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  1. Please modify the offline mode so you can be any Jason, besides the special ones that people paid for, with any unlockables. Especially since the new news came out saying content is stoping. Its sad to say but this will be the start of the player population decline. Without new content people will be moving on and not coming back as often. I want to be able to come back to this game and destroy with any Jason I want. The bots may not be that challenging but I love that they are there. This game will always be able to be played and I don’t want to lose my account one day and only be able to be part 3 Jason forever. Please please devs this is a simple change and makes sense. The online will be the same and you unlock them but there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to have fun offline and expirement.
  2. I know it would be expensive and difficult to create a bot version ofJason for offline bot play but what about just simple missions where Jason is just programmed to do the same thing everytime for that mission. Think of it as like a boss fight almost and a challenge for example would be to kill Jason after he just kill your friend in your cabin. Or like you and your friend must get past Jason to escape and survive and you have get past him and he’s programmed well to grab you in that certain area. That would give a lot of different ways to play like saving your friend too or lettting them die so you can live. Just things like that so the programming isn’t hard and doable. You can get creative with it maybe try and make some of them scary like Jason popping out well you trying to save someone or get something. I just think that would be a great opportunity and also let people be able to play against Jason in an even scarier way.
  3. Hell yeah! Exactly how it should be. I get people want everyone to grind to earn them but not everyone has the time to grind like that. And What about people with no internet? Offline should be about fun and practice so why does it matter let people try everything out and make them want to unlock it online. This is a much needed solution!
  4. Offline should be updated to allow all Jason’s and items unlocked. Offline should be for fun and allow players to try out the different Jason’s and items. I don’t see the reason to connect online progress with offline bot games. Also, If someone doesn’t have an internet connection there just stuck playing part 3 Jason forever. Please look into fixing this small issue. Offline bots do mean a lot to some people and this would allow for more experimentation and practice for a lot of players.
  5. So i'm super excited for this game and certainly plan to buy it if the offline is up to par but I have a question about the offline multiplayer with bots. So I have a cabin up north and there is no internet up there so I try to mainly buy games that I can play without internet since I spend alot of time up there and at night I usually end up doing most of my gaming up there. From what i've seen on the forums and other sites there will be a single player and offline multiplayer with bots but you can only play as jason. I'm just wondering if this is true and if there will ever be a jason AI added at some point so you can get the full experience of the game without having to have internet? After buying games like star wars battlefront that started adding skirmish, offline with bots, and then stopped and left me buying dlc that I cant play much, besides when i'm back home with internet, I have really started looking into games and making sure they have what I want in them. So if I can get confirmation that at some point there will be offline multiplayer with bots including Jason, so I can play as a counselor as well, I will definatly be buying this game and as soon as it comes out.
  6. Haven't seen anything about this on here so just wondering if the devs have thought about after the game is released and if it's successful, which I'm thinking it will be, could there be a chance of it being released on the switch later on? I myself am buying it on Xbox but I started out on Nintendo and will always be a Nintendo fan so I think it would be cool to see a game like Friday the 13th release on the switch and give the older switch players a cool game to buy. Hell, I'd probably buy a switch version too just cause it would be cool and could have some cool features with the switchs controller
  7. Im wondering if the Y botton, when you play Jason, takes off the mask. In the gameplay video the Y botton had a picture of a mask and I bet if they see jason without the mask it scares them even more. Maybe if you get hurt the mask comes off for the rest of the game and if you push Y Jason just lifts it up for a sec like in pt 3 when hes getting out of the noose or pt 8 when he kicks the radio.
  8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, when Clark is cutting his christmas tree and he walks out of his garage with a chain saw and a all white hockey mask giving a little reference to Jason. I always liked that scene so just thought Id throw that out there.
  9. Will this be aviable on Mac? If so will it be cross-play between pc and Mac? I'm in college so when I'm away for most of the year I only have my Mac and I would love to beable to play this well I'm gone. And I just asked about cross play because that will ensure population cause I fear Mac wouldn't have enough players all the time without cross play.
  10. Will there be multiple maps in the game, like of camps or locations from the movies or just made up ones, or will there just be one big map? Also, will the maps or map have different weather scenarios each time you play like at random the map could have rain, fog, or just a clear night? The game looks great though and no matter what map sitation it looks like a blast either way!
  11. I can't be the only one think this but will there be fully nude boobs in the game? Friday the 13th is all about Jason killing and the conceslors having sex, so I'm just hoping the game has some animated boobs in there but either way the game looks great!
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