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  1. As the title implies, does Friday the 13th on Xbox (or console in general) support mouse and keyboard gameplay? Microsoft did back in September and I haven't found out about that until now.
  2. Idk if I posted on here or not, but whatever. XBOX: Weave Snatch3r
  3. I would KILL for a Halloween game. that's all I had to say.
  4. I said that back in April when I didn't know much of Halloween... well, I know more now and I realize that my past ideas were extremely cringe-worthy.
  5. Vanessa, AJ and Deborah
  6. I use the original outfits on each counselor because I just want to. Idk why, but it looks beautiful seeing AJ in her black tank top with her jean skirt. Sometimes I even switch out her black tank with her Crazy Lixx top. The reason why I do that is I get a 'beta' vibe from playing with the original outfits. And hell no, I would NEVER wear the Halloween costumes. They look so toxic and out of place that it bothers me so much. The spring break costumes are fine though, however, if we could receive a PJ pack that would be great.
  7. Maybe if Jason is in a chase for at least a minute, he can activate his power, which doing so allows him to instantly break doors and walls down for 30 seconds. The animation speed while breaking a window is exceedingly faster than the normal animation speed. However, if Jason grabs or hits a counselor (even with a throwing knife), the power ends. The power can be triggered again as long as he stays in a chase for a minute, same as before. I guess this is like a 'mini' Rage?
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