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  1. Part 3 should get nerfed bc (hear me out, I'm not whining) he is the only running Jason without Shift as a weakness.
  2. Sorry if there has a been a topic of this before. I used the search function, but nothing similar came up. The beta had some really cool things that the final product doesn't have today. It really sucks, as I wish these could get added back, or maybe it was issues that affected the game itself. Counselors: -Walking/moving animations -Stun points if you broke out of Jason's grab -Realistic features (like if you get hit during a kill you probably could receive some damage) -More animations -The ability feature -The change in music if Jason shifted/morphed while you could hear his chase music -The ability to lock and/or barricade a door -Changes in the FOV while you were moving Jason: -Gets alerted when the police are called -Animation that makes Jason walk in the cabin when the door is smashed -More animations for Jason Maps: -Much more darkness -Limited vision -More mist -Wind to make the maps realistic? idk. That is all I suggest. Thank you for your time.
  3. Shelly is my pet peeve. I swear to god, in Offline Bots, the Shelly bots are always so.. alert. They always know where you are, they always stun you when they have the chance, and they will ALWAYS spawn with a knife. Trust me, I grabbed a bot right after grabbing the knives and they stabbed me even though they just spawned it. And that voice of Shelly. It's really terrible and it PISSES me off. Okay, rant done.
  4. Jason X unlock

    Or maybe you can call in KM-14 (like that suggestion is sooo original) and she can blast off Jason's head when the time is right. You might need to get Jason damaged enough to the point where he stumbles and the counselors can push Jason through a window, causing Brodski to kill him like he did in the movie.
  5. Jason X unlock

    This reminds me of the Lery's Memorial Institution from DBD. Maybe the Grendel could get its own game mode, probably counselors having to fix the Grendel to drive the Grendel to safety before Jason can kill you.
  6. Next Update?

    Fuck all the pocket knives, getting stabbed in the neck grab after grab. Barely gonna play as Jason until Gun gets their shit together.
  7. The game need things of this beta.

    ^ God, I am very repetitive. Sorry.
  8. The game need things of this beta.

    I loved the way the blood would just splatter if you hit a counselor. Also, I hope that the Devs will add back those "sassy" animations to make the game feel like it's full of life, not just a counselor randomly turning around with the click of a button (???). The lighting was awesome and I adored the animations. Made being a counselor feel scary, not just running through the woods like if it was daytime. Sigh. What happened?
  9. There is a higher chance of there being a topic about this, also it wouldn't let me click the "Bug Reporting" section, so I'm assuming it belongs here. Honestly, whenever I play as Jason and I see a Jenny, I'm supposed to think "Oh, she's not going to appear because she has high composure". Once I get my Sense, I immediately see her pop up on the "radar" that Jason has when he uses Sense. I'm kind of surprised that Jenny appears that quick on his Sense. I saw a Tiffany that was really scared, and she didn't even appear (this could've been the usage of perks, but I'm assuming she didn't use a perk.). All I'm saying is, Composure is kind of broken if high composure, no fear counselors appear THAT quick. About Sense, well... Whenever I sense somebody, then Morph without turning off Sense, I can still see their aura/outline even if I was in Blair's and I morph to Evergreen. I tried this a few times (you should too), so it is a bug unless Jason can sense THAT far. Just wanted to let you guys know about this.
  10. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    You had to be playing with a Steam controller. No way that could've been an Xbox One, it has terrible graphics.
  11. Juicy (introducing myself bc why not?)

