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  1. right now I am playing Stalker
  2. Muntic0re

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Last time I watched Get Out (2017) horror movie. I found it on Netflix, thankful with my proxy I can bypass their stupid geo-blocking policy. As a fan of horror, definitely one of the best I've seen. Truly chilling and with a complex and important message at its core. It is a must see.
  3. Muntic0re

    Why Do You Play Video Games?

    Video games are entertaining it's a good way to escape the reality and relax. For example I love playing Clash of Clans. It's competitive. Well I have to use proxy to get access to the game but it will not ruin me the gaming process. I met a lot of friends there.
  4. Muntic0re

    ...What kind of music would Jason listen to?

    System Of A Down - Chop Suey!
  5. You are right vpn can help. But now I play with proxy fineproxy package. I used some free vpn, Hola I guess but the speed was awful. Now with proxy everything works great. No lags, I can just switch the region to get access to skins.
  6. Muntic0re

    What kind of music do you like?

    It depends on the mood. Now I like calm music. Right now I am watching and listening to International House of Prayer by online webcam . I can watch live performances where musicians play instruments. + I can even see singers praying to the God through their songs.
  7. Muntic0re

    What kind of pets do you have?

    I wish I could have 2 jaguars. You know that many tribal chiefs wore the pelt of a Jaguar as a symbol of their station or kept one as a pet.
  8. Muntic0re

    Some tattoos enthusiast here?

    i am going to renew my tattoo, kitty paws on the left ear
  9. Muntic0re

    What kind of beer do you drink?

    I like light unfiltered beer
  10. Muntic0re

    Latest Purchases

    bought read and butter
  11. Muntic0re

    What are you working on?

    working on my book
  12. Muntic0re

    What kind of pets do you have?

    I have 2 cats
  13. Muntic0re

    What kind of music do you like?

    I have a diverse taste in music. Just yesterday, I was listening to some pop punk. A few hours later, I was listening to some alternative rock. A couple of hours after that, I was listening to some Eminem and Rihanna. lso I like I love Hans Zimmer’s compositions. Usually I load music from torrent trackers on invites-shop store with the detailed descriptions. Also I hang out on soundcloud.
  14. Muntic0re

    What's your favourite McDonald's or Burger King?

    not a fan of junk food but prefer McDonald's
  15. Muntic0re

    Where do you game?

    you have a nice place to play