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  1. I usually play with a good friend who had no internet connection for a few weeks after changing providers which is why I hadn't played since the last patch up until last saturday. I actually fell victim to quite a few grabs where it looked on my screen like I was a couple of feet away from Big J. However, when it was my turn as Jason, I tried grabbing a Tiffany right in front of me - on my screen anyway - almost walking through her. I assumed some people HAD gotten used to the grab. I don't think the grab was that awful before anyway, but since my hiatus I have seen Jason's doing a good job with the grabs and people failing to dodge even with space in between. It was mostly QP though, so maybe those were competent players in disfunctional lobbies.
  2. Just got stuck when crawling out from underneath a bed while playing Crystal lake small as Mitch. Could not move or swing at all. Jason could not grab me and at first, none of his swings connected. He was however able to slash me to the death later. Mitch was basically standing inside the bed.
  3. I could totally see this being a G-Mod Murder kind of thing. Maybe we will have up to 8 counselors. One has a Jason mask in his inventory and can put it on under certain circumstances, allowing him to switch to a killer mode. Maybe all the names will be blacked out and you have to chose from a prefigured set of counselors. Maybe counselors have to do certain tasks, and the killer has to be in the right place at the right time to switch into Jason mode. If the killer messes up, he becomes prone to attack and killing. I'm very intruiged what it'll be in the end, even if it might be entirely different.
  4. While I think F13 loses out on some of its potential, it does manage to bring across a Friday vibe. I honestly think the maps do a great job portraying the scenery from the movies. The music and sound effects are amazing. Granted, it's more in the vein of campy Pt 6 onward Friday, but those are the parts that made me like the series. Also, I'm a clumsy enough gamer to still get murdered easily. I don't mind the often criticized clothing packs, they seem totally in line with the campyness of the movies. DbD has cool killer concepts, but I feel practically no difference in playing. Maybe this could be different if I took more time playing / learning and progressing the killers. I have never felt the urge to do that though, while I somehow get hooked by F13 faux progession. The "play killer only" option is nice, but I could see it being trouble in Friday. Never experienced any toxicity in DbD, but I have been hookcamped more often into oblivion which was fair game, but also a somewhat annoying experience. F13 has been worse for me (PS 4 player) in that regard. People still try to TK, people exploit glitches or serve you on a silver platter for Jason via car. It's still more of an exception to the rule, though. Despite being a 99.9% quickplay guy, I still enjoy the game very much. I enjoy F13 a lot more than DbD, wouldn't call any of the two a bad game though.
  5. I'm not very good as Jason, 4/8 or worse happens fairly regularly for me. I have had players waiting on me by the police, flicking flashlights, crouching/unchrouching and even once pursuing me when I basically indicated "not playing anymore, please leave and end the game." This was back when team killing still was a thing in public matches and way before dance emotes or grab nerfs. Some players have attitude to rub it in once they realize they are head and shoulders above you. So I don't think emotes are the reason for what you named dance parties, players are, unfortunately.
  6. The afromentioned Necronomicon is a good example to discuss canonic value of Easter Eggs. In my point of view the appearance of the book in Jason goes to hell simply states that Jason and Crystal Lake exist in a world were the Necronomicon exists. Its existence doesn't by default connect Jason to Deadites and such. It just tells us Jason might be in the same world as Ash Williams or the world HP Lovecraft created. I would state that Easter Eggs, especially those included after the final cut, are of some canon-value, albeit not essential to story or major plot parts. Jason, at least in the later parts of the series, seems to be part of the same world as Freddy Krueger and also part of a world where the Necronomicon exists. So both are part of a somewhat Lovecraftian world.
  7. Hej everyone, finally took the step to sign up around these parts. Good to know there is a community which is passionate about the game and the movies. My interest for anything F13 related started relatively late and thanks to the Freddy vs Jason movie which I saw at the theatres back when it was released. I went back and watched all of the movies in chronological order a few years later (they were hard to get for me) and enjoyed them very much, those from Part VI onward more than the earlier ones. I have since rewatched all of them, a few multiple times. Jason has climbed up the ladder of my personal film figures, especially Hodder-Jason. I only learnt about the game shortly before its release. I'm usually not a huge multiplayer guy, even though occasionally playing those games. Still I loved the idea and bought the game for PS4, feeling somewhat bad for not contributing to the crowd funding. Would have loved to have done so. All remorse aside, so far I really enjoyed the game. Of course there is room for change and improvement, but I have fun playing and trying to get better at the game. Haven't played after the last somewhat controversial patch because of time constraints, though. Ah, well...rambling on and on. I hope I will be able to contribute to the community. Looking forward to discussing the game with you guys.