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  1. Recently I bought my new guitar. As my hobby is music I play the guitar for about 5 years. So I decided to buy new instrument on eBay. I checked my postal code here to avoid problems with the delivery service. I always check it when I make online shopping. P.S. I got my purchase two days ago
  2. ordered pizza
  3. Far Cry 5, cant' wait
  4. ask the support
  5. i love crackers, cheese and hummus
  6. This year I celebrated with my friends. But we decided to do it in a special way. We booked an escape room here (The Impossible Mission) 'cause I have read that it's the most interesting room that they have. The decorations and the atmosphere were on the high level. So much emotions. We will never forget this Halloween.
  7. i like light unfiltered beer
  8. i like mango, green grape and mandarin
  9. old harry potter costume looks impressive lol
  10. I like alternative rock like Enter Shikari band
  11. i was Jack Sparrow