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  1. Well then just leave. It is simple go play something else you like better. not every game is for every person. Sure you paid some money and a little time but it seems to me that this game is just not the correct fit for you. you should go find something that truly makes you happy and not complain to Devs that you are saying don't care anyway. So for your own health and well being I think you and this game should part ways. I wish you the best on what ever you decide.
  2. I know on PC the US games get flooded with other countries when play levels are high. I remember being upset because we had three different languages not English being yelled in game. It was very distracting. Was better When I was Jason though took advantage of the chaos. So you should be fine I think on PSN
  3. I was thinking about the Savini thing being there is already being owned by non backers I think the should make him DLC and for those backer I think they should make an exclusive Pamela killer for those original backers. I feel that would give the backers something special and they would have killer everyone envies. Just an Idea especially now that they have a real game engine that allows for adding new things.
  4. Well after reading people's lame complaints about slashing and telling people that they can't enjoy slashing because in their opinion it is not possible. Slashing is now my new favorite way to kill. Seriously where does anyone get the right to tell anyone what is fun. That is on the player not you. If someone finds mindless slashing fun that is on them and they have a right to it. Just because they didn't go for the creative kills does not mean a thing if they are happy that is how it is. It is everyone's own job to make your game experiance fun. It is no ones job to make sure your entertained in this type of game. As a matter of fact that is kind of impossible being everyone has their own idea of fun. You need to lear to adapt to player behavior that you know is going to happen in the game. Whether you like it or not slashing is a tactic and it works. It does not matter if it is cheap or it hurt your feelings. Your playing a horror game get over your selves .
  5. I like this idea but I fear the "purists" will crap all over this. I would support this idea though. Good ideas.
  6. Well if history has taught us anything, The hacks are first done on PC thenit gets ported to the consoles. I remember I had a call of duty and hackers on pc drove me to get it for xbox one and few weeks later the same cheasts popped up. And my ps4 buddy was bitching about it a few more weeks later. So watchout the cheaters are coming to console they just needed to crack it on pc first.
  7. He is basing it off his own experiance. I have played the new patch as a Tiffany I repared the fusebox and put gas in the car and I escaped AS A TIFFANY if you can't escape as a non Tiffany you need to get better.
  8. You can't make macros on PC?You know that can be done without the devs doing anything right? You also know that most people consider it cheating which means people have been doing it for a while now and there are articles explaining how all over the net. This is another nit picking cry from you again. Bitching about basics knowing how to set macros is a PC basic I learned back in school in the late 80's So learn your basics. I think your just salty and need something to complain about.
  9. So your taking a shot at them because they didn't put the notes on steam, But they are on twitter and these official forums? I think your just salty because Steam has not updated their news stream which is actually pretty normal from my experiance. Also You want them to talk to other developers? So you want micro transations and loot boxes with usless stuff in them? Not everything is the fault of the Devs. Also your here in the official forums why not copy the patch notes and post it on Steam instead of being a negative little whiner.
  10. Actually they did mention they reduced weapons. look at all the posts complaining aboout it before the patch even came out.
  11. I know right Jason can do something realistic like reach over a couch. It's not a hiding place why would you assume he could not reach you if your right there?
  12. The patch has not even been out for 24 hours and all this salt. Give it some time and learn the new play mechanic. Oh and it is not that Jason got OP it is that those of us that learned to adapt to Jason being nerfed got the chains thrown off.
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