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  1. Hi all. Thanks for the warm reception. Pleasence, was my favorite Doctor he made the film come to life. Just as Betsy Palmer made me feel that Jason was loved so much, she would stop at nothing until people realized he was a child too. Hi Chole Here is my review on F13 the game for those that are fans, or not fans. This is my steam review. Hi. To those that are 18+ this is a game for you! If you are 17 and under, please see www.esrb.org/ there is tons of games for your age range. Now that is out of the way.This is a extraordinary work of art with a wonderful story of the love between a mother and son and the extents that each will go, to protect and defend the other. To all of the developers that have worked so hard to make this a reality for the Adult public, THANK YOU!.As a child I watched these films, and grew up knowing that it was for entertainment only, but I always wanted a chance to be a part of it. I remember being so excited when there was a new Friday The 13th Film, and especially the Arsenio Hall show with Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) check this out, http://www.blumhouse.com/2017/01/16/when-jason-met-arsenio/ excellent performance KANE and Arsenio best episode I ever remember. If you do not bust a gut when you watch this, then you need to watch these films and absorb the story as well as each kill To (Kane Hodder) aka - Jason Voorhees. Thank you for making Friday the 13th the Game a reality and brining this to life. You are terrific as always. I also just read that you have a book O.o ( Unmasked: The True Life Story of the World's Most Prolific Cinematic Killer ), which I will be getting first chance I have. Unless you have a copy I can borrow. LOL. Jk Kane I will not be responsible for unleashing Jason upon those poor developers, I will buy the book. To (Thom Mathews) aka - Tommy Jarvis. Thank you for being the Hero we all needed. Thank you for returning to make this game whole. Even though it is not with (C.J. Graham) I am sure you are more than happy with the energy that Kane has "Jason belongs in hell, and I'm goanna see he gets there". Now that is a true hero. Saving someone that doesn't even know they need saving. BRAVO!!To all of the cast members and "yes I mean extras as well" thank you for every Friday The 13th performance. To those that wrote it and had the eye to make it a reality on screen. THANK YOU!To each person affiliated with keeping this wonderful story as true as the "imagination" the dream that created this Epic everlasting film. I applaud you.To each of You that really Love Friday The 13th and have been waiting for your chance to act out your own "Jason Voorhees" experience, or if you have ever had the dream of being in the film or being a true hero. Then you are going to love this.Some of you may say. Well this person is a hypocrite for menchening the esrb, they just said they grew up watching the movies.Thank you for reading. I did grow up WATCHING the FILMS, not rotting my mind as a child GAMING as a killer. What's the difference ? YouHave your own free will, RESEARCH it.Kill suggestion. Developers, Kane & Thom if you are not already doing this one or it is not in the works. Ask Mr. Mathews if he remembers the(David Kane) Kill. I bet he does To each person that is working so hard to make this as true to the film as you can. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! And I will be subscribing to you after I have had a few matches. Love you guys, stay strong. KK. got to go.. F13 is calling me.. talk to you guys soon
  2. see. here is what is truly needed. Jason needs to be slowed down on his hack and slash swings. The pocket knives are there for the counselor's to have a small chance to maybe avoid certain death. Of course you have the sissy Jason's who act as though Jason actually can be hurt by the pocket knife and they just slash there victim with the super quick slash, that should be slow and decrepit like poor Jason. How ever this ultimately takes all the hard work it took to get those knives and it is flushed down the toilet in Jason's shack, with that super quick response time that Jason has. So i say to the dev team. It would be wonderful to see the speed of Jason's swing with any weapon matched by the decrepit state in which the character is in. Think of it, as a sort of deterrent, kind of like the knives that Jason seems to be afraid of. Love you Voorhees
  3. Hey bewareofbears I am going to go play some F13.. all this talk has got my killer instinct a pumping.. take care friend. see you on the battle field. I kind of feel if i don't get away from this board here.. I may get accused of being a troll again.. lol.. and i couldn't imagine living under a bridge waiting on people to try and cross so then i can make them pay a toll.. sounds boring.. Hugs
  4. I do not have the failure capability in my blood, although it lingers, I stifle it upon the rise of its ugly head. I see the cry baby's and I see the wiper of tears. Plain and simple. if you have a issue and you want to be told the truth, then hi i am Halloweenpsycho. The interest of people is to cause hell and turmoil on every street corner and forum board to bite the hand that feeds them, and then complain they are hungry. then they want others to be there shield when the truth is delivered. Well.. consider me a shield breaker.. a sort of tell it how it is man. Hugs bear
  5. You ever wondered what it would be like to be a true serial killer, with out running the risk of being locked up ? Or have you ever felt the need to just torch-er those that mock you, or your friends ? I am the kind of person that just loves killing others, and I even love messing with the mind of a serial killer. It is dangerous, but man is it ever fun when the very killer that is trying to kill you breaks down in tears. mmmm.. tears... oh baby.. So if you have a serial killer mentality, or you just want to learn the survival 101 course needed to kill a serial killer, or survive when he/she comes for you. Add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198140837858/
  6. No offense then bewareofbears. I am just sick of the people day after day.. crying and moaning every time the devs or the whole F13 team does anything to try and make something good for everyone, then people just put on the water works but the catcher is I am fed up with those that never have a good thing to say. The F13 team wanted to make something great for everyone, including them selves.. They have, and they are. I am not saying Jpos is a bad person. They actually seem nice. I am not upset with him or any one that tries to help with the making of this wonderful game. Hugs to all I can agree. everyone needs to vent. Of course. But all i am asking is. "TREAT others, as you would want to be treated" See you on the battle field
  7. Oh.. right.. but it is okay.. for those to hurt the dev team.. forgot there feelings doesn't matter Got ya Jpops As well Jpos.. while you are free to be a Admin.. please exercise caution.. Hugs
  8. freedom of speech.. isn't it great
  9. Tell that to players that have me as Jason..
  10. That's very interesting. you say.. Jason is unplayable ? Are you silly ? You people amaze me. when you can't kill someone as a serial killer that is just to easy to play with.. you wine.. when Jason was Op, and still is.. which he should be. you still wine.. here.. i have a tissue for you. Come play me as Jason, Oh wait. Then you will cry, that the counselors have been nerfed. Maybe you should go play mine craft with the rest of the children. . 51 of 52 achieves. need the Final chapter achieve.. so close.. 1041 hours woot.. Keep it up devs... awesome work..