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  1. Maybe they shpould talk to google about getting an AI program. Google may do it just to get more cred for their AI system. Although I do not know how I would feel about facing a crazy smart learning AI like that.
  2. i'm on pc and it happens on steam a lot the reporting it is just handled better than microsoft. but we get reported all the time too. it just goes no where because they are not bannable offences.
  3. Why does that matter it is not like I said take that mode away. Never said take Survive with friends away. I am just saying offer us a choice on how we want to play and not just cater to one side of the game. I get tired of this one sided opinion. We get what we want does not matter if you suffer BS. it is not balanced if you get choice so should all players. fair play and all that.
  4. I never said not to have a mode like that. I said this game can benifit from a mode where no one has a choice. I am all for choice. even choice of game play mode. LIke in Dead by daylight I get a lot of hate because I support a mode where it chooses killers and survivors from a que that excludes survive with friends. so we can have a choice. but no I get told that that would ruin the game for survivors and not be fair. That is the level of intelegence you deal with over on Dead.
  5. I think the opposite I think Dead by daylight needs to go random like friday the 13th or at least have a mode for that. The level of toxisity overthere is crazy and if they lost control of the choice they would have to get good at both and that would lead to people understanding both sides better. Friday is superior on how they handled that.
  6. All of this is good points. But I am doing the opposite the comunity over at Dead By Daylight have driven me to play Friday the 13th much more. The comunity here is less toxic and can be fun. Hell even some of the game talkers can be funny as hell. good stuff. Over at Dead by daylight you get death threats, told to kill your self, hundreds of reports trying to get you banned because you played the game and acted like a killer. everything you do in dead by daylight is almopst always taken personally. It is very, Very toxic. and I love Chaos but it's to much for me. I get friend requests every game I play on Friday but i get mostly hate and reported on Dead. And the devs and comunity mods mostly just ignore it. Dead is fun as hell but the players detract from that. Friday can be way more fun as I have said in game If i genuinely scare people i'm all good even if I don't get kills. The best comment I got from either game was You scared the shit out of me super spooky. Friday does need to be more survial horror than it is. But I have fun with it. Tea bagging duesh nozzels are active in both games tho that sucks but is what it is.
  7. But yeah more counsler stuff would be great
  8. I wear my horror block cap and a counsler shirt they sell on facebook.
  9. Hello all I am mrhyde138 I play as Sammi Curr. I love everything horror. Just saying hi and doing the intro.
  10. Limiting use of being able to emote while at 100% fear makes sense. as in even horrormovies people don't dance unless something is wrong with them. No one is saying don't use your emotes. but A LITTLE (I know its a game) bit more realistic. They nerfed Jason you sould be able to deal with fear induced limitations. So it flows with the spirit of the game. At least make them stumble out of dancing when they are in fear.
  11. There are other ways to kill. insta kill, you can damage them and they can bleed out. you can trick them into killing them selves with traps. But all this does is incite the toxic survivor comunity they have over there
  12. This exactly. I like both and both are different. But I will say they have been nerfing the killers and catering to the survivors over the killers. They are taking the survival out of survival horror.
  13. Seriously you are gonna hate on this guy for shooting dancing trolls that are just being asses by saying they have a right to play the way they want while telling him he does not have the same right. No i'm on the kill the loser dancer team. Seriously the hyporacy of what i just read boggles my mind. you are almost at DEAD BY Daylight levels of salty troll. Almost. So it is ok for them to ruin our experiance. That is not equal that is not fair. He is not saying he has an issue with them dancing it is the fact that they do it constantly are not trying to kill jason they do it just to troll. And for the record they will do this till the timer runs out if they can. not an extra couple of minutes. The problem is whith some of the things these kids complain about I had one litterally screaming into his mic that I was bullying him for trying to kill him. Embracing new players is one thing but experianced players need to adjust to the newbies is backwards. The newbies need to learn and adjust to people that know how to play.
  14. It seems really easy for the counslers to kill jason now. One match I did manage to fight off the sweater effect and not get killed the other day but my thumb was hurting after. I am all for ways to kill jason as I feel there should be more. BUT I don't feel it should be as easy as it is. I also think that the grab is messed up people say the length was shortened but i have seen my hand go into the character and miss. that is just silly. Jason should be really hard to escape and harder to kill. it is the whole point after all.