    So, since there is NOTHING juicy on the forums rn, I forgot to do this back in November. Hi! My name is Robert, but I usually go by Robby or Bobby bc why not. I like pizza because I'm a fata**, and I love playing any horror game (The Evil Within 2 was fun, but I didn't really have fun while playing it, hah) Currently, I am level 125 on Friday, and I LOVE the "Freekick" kill. I know, my name is "nerdy" but hey, who gives a damn. I might sound like a nerd but I can pack a punch Fun Fact: On Dead By Daylight, I am currently maining my "Feng Min". Her perks are awesome and I got to level 41 with her. My highest level character is Claudette, being P1/Lvl 5, Meg Thomas, being P1/Lvl 1, The Nurse (which looks awesome), being at level 49, and, well, Feng. My next highest level survivor is Nea Karlsson, and my next highest level killer is The Huntress (it's weird that they are all females, and i'm a guy. Nah, jk. don't yell please) I love making suggestions for the game, and I adore how the beta was but now... uhh.. nope. The "Slingshot Rubber Band" car thing pisses me off, so I'd say the game would be a 3/10 with all the free stuff, the Beta being an 9.5/10 (all the glitches) I'm underage so I can't drink. Hehe. Okay, that's all about me. Bye now
  12. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    The bots would be wayyyy better if.. -They turned on radios -Hid in tents -Set some beartraps/disable some traps -Boat escape -Bots didn't leave the phone once they stepped in a trap -Bots closing windows/unlocking or barricading doors -Healed each other -Stop swimming in circles every time I go near a bot Meh.
  13. What can be Tweaked?

    If you played/remember the beta, if you made a 180 degree turn, it would make this little animation that I DESIRED. Haha, but also another mechanic could be opening and/or closing doors. In the beta, if you opened a door, you would peek (yes, I had to) into the room before opening it all the way. The closing door animation, well, you would just close it slower. I loved that. You also could either lock or barricade a door, which. was. awesome. Hehe.
  14. Don't forget Tiffany pulling a pocket knife out her leg when she gets grabbed by Jason while she's wearing her bikini.
  15. New Ideas: Idk

    ***Also, in the customization system, you can only have 1 stat with 10/10 points. So instead of 10/10 repair, speed and stealth, you can go for 10/10 stamina, etc to make it more fair to Jason. Trying to extend a stat with more than 9 points even if you already have a stat that's 10/10, it will send you back a point. Keep in mind that for each point that you go back on, you still have the point. Reminds me of a game I played before, but I cannot remember its name. If I had a Jason customization system, it would go like this: You can have 5 Jasons You can title them with whatever name (Cannot use profanity, emojis or punctuation) If you select 'Can Run', the Weakness stat across from the Strength stat will immediately turn into "-Shift". (Example) You can change the appearance of the Jason by only his mask and weapon, clothes seems a bit too hard and tedious for the Devs, so that's on them. I will list the "Strengths/Weaknesses" down below. Increased Shift : Can't Run Can Run : Decreased Shift Increased Stalk : Decreased Morph Increased Sense : Traps Traps : Decreased Sense Increased Weapon Strength : Decreased Destruction Increased Destruction : Decreased Weapon Strength + Water Speed Increased Morph : Decreased Stalk Grip Strength + : Morph Stun Resistance : Grip Strength Increased Knives : Grip Strength Stalk : Decreased Knives Water Speed : Traps Traps : Water Speed ^^those were just examples, I might provide more later. So if this was in the game, the new stats would be: Part 2 Can Run: Decreased Shift Traps: Decreased Sense Increased Morph : Decreased Stalk Part 3 Can Run : Decreased Shift Weapon Strength : Decreased Destruction Grip Strength: Morph Part 4 Can Run : Decreased Shift Weapon Strength : Destruction (His last strength will be different) Increased Sense : Traps Part 6 Increased Knives : Grip Strength Shift : Can't Run Sense : Traps Part 7 +Shift (buffing him a bit) : Can't Run Weapon Strength : Decreased Destruction Increased Stalk : Decreased Morph Part 8 Destruction : Water speed OR Weapon Strength Water Speed : Can't Run Stalk : Decreased Sense (Since most of the other Jasons have decreased morph; changing it a bit.) Part 9 Increased Stalk : Can't Run Increased Shift : Decreased Sense (there's this weird space thing that I can't remove, I apologize! ) Stun Resistance : Grip Strength Savini Increased Weapon Strength : Decreased Destruction Shift : Can't Run Traps : Water Speed