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  1. We had one forum member claiming to have never experienced any bugs within the game. I have seen & grouped with people who never get any randoms into their lobby should they host. The game can be quite inconsistent as an experience. While this sounds very intriguing as a concept, it would be very hard to avoid a PR-disaster I'd assume. Some victims still have living relatives and I'd assume lots of backlash for a game like this. Yes, there are movies, but you can't play the killer in those. I still think it would have a great horror/thriller atmosphere, but I'd put a very big emphasize on my game being strictly fictional.
  2. Thor_Bjarnason

    Questions About Future Content

    Not going to lie, this hurts. I feel as if anger doesn't help me, though. Some really good ideas in this thread @wes were to allow for console players to fully access the game offline at some point. I lack fundamentals in game creating to tell you how, but I'd love to play every Jason and every counselor once you guys kill the lights. Other than that, despite bugs and brockeness, this game has been one of my personally most fun gaming experience. I don't regret buying it twice at full price. Still sorry for everyone who feels cheated. I might not feel the same, but I think I understand where you are coming from. I feel for you.
  3. I know they weren't really happy with how their original Paranoia-attempt played out. It might be worth revisiting and rebranding though. Could be a digital only five dollar / Euros / pounds title completely detached from F13 if the general concept was a supernatural, disguised killer blending in amidst a group fighting for survival. They might even be able to stick with the Paranoia-title.
  4. Thor_Bjarnason

    This game was a disaster.

    You're right. Nothing says manly manhood like people "accidently" hitting friendlies with twenty baseball bat hits to the dome until they collapse in a puddle of bloody. That's why it happens every day in the army, in the police and in all those manly places. I'm so happy me and my friends can join each other in private Matches, clubbing each other with our big baseball bats while Jason watches US, machete in Handys. Always feels so alpha.
  5. Thor_Bjarnason

    We're Still Here

    My PS 4 runs on guinea pig related Power. They run on a treadmill, they won't generate high enough voltage to fry the console with their little legs. No worries.
  6. Thor_Bjarnason

    We're Still Here

    Happy for at least some positivity in dire times. I haven't played as much as I did at the height of my enthusiasm for this game, but I'll always be back until somebody switches off the lights.
  7. I had at least two occasions where players got Jason for two games in a row. I definetly felt like rng-ing Jason more often than before.
  8. Wayne Newton, first Dankeschön-scammer in history. I, like my Dankeschöns, am authentic and made in Germany. All Dankeschöns come with a TB-Seal-of-approval.
  9. Don't fall for this guy. He's a fraud. It's spelled Dankeschön. And you get them from me. $ 4,499.99 is the price. I only had second hand experience. Somebody I played with got accused of being a homewrecker by some people. It would be a long story with loads of details, to cut it short: there were no grounds for such accusations. It was major unneccesary drama. It got sad because people got really hurtful and shitty about it aswell.
  10. Thor_Bjarnason

    The future of SP challenges

    Well, the movies still exist...;) I like the SP challenges and I think they are done well enough. But I don't see them as anything that will prolong the game's life tbh.
  11. I have rolled quite a few legendaries, none of the really great ones. I was particularly bummed out by a legendary slugger perk with a 7 (!!!) % negative to your stun chance. How is it a legendary perk with a grey-perk-level negative? I would probably go with OPs Vanessa combination, maybe switching Scout with either Marathon or Restful for a more "kitey" build.
  12. Thor_Bjarnason

    New update ruined the Game

    I'd say the reaction is more like touching a hotplate, burning yourself & than saying: I hate hotplates & am afraid of them. Ideally, memory of experiences will help you make proper usage of certain thingd. Like using a hotplate to cook and using Jason's new grab differently than the old one. My jury is still out on the update as a whole, but the cutscenes for SP challenges should be skippable. Those are no 10 second clips like the MP opening and they are annoying to watch when you repeat challenges.
  13. Thor_Bjarnason

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Sir, you are essentially and factually right about everything you say. I humbly yield any argument on my behalf and look forward to the update of the engine and everything that will follow come Thor's day. Regards Mr. Bjarnason All that aside, some people are going at great lengths to accuse Gun Media of certain things in this (and many other) thread(s). Shifty is only the latest victim in this. There's quite a lot of people trying to defend him, which may be the reason why the discussion is still ongoing.
  14. Thor_Bjarnason

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Well, he actually stated they are not going to release the update on May 26th. Isn't this a holiday weekend in the US? It might relate to that, not them generally not working on weekends. Anyway, glad to see this coming out this week. It has been quite the wait.
  15. Thor_Bjarnason

    Daytime maps

    There are kills in broad daylight, but most of those are Jason appearing out of nowhere and killing people swiftly, almost one hundred percent of the time without them realizing what hit them. This is probably why daylight maps would be okay for offline play. I remember two actual daylight chases from the movies, the odd-man-out paintball guy who tried to run from Jason in VI and the cop in II who actually chased Jason. Plus the game, while inspired by movies, is not a complete movie. It's a climax of a movie, the remaining survivors know Jason is out there to get them and they try to scratch, claw and dance their way to an escape. No F13 climax takes plays in broad daylight.