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  1. two people i played with on the regular got banned for speed hacking just last week. They are my friends.. but.. simple truth is it should have happened a long time ago. So hack at your risk i guess.. or maybe ur just rich and don't care at all.. eventually it will catch up with ya.
  2. Casey Great to see you! Yes guys this is a horrible issue.. as well as people using the hacked dll file to get Savini Jason and stealing all the dlc content. That would be my big question adding to your reply would be when are you guys planing on actually addressing these two huge issues.. We are tickled you are patching the game but these issues continue on with people hacking and the speed stuff Casey is talking about and the people using the hacked dll file that has been used with the cracked copy of the game to steal the content that backers and the rest of us pay for. I wouldn't figure you want people stealing your content you worked so hard to create nor ruining the community with the hacks and cheats and driving all the legit people that enjoy this game away. If you can't fix these issues atm, then please monitor the servers and when people report hackers with video evidence , at least start throwing some bans out to those that are doing not only your team wrong with the thefts, but making the people who have paid for the game and all the content miserable by cheating and having nothing done Being now that the game is canceled and you now have more than enough time to do so. But Thanks so much for your continued effort to eventually have this game fully patched. Go team GO!!!!
  3. in other words.. if you have got to alter files, in anyway shape nor form, then it is not meant to be a option in the game. Messing with files in game at all for any reason. is hacking.. so yeah..
  4. This dude may be civil enough to not say anything to you. But if your messing with texture files, that is not a option in the game and that is not a massive hack but it is considered a hack none the less. There is a set of clothes for each counselor and there is no options nor has there ever been a option to switch clothes in game from any character. I am not exactly sure but it sounds like to me you are doing the same thing i have seen others do in game which is, use other clothes on other counselors. Like using bugz's clothes on lachappa etc.. That is not a intended option for interchangeable clothes, which means your hacking the files in order to change the textures. So yeah your hacking. Not as bad as Jason X, or Savini but still hacking none the less which has no place here. This is what we are trying to get past, which is stopping all the hacks and crap, because i am done dealing with this childish bs. So please stop..
  5. Very well put Casey. As a backer of Friday i am sick and tired of the people stealing and exploiting. I applaud you sir. good to see someone has morals and commonsense.Thanks man!
  6. No that is not it.. the fact is.. your playing a game.. if you lose.. then suck it up.. that is supposed to be the fun behind it.. You are supposed to try and escape.. if you fail you die.. not if you fail then you leave.... We wouldn't have much of a society if people did that all though they do everyday thank God there is others that stick it out.. I know it is a game.. but the simple part is.. you win some.. you lose some.. it takes the fun out of the game when people don't get there way and leave because they get killed.. so thankfully .. the devs are going to help cheaters out with that situation.. I have played 1900 hours in the game.. I left once.. do to a bad connection.. I do not exploit.. I will not even hit Jason through a door with a baseball bat or continue being a salty player and use the bugs to continue exploiting to give myself a advantage over other people. So instead of the devs simply coming out with the Ban hammer, which i personally think they should have a long time ago, to cure these issues.. it does not put away the fact that these exploits exist and people will always take advantage of them to feel superior over others. So instead of simply Banning the very low gamer population, to try and strengthen this community they are going to make it fun for all people.. Which means.. if you are a dirty cheater that can't even get by in life with out cheating in a mere game and ruin everyone else's enjoyment, then you are simply going to be placed with other cheaters and each of them can ruin the others wonderful day they where having, which thank God is the salt mine. For the actual fans of the movies or to those that simply love the game and play fair, we will have a place to enjoy our time with out aggravation. I mean putting it simple.. If you don't want to be in the salt mine.. then get rid of the salt before you enter.. or your game will be full of salt with other cheaters.. It is about time instead of this game being a joke to people, that we the fans get the chance to finally enjoy it. Thanks DEVS! Your on the right track to making this as enjoyable as the films... The part of it being necessary was to make it a very real experience and your mess up had the consequence of killing someone that you where supposed to be having a great trip to camp or just a weekend away with, but then a serial killer decides you look like something fun to chase and kill.. Or rather punish you for being a teenager, having premarital sex, letting him drowned and killing his mommy. But the team killing became about the same thing, people coming "mostly kids that shouldn't even be playing this game" in to simply ruin everyone's groovy day and be complete jerks. By using what was supposed to add to a terrifying experience and instead of helping people try and escape the murder to simply hunt other people down and laugh as they killed you, then most of the time just leave afterwards. This happened so much that they finally added in "damage allowed = false" command. Of course then the salt really began to fly because people could simply be jerks with no consequence or fear of the other person because well ya simply can't end there lives any more.. So they have ran rampant for so long that it has just killed the F13 community. I would love to see that happen again.. to have that real feel back.. but truth is.. when the salt mine is added, people would just go back to abusing the team kills again.. maybe.. after the jerks are sorted out, and the player base is thriving, "if it ever will be after the massive issues" maybe they might add it back.. but do not hold your breath.. you can not blame the devs.. I am not saying you are.. but the only people to blame is those that caused all of us to hate that feature and constantly complain until poof.. its gone.. Now if you want to go among friends and feel that realism you can do a private match. Keep on keeping on man
  7. Wait guys. you mean you are kind of throwing the it is okay to cheat on this game attitude.. " If you used unreleased content and your game is now freezing, you will need to delete the SCCharacterSelections.sav file and restart the game. " really ? I mean people have been exploiting like crazy.. baseball bats threw doors on Jason ,etc,etc.. Little kids playing and ruining this "Adult Game" You guys went so far as to remove team killing, which made it really unrealistic. Instead of banning the people that where causing the issue and showing you are not going to tolerate this crap. I know you guys want people to want this game and your going easy.. But guys we want you to make this a place where true fans want to be. I have played 1751 hours on this game, and i am still playing and streaming. But it is getting crazy, with all the exploits, the glitches, and people exploiting these bugs freely with out consequence I mean thanks for everything guys but come on. Please, bring back the team kills and get rid of the little kids from this game. They should not be witnessing this violence. If there parents are not going to protect them, then we have got to. We as adults need a place to distress, and you have given us this wonderful tool to assist. Please let us use it. Thanks for the fix..
  8. That is so true. I am very proud of them for giving people the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment. Just need more blood lol.. Good job guys.. More un-lockables please.. give me a reason to move from level to level. can not wait to see what you have in store for us next. Please though. give all of the characters new unlock clothes that would be wonderful.
  9. Hey all enjoying the new bots.. very wonderful to not need and worry about people getting salty and leaving if you go to kill them.. feels good.. Only question I have is what about the new Part VII kills ? They are not available to purchase on steam yet. I have tried everything, except uninstalling and reinstalling game. Please give me a heads up. Thanks all
  10. I am really excited with all of this. I loved going into tommy's room on the Jarvis map and seeing Shelly's mask on the shelf.. Hope to see Ali and Loco sometime.. Oh who am I kidding ? I want all of the cast.. Love you guys.. great job all.. Awesome work Devs..
  11. Shelly i have missed you so much.. I hope you are able to go skinny dipping this time. Or are you still not skinny enough.. good to see you back, and make sure you have that mask ready for me to grab from ya
  12. Since you seem not to be able to read a full paragraph or maybe you just read what you want to read, here let me renerate. no man.. that is your choice. you have free will.. plain and simple.. No one listens to anything or anyone any way. why should you be any different ?
  13. No. You should not. It states. 18+ not 16 almost 18. I hope my friends where being honest when they said there will be Bans coming for those under 18 I will not state there names so do not ask.. Parents. wake up. Or maybe we should start putting those parents that allow these things in prison since they are not following the rules because the rating law is not working. Maybe we need to petition the Government to start that..Or better yet, start suing all the game makers for making this content and not enforcing the law.. lol.. no man.. that is your choice. you have free will.. plain and simple.. No one listens to anything or anyone any way. why should you be any different ?
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