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  1. Hello everyone! I think the developers time to implement a rating system in the game. This can be a classic "ladder" (separately for Jason, separately for counselors) upward or as in PUBG - comparison of statistics (the number of games, deaths, murders. And the top 100 players will receive an award at the end of the month - a new skin, for example) I think it will be an additional motivation for the players. What do you think?
  2. There is always a possibility that players from one party will be loyal to each other. This does not mean that they will interfere with others at the same time, but it's still not very good. Tell me, when you play with the party, why should you be Jason? And if you want to be Jason, why not do it in a private game with your friends? As for the inscriptions above the heads. In any case, let this correction be. This will still complicate the task of Jason when he sees 2-3 identical counselors in one place. Even with a voice connection, you can make a mistake. The system with video recording is very inconvenient. I can record video during my stream, but for example my friend can not record. Alas!
  3. Thank you, Chole! Can you see my post in Friday the 13th: The Game -- Suggestions/Feedback? Hello, DamonD7! Yep, I have 444 followers. It's not enough, but it's because of my bad English. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hello! I'm CrashDiet I'm playing on Friday the 13th since the release. Also, I'm streaming dat game on my channel -
  5. Hello! I believe that in the game there is still a problem match fixing going on.When the players help Jason kill the other players. This is terribly annoying. There is no reporting system in the game, but even if it were, it is a fight against the consequences, not the cause. It is necessary to correct the situation fundamentally. What do I suggest: 1) Jason should not see the nicknames of the counselors over the heads of the characters. He should not know who he is chasing. 2) Players who are in collusion (who invite friend in one team) should be excluded from the selection of players for Jason. This is the main correction.Then we will be 99% sure that Jason is on his own, and the players may will be a partners. It would be fair. I think it can be done. At least, at least removing player nicknames. Thank you!