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  1. Some tattoos enthusiast here?

    i am going to renew my tattoo, kitty paws on the left ear
  2. What kind of beer do you drink?

    I like light unfiltered beer
  3. Latest Purchases

    bought read and butter
  4. What are you working on?

    working on my book
  5. What kind of pets do you have?

    I have 2 cats
  6. What kind of music do you like?

    I have a diverse taste in music. Just yesterday, I was listening to some pop punk. A few hours later, I was listening to some alternative rock. A couple of hours after that, I was listening to some Eminem and Rihanna. lso I like I love Hans Zimmer’s compositions. Usually I load music from torrent trackers, have found many interesting trackers invites on invites-shop store with the detailed descriptions. Also I hang out on soundcloud.
  7. What's your favourite McDonald's or Burger King?

    not a fan of junk food but prefer McDonald's
  8. Where do you game?

    you have a nice place to play
  9. Next Halloween Costume?

    Harry Potter
  10. What kind of music do you like?

    i like alternative rock
  11. You guys like boxing?

    i started watching box with my partner,it's very exciting
  12. What kind of beer do you drink?

    Everyone likes beer, well those who don't they just hadn't tried tasty beer. And beer as for me needs a good packaging. I make a homemade beer and I know what I am talking about. Beer packaging must share a common language with your brand, your customer, and the beer itself.
  13. Latest Purchases

    Recently I bought my new guitar. As my hobby is music I play the guitar for about 5 years. So I decided to buy new instrument on eBay. I checked my postal code here https://worldpostalcode.com/united-states/oregon to avoid problems with the delivery service. I always check it when I make online shopping. P.S. I got my purchase two days ago
  14. Latest Purchases

    ordered pizza
  15. What games are you looking forward to?

    Far Cry 5, cant' wait