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  1. Muffin: The Dog

    EXCUSE ME nah just kiddin
  2. Muffin: The Dog

    Is this a serious topic?
  3. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Ok, ty!
  4. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    I feel so famous bc I posted this. Also, can we change titles? I forgot.
  5. Adding Back Beta Animations

    Of course. When I first saw that these were removed, I got kinda mad and sad because I couldn't play the Beta. No problem lol xD
  6. Tomorrow's Thursday!

  7. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Holy shit, 72 replies?!?!?! I hope we can get a video explaining some new features or a post that says "We're adding back the Beta animations!" OMG, I JUST REALIZED SHIFTY REPLIED TO MY THREAD
  8. Rage buffs

    Well, I guess I should tone my suggestions down a bit..
  9. Whats your Horror Movie Trope?

    The final boy. I don't know why, but I always think of myself wielding an ax while running with another girl.
  10. Adding Back Beta Animations

    Make this topic great again.
  11. Rage buffs

    I know that there have been several topics on this lol Since rage seems too underpowered, so I've come up with some suggestions to make it "better". When the cops are called, rage is instantly activated (I know someone thought of this, but I forgot the person. I'm sorry. ). When one car is turned on, 75% of Rage is full. When the other escape method (excluding the cops and killing Jason), rage is fully activated. When you are stunning Jason after he "rises" up from being stunned, Rage is increased by 10%. When you are in Rage, hitting a counselor twice knocks them into the "help me" state, no matter their health state and Jason you are. When you are in Rage, you have a 50% chance of bypassing pocket knife stuns. Abilities regen 0.5 times faster. If someone stuns you repeatedly, (like you get stunned through the door, when you break down the door, etc) Rage increases by 7%. If you repeatedly chase someone and they don't give in (the game will realize this), Rage will increase. If you are in Rage and you are stunned multiple times, your speed will increase by 4.5%. Hope you guys liked/considered my suggestions.
  12. What Should Be Graphically Improved

    Prolly in the next update or two. I don't know if you realized this, but every update they included something from the Beta. Like when Fox was added, the scream was added. And when Roy was added, if you slashed a counselor, blood would splatter everywhere, like in the beta.