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  1. I loved your ideas; they actually should be taken into consideration.
  2. olrite, i really hope they get that to us sooner or later
  3. i've lost all hope for this game. where are the perk changes??
  4. Alright, I'm back. One question; why would you guys suddenly work on Victoria's ass? @mattshotcha
  5. ur fine. i'ma go and continue watching spongebob while eating mozzarella sticks
  6. Considering we can't have any additional clothing, could we possibly "switch" clothing between counselors? For example, all female counselors have the possibility of wearing Deborah's sweater with whatever pants & shoes they desire (for example). Same with the guys and their clothes. A piece of clothing from the Casual outfit could also be put on the swimming suit, for example. This could add more variety to the counselors, along with giving Tiffany a comfy sweater with shorts outfit. Imagine Tiffany wearing jeans.
  7. I always thought she was saying "Meow" 😂 Personally, I think Fox, Tiffany, Vanessa, Tommy, and Victoria all have the best dialogue. It all sounds so realistic and dramatic, and I think Victoria has the best death scream. Too bad she sounds like Tiffany when you hear her die far away.
  8. Are the counselors' speed score based on the shoes they're wearing? Or is it their archetype/body? For example, is AJ's speed a 4/10 because she's wearing boots?
  9. This video made me sad.. I wish the lawsuit never happened.
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