here there's an obvious good guy to root for). It did feel heavily censored though. Especially that whole plot with Dr Crews knowing about Jason that went nowhere...
  10. Catty girl names

    I think she should have a double-barrelled surname, because they always sound posh. In my mock-up in the Mean Girl thread I used 'Portia Compton-Smith' just because I thought it sounded super snobbish.
  11. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (I know I'm watching these in a weird order, it's as and when I can find them). Okay, this is more like it! I really enjoyed this one. We have an actual protagonist to follow this time, with a proper storyline and character arc (and superpowers! Which is really fun in a horror movie, and a perfect unique twist) and some memorable characters who actually get to interact before they're killed off. Jason is also superb in this. Despite my slamming Part V, I actually love the simplistic, bald headed human form of Roy, but Part VII Jason is the Jason I remember from childhood, a horrifically mangled unstoppable zombie, who looks as superb with his mask off as his mask on. The first hour still drags a LITTLE as the characters take too long to find out what's going on, and there's a FEW too many characters to care enough about them all, but enough memorable ones to make it fun. The fact that some of them survive a little while before being killed too makes it more interesting, as they try to outwit Jason, and aren't just instantly murdered. Psychic powers vs. raw brute strength is a great combination too, and really unique. Some of the psychic stuff looked a little silly, but it's a horror flick, nobody expects great special effects, and the rest of the practical effects were great. I really enjoyed this one. 8/10
  12. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Thank you! I actually did it in Fallout 4, made the character, found an outfit that looked right, then recoloured the outfit and added the pearls in photoshop. I definitely agree I went WAY over-board on the mascara and eye-shadow though. I was trying to go for 'heavy flawless make-up' for the mean girl but I think those eyes are closer to 'rocker chick' lol. Sorry to disappoint @Jason Todd Voorhees but she's just a mock-up I did. Unless you mean 'what is that' as in it's horrific lol.
  13. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    In this case, I just went for Chad's stats, but swapped Str and Stamina (as Barbara Ann suggested, basically making her a female Chad). I agree that some of these stat swaps sound really interesting (although I think her repair should be very low, no way a Mean Girl is repairing anything, I'd be tempted to make it 1 if I could!). The mock-up was mostly for graphics though, so I probably won't readjust it again, it was just for a bit of fun
  14. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Okay, fair enough. I was mostly just being silly with the stats, the mock up I made was more for the graphics. You have definitely done more research/thinking about this than I have. I didn't know Jason was now as fast as a 4 running speed Counsellor, for example!