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  1. Thats awesome, I have been a CAD Designer for the better part of 15 years now, I greatly enjoy it, with a paired field in Quality Inspection for a number of years. On a daily basis I get to go out and field measure for jobs and also get to do some traveling around the country. I made the decision to go to night school along time ago and have never regretted doing it. Good Luck.
  2. I say no because there are times I have easily increased 10 levels or more per weekend, [with increased xp] you need around 6000 points per level, I think? So you can easily get 1 level in a relatively short amount of time playing. When I play F13, i Usually Binge. So its the only game I play for weeks, months at a time. Then I take breaks onto a select few games. SDE NOTE: For me personally it was the hardest time leveling from levels 1-20, after that I found a rhythm and started rockin"
  3. That would be awesome, I am down with it... It'll probably NEVER Happen, as alot of other great ideas from players of the game have suggested.
  4. i think it makes it fun to be taunted/trolled every once in a while, breaks up the monotiny, sometime it can get boring just going thru the normal paces constantly, it's a good laugh, enjoyable gameplay.
  5. I have been taking a break from F13, I've finally started playing Bloodborne, I am trying to get it done by [Dark Souls Remastered, so that game is my #1], #2 RDR 2, #3 Days Gone #4 Ghost of Tsushima [whenever it will be released]
  6. I gotcha. i get rally frustrated using spear Jason, I do not have Sav. so I am not sure how he plays. I think it would be a definit upgrade to revamp combat. to react quicker when a press a botton, sometimes it seems like there is a excrusiating long delay with attacking as either Jason or Counselor when meleeing. Using the Spear for me is an even longer eraction time. And who the hell just does an overhead smash mainly? I wish the main atack would be the thrust or a diagonal slash....
  7. Could Also be the player who is trying to place trap as well. There are a few people that do not set it as soon as they get into a cabin, for some reason
  8. This would look SOOOO much better if Jason would have his hand in the mouth of the Victim, instead of on the rig as it was captured, Can this be fixed? I know we can't go around rippingoff/dislocating actors jaws, BUT would it be something that can be addressed and fixed Digitally?
  9. just wait for them to die, my friend. No use in trying to help people when don't want to complete anything. or be helpful. Be one with nature!
  10. Erik13E

    Thank you!

    @GriMcheefer187, Hello. Yes, That's the best. When I get a chance to play I always hae a great time. I am looking forward to the new update, whenever it happens. I'll F/R you when I get a chance to jump on next. on PSN: EVL--13
  11. I like theese people in-game , they keep Jason busy, So I can complete Gather Stuff and complete Thangs....
  12. i think it would be cool to see, [From Ear to Shoulder] animate. if it would be possible
  13. i see what you are saying, But i think it would be loads of fun......
  14. muffin's secret movie, "Crotchbite"
  15. Jason has clearly mastered the window throw, I think 30+ years of throwing bodies through windows he can do it without breaking one by now, if it is already open
  16. DeathMatch..... , Rooftop Cage duel, "You paid for the Whole seat, but you'll only use the edge!"
  17. Wrong Game, BUT I Would definetly love a "Return of the Living Dead" game, It is my alltime favorite film actually.
  18. Who Cares!? They are similar games but aren't the same, Play whichever you like better, OR Both if your door swings that way....
  19. i think they we are used to where mostly everyone places them. Sometimes they are really camouflaged and You can hardly see them, Then they jump out and get ya'. I think they work ok now , not great, but just because it would be nice to have free reign on both sides while using them.
  20. Why were the Alpha and Beta animations and counselors and Jason models changed to what is in game now, Did they cause problems? They could be ALOT smoother for both sides of playable characters. I would love for everything to be massively polished in these area's [For EX. In-Game movement, character combat interactions ] General interactions could use some touch up here and there, But for the most part are pretty good.... I think it definitely improve the game.
  21. Hello all, I am trying the get the PH.D/Murder, I thought it worked with offline mode? I've gone thru all the different Jasons' I have first used me favorite and did his weapon kills, and all the general kills, Then went thru each other specific Jason and did their Weapon kills. The achievement didn't unlock, Am I missing something or does this method NOT work? Thanks, