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  1. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    mm okay.
  2. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Haven't played this in a while. What happened with Wolf and what does the boat sound like?
  3. Piss my hairs, I thought it was something a "badass" 42yr old father of 3 children would say. @badassgixxer05 I'm glad they're making a remake of System Shock, I played the game a bit when I was younger and I quickly got off because I didn't like it. 😂😂
  4. I thought he was a kid as well, until I saw his signature (or whatever it's called I forgot lol) Thanks, I thought I'd honestly be hated by people lmao On topic: Why isn't Last Year on here?!
  5. Nah, I've learned from my mistakes. I won't anymore. I'm not risking my phone. To hell and back? Was it copyrighted or something?
  6. Oh? Why did he get banned? I quit because of 2 people, but I decided to play the game again.
  7. Y'know.. I'm still here why would I be banned?
  8. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Legendary Perks

    Ik this is about legendary perks but I haven't played in 2 months. I barely have any legendary perks and the name should be changed to "Annoying perks that you can rarely roll".
  9. What? Sorry, I haven't been on here due to people yelling at me and lashing out at me (@BrokenFattHardy, but he left) Anyway, don't double-post and I forgot what I talked about lol
  10. FrenchFriedPotaters

    What Should Be Graphically Improved

    Yeah. (lol first time going on here in a while) It looks more realistic than now. But eh.
  11. FrenchFriedPotaters

    DLC Challenges

    It's either a coincidence but every person that replies to me respond with "so" at the end.
  12. If you're talking about Tiffany's default shorts, something's wrong with you. Everything from the beta (she had dark shorts in the beta and light shorts at launch) is a nice addition.
  13. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Yup. Pray that they'll re-add beta animations.
  14. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Meh. As long as the lawsuit is ongoing, I don't think we'll be getting news.