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  1. Last time I watched Get Out (2017) horror movie. I found it on Netflix, thankful with my proxy I can bypass their stupid geo-blocking policy. As a fan of horror, definitely one of the best I've seen. Truly chilling and with a complex and important message at its core. It is a must see.
  2. Video games are entertaining it's a good way to escape the reality and relax. For example I love playing Clash of Clans. It's competitive. Well I have to use proxy to get access to the game but it will not ruin me the gaming process. I met a lot of friends there.
  3. You are right vpn can help. But now I play with proxy fineproxy package. I used some free vpn, Hola I guess but the speed was awful. Now with proxy everything works great. No lags, I can just switch the region to get access to skins.
  4. It depends on the mood. Now I like calm music. Right now I am watching and listening to International House of Prayer by online webcam . I can watch live performances where musicians play instruments. + I can even see singers praying to the God through their songs.
  5. I wish I could have 2 jaguars. You know that many tribal chiefs wore the pelt of a Jaguar as a symbol of their station or kept one as a pet.
  6. i am going to renew my tattoo, kitty paws on the left ear
  7. I have a diverse taste in music. Just yesterday, I was listening to some pop punk. A few hours later, I was listening to some alternative rock. A couple of hours after that, I was listening to some Eminem and Rihanna. lso I like I love Hans Zimmer’s compositions. Usually I load music from torrent trackers on invites-shop store with the detailed descriptions. Also I hang out on soundcloud.
  8. you have a nice place to play
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