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  1. No one with a clear mind blames them / Shifty for WHAT was said in the statement. The question is why Wes hinted (well, kind of promise) a possible statement while they still hadn't cleared they could make one. Or why they put a narrow timeframe on it. Or why they didn't as soon as they realized they couldn't hit the deadline for their self imposed date for a Statement publish sth like Shifty posted now. If your statement is 15 words of "we can't really say anything right now", you couldn't have published this on Tuesday instead of Sunday? It just leaves such a bad taste.
  2. This is such a BS tweet. Why not OFFICIALLY state that you don't have prepared your own statement yet? There may be GRAAAAAAAAY regarding the legal stuff, but this doesn't apply to the non-existant level of communication... At this point it is just insulting.
  3. After Miller terminated copyright, the usual procedure would have been for Cunningham and company to reach out and try and settle (all according to Larry Zerner). They sued instead. I might come across as cynical and all of this is speculation, but did they reach out after the lawsuit turned into a court case? Before? There is this feeling that the settlement got interesting once it became a distinct possibility the judge might rule in favour of Miller. One thing is for certain, there is no easy answer to any question regarding the lawsuit. I'm firmly in the Camp that takes The "No-new-content" Statement at face calue. This doesn't render the whole ruling meaningless, however, for this is essential to the future of this franchise.
  4. My point was more directed at community members putting the blame on Illfonic, but I of course agree with your general sentiment.
  5. I'm not sure. So far every source I heard on the topic claimed Illfonic to be nothing but a hired gun. So not sure they were the ones prioritizing Engine update over content update...
  6. I just read Larry Zerner's Twitter. Since he says Cunningham will "most likely appeal", he will definetly have the chance to do so. Larry has great knowledge regarding the copyright topic and certainly enough of a personal interest in this issue to be up to date.
  7. Is it possible for the suing party to appeal in a case like that? I'm no legal expert, I'm genuinely asking.
  8. First part of my post is an assumption of mine which refers to you and your quote. Rest is directed at others within this thread who start bringing up new content.
  9. From the sounds of it, illFonic is a large team who will get new tasks. Whether it is by GunMedia or others remains to be seen. From the Intel we get this sounds like a simple cost cutting move (smaller team which is familiar with the game replacing larger team). It remains to be seen how this will work out. It's cool how people refuse to let go of their hopes regarding this game. But from what I gathered, the statement about "No New content" didn't come from dev-side, but publisher-side iirc. illFonic were hired guns to a degree, Gun town mayors. "We can’t add any content, whatsoever. Nada. Not even a new tree or rock. We can only focus on console dedicated servers, bug fixes, and maintenance. " This is an exact quote from Wes, in his own topic. It's still hard to accept with a few months time to digest. But it's a statement on an official platform from the founder and president of the company responsible for the game. The guys who did the developeing moving to other endeavours seems more likely than "we will use an even smaller Studio for Bug fixing, balancing AND New content which won't see the light of day."
  10. I've been on this ride since the whole (or)deal started. Love the game at its core, have great memories and am thankful for those. I have nothing but friendly feelings for everyone still invested in this game. I admire the passion and commitment. That being said, the running joke of major changes turning into major misfires is less funny and more frustrating. Connectivity has been one major issue, ded. servers were the supposed solution on consoles. Players had A LOT of patience, Gun/Ill and there hired guns had quite a lot of time. I guess the playerbase had to major groups left: One like us who just knew nothing would work as intended and one who were convinced this major issue would be solved by dedicated servers. I personally see our passionate little community as test subjects for dedicated console servers, who will probably be needed for future stuff from those guys. That being said those who saw dedicated servers as the games salvation are of course disappointed, since it seems to not work on a larger scale.
  11. Well, at least the game doesn't end when the nominal host leaves. But searching for game still takes a while, either long times searching for games or having to restart the game because simply cancelling a search won't work. And you get thrown out of lobby after the games randomly from time to time for no apparent reason. I haven't successfully joined a lobby in Public matches yet either. Not trying to bitch, just sharing my experience.
  12. Is it weird for me to think of darker versions of Alice in Wonderland characters? Afaik the source material should be free to use and a bloodthirsty Queen of Hearts could work fine.
  13. I read it as people resorting to namecalling when others bring up good points. I guess it's this months "toxic", whatever... I'm totally and utterly relaxed and have been most of the time with this game. I don't care about PC, there's no cross platforming and I play on PS4. I also would not mind random counselor bug since I play on all random anyway. Additionally I almost never roll out in party. Just try to imagine you don't prioritize party play, you always play random selection. Patch drops and notes say "Interaction lock has been fixed." You are happy with that, fire up the game and you get multiple interaction locks within your first playsession, as some seem to be stating. It might not be 100% accurate, but kind of an understandable reaction.
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