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  1. Big you can roll a turd in glitter. Jus' sayin'.
  2. Welcome!
  3. I can't stand his look. Jason is breakfast sausage cosplaying as Walker Texas Ranger.
  4. My favorite kill is when Jason grabs you by the throat and carries you to the local Italian restaurant. You're still a little leery from all the murder but, he eventually shift grabs your heart and gains your trust. After an 8 month courtship, you get married. 43 yrs later you take inventory of a life full of laughs and love. The small starter house you helped build together. The ups the downs of successes and failures. The tire swing in the front yard where your kids played. The two grown children with kids of their own. As you come to, you are standing over Jason laying in the hospital bed. Clutching his hand you lean in to whisper one last, "I love you". As he sporks you in the gooch. What a dick.
  5. As a player, he's great. Aesthetically..I just can't get over the Canadian Tuxedo.
  6. This. is. Amazing!
  7. Cool idea. Could be a mini-game to roll for perks or XP.
  8. Should be 1000 XP for grabbing shit.
  9. It'd be cool to see some variety. The van from part 3 could easily sub as a 4 seater. And the VW bug could sub as the 2 seater. Same mechanics and parts requirements, etc.
  10. NOES, it could lead to a killer crossover like Freddy Vs Jason!
  11. If you have Amazon Prime, add the STARZ app. All movies except Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X are on there. Which, you don't need anyways. Stream away.
  12. Agreed. I remember watching these when I was 8 or 9...I know.. I'm old. And they were not scary, maybe creepy at parts. But, mostly cheesy fun. Which is what I get out of this game.
  13. It would be cool if Jason had the ability to grab dead bodies and throw them through windows for max fear. i.e throwing Roy in F13 IV. Wouldn't take as much time as propping/displaying although that would be RAD!