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  1. Counselors Height?

    It will always be hard to transfer a trend or style from the past into current times. It is near impossible to apply today's views on sex-/gender-portrayal to movies which are roughly 35 years old. The game tries to recapture the vibe & style of the final quarter of a F13 film, so by default, its structure, its tropes and its style is roughly 35 years outdated. Also, the only characters who are not lean / optically athletic are LaChappa (reallife backer who got put in the game as a reward) and the somewhat chubby Shelly. And Shelly got trimmed down considerably compared to the movie it seems.
  2. Counselors Height?

    Haha. Godzilla Friday Wars - Jason vs Mechagodzilla. It's gonna happen.
  3. Counselors Height?

    I always thought the idea of this was to have Jason being of towering height. Kane Hodder is a big dude, no doubt, but 6'3" isn't towering over people that are 5'10" to 6'. I think it was one of the reasons Ken Kirzinger was cast instead of Hodder for Freddy vs Jason. And on another note it might have been the reason why Tyler Mane was cast as Michael Myers in Zombie's Halloween remakes. For the game, they wanted the best Jason, yet wanted to turn him into a towering menace. They did by getting smaller stuntmen for mocap, simple but clever move.
  4. Where is everybody from...

    I was born in Hamburg, Germany. Currently living in Northrhine Westphalia, though.
  5. I still play as a helper, although a little more aggressive than before. My job as TJ is to "aggro" Jason, distract him from other counselors, buying them time. If I see a sweater in play, turning the tables is an option aswell. In that case I will prioritize the sweater-girl and try to set-up everything for the kill. This goes wrong most of the time though. The way I see it, I already got a lot out of a lobby when I get a second life. I owe it to everyone else to play unselfish and carry myself as a teamplayer. There is more hiding in the game nowadays, but I'd guess those are mostly new players who are in over their heads with the responsibility of being "the hero" while still learning game basics.
  6. I had a few strange occurances today. I had a rubber band pocket knife, could not see it, because fear was too high. Dropped it after it worked a second time, because I didn't find this fair. It disappeared straight away. Jason stopped the car when it was roughly 50 ft away. Dragged me out when I was already out and ran away. All those things happened in the same game on Packanack small. On Crystal Lake I had Jason bugging out when he was about to get killed. Later that game I got pulled out of the car. I got the "Time Bonus" pop-up, then the other two players saved me from the grab. I stunned Jason, got into the car and one of the others drove us out. We were the last three. It took about a minute until the text popped up: "You Died". I was dumbfounded.
  7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The good I love the game. I often fail miserably at it, but it's so much fun, and my fails are often hilarious. I love the audio, I love the Jason-models. VC 2.0 is just fantastic. I love the badges and tapes and the rare occasion on which I find one. The Bad The player base from time to time. I'm mostly playing QuickPlay, often on my own. A lot of you know what can happen... Also, the wonky hit detection, grab width and item increase are bad to me, but I'm holding out hope it is not only noticed, but also that there will be change. The ugly CONNECTIVITY. The only thing that makes me furiously frustrated with the game. Searching for a lobby, host quitting, connection time after waiting three minutes for the game to start. The only thing I find really annoying.
  8. I had it happen the other way around. The Car was fixed by me. Tommy got behind the wheel and had me chasing after the car, stopping for me, then driving a few feet ahead. The ol' bait & switch. Somehow - I really don't remember the circumstances - I managed to get in front of him. Anyway, him trying to avoid hitting me made me realize he really didn't want 1k XP deduction. Still wouldn't let me in the car, though. He left the lobby without XP after that round. I was really not sorry. Dude wasn't even committed as a troll. As for the OP: I totally see where you are coming from. I don't see your behaviour as trolling. Whether it was the right thing to do depends on your goals, though. XP-wise, it did more harm than good. If to escape is your main priority, you did what you had to, though. And all the XP in the world won't make you happy if you get mad at yourself after the round is finished. I myself would have been at least dissappointed with myself if a player acting like that would have gotten away with it while Jason - who might have been the guy's buddy - had killed me with a choke or headpunch.
  9. The phone fuse still reoccuringly spawns in the same house as the phone. Had it just happen on Packanack Small, I think Crystal Lake before aswell.
  10. As a mere mortal who prefers walkers to runners from a stylistic pov I consider Part VIII my favourite Jason. Destruction is my favourite Jason skill. And from what I gathered, Part VIII was deemed "OP-Jason" by many for quite some time. So a slightly improved Part VIII like Savini can easily be considered "OP". (I'd say there is no OP Jason right now since Jason in general needs a little tweaking.) Part II could have 23 traps and get Chad speed, I will never ever like him. And if they'd waste a Savini design on him, I'd be a sad panda.
  11. The fire poker kill, both cooking kills (fireplace/campfire & cooking pot), the Jarvis and the multiple stab context kill have a somewhat sinister vibe for me. During the stabbing, you have Kane's typical intensity reaching a max level. The other kills are mostly uncomfortable for me because of the sounds & counselor reactions. That "flop"-noise when the counselor slides face first into the pig splitter. The slam&split I find hilariously campy, my brother however was like "Good god, what the hell?!" An unexpected one is always the two-handed-choke. One handed looks lame, but struggle and move itself feel real and gritty with the two-handed-version, especially with Part 2 Jason. And real and gritty is a surprising element in the campy F13 universe.
  12. Savini-Jason is amazing in look and style and I really wish I had gotten him. F13 the game totally flew by me until roughly April 2017. I was never a backer, so in my mind, I don't get him and that's the way it is. I would never trust people enough to "borrow" or "buy" their Savinis. I also would not ever feel like I deserve to have him. It's for those who helped making this game possible, as sad as it is for me personally. This is why I'm always hoping for Savini-players in QP. 😉
  13. Of course I will always speak for myself. What I said though was not a statement of "this is what everybody thought", it was "people nailing you with bats, machetes and shotguns weren't the rare, isolated obscurities people are now trying to make them out to be." I'm not talking unlucky saves or accidents either (never minded those), I'm talking counselors hunting other counselors down. If it was fun for you, fine, I guess. It was pretty clear it was not how it should play out and it was an easy way for trolls to make things go their way. Devs patched it out quite early and did a good job explaining why they did it. It is still part of private matches, where it probably occurs in a very immersive way. I still like the idea of "Human shield" kills for Jason players, resourceful kills when having grabbed a player and another player goes for a shotgun save. But I won't support proactive friendly fire in this toxic community.
  14. I am not against friendly fire in general. We as a community have proven for an extended period of time that we can't handle it, though. As long as counselors have every change to turn you into Jason fodder, some of us will do so. People acting like TK'ing wasn't a big deal definetly haven't participated in extensive PS4 QP-sessions. Even after it was removed I still had people trying to beat me to death with melee weapons.
  15. On a sidenote, did you (Illfonic and Gunmedia) translate the text and kill names to German or did Sony do this for you? Like the in-game localisation, it sounds a little off. Sorry if this comes off as somewhat dickish. Fish Gut was translated as Fisch Gut, basically meaning fish good. 'Fischausweidung' or 'Fisch ausnehmen' would have been better suited. 'Mutters (no apostrophies for Genitivus in German) Liebling' should be used instead of "Mutter's Favorit(e)". "Candy dispenser" is not translated at all, 'Süßigkeitenspender' would work.
  16. I can confirm I was just able to buy it in PSN Germany. It was even featured directly on the main game's site.
  17. Remember when we got spawn killed because a few times we got unlucky and spawned in Jason's shack? You don't? Well, it NEVER HAPPENED. The game doesn't allow spawn killing unless you simply don't move. As soon as the match starts, the counselor's main goal is survival. Your first objective is to check your surroundings. If I risk hovering around an objective, I risk running into Jason. 90 % of the time you'll get away from Big J early game. You'll have to make quite a few mistakes getting killed in your spawn area. I've had it happen to me, but no matter how god Jason was, it was always me having a really bad round.
  18. I'm all for the re-use of traps unless they get disarmed via pocket knives. This would be "one-for-one". Also, different color markers would work very well.
  19. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    The bots are finally doing kind of well escaping. Sometimes I even feel trolled, thanks to the item count. A Fox had three pocket knives. It should be less knives and sprays for Online play, but it works well for single player. Of course I try more different stuff & play less try-hard offline, still it was quite the surprise to see the two-seater escape, police getting called and one counselor escaping by police.
  20. The Virtual Cabin was immense fun. Very atmospheric. I would never have cleared it without help, some of the puzzles were crazily but well thought-out. Thanks for adding this. As mentioned by many, it feels as if there are way too many pocket knives and med sprays (which might be related to the medic perk). It is still possible to pressure counselors with Part II, III and IV Jasons, but walking Jasons have a really tough time even if they are right on someones heels AND get several hits in.
  21. From Germany aswell. I could not find it in the shop.
  22. Suggestion for Rage mode

    Stun invincibility when performing rage actions would be great, I think. Fully enraged Jason bursts through a door and gets hit, Jason doesn't get stunned or hit for HP Damage. He'll just be onto you with total stun invincibility for a few seconds and you die. Traps might slow him down a little, but even they should have reduced stun time after a rage action.
  23. This topic is incredibly baffling. Your argument is flawed on so many levels, I can't believe you are actually trying to state your point based on it. Your reaction to people criticizing screams online troll. Comment deserving most likes around here:
  24. "Hard" bots my ass

    I have the impression bots were doing different round to round. I had the police called on me a few minutes in without a trap alert being set off. No mess up on repairs either. As soon as the police arrived, counselors darted for the exit. I had to get between them and the police and catch them when they tried looping around me. In the end, two of them made it out despite me trying. Next round three went for a swim and Tommy was mesmerized by the drawer. Day and night.
  25. Ready to troll you mean...;) Seriously, though. I had MP rounds with two loaded camp sites (Higgins and Higgins small), two shot guns, med spray at each site, pocket knives at each site. I had other rounds where I'd loot three houses and two camp sites, all seemingly untouched. I got one medspray and an axe. It was such a weird volatility in item spawn rate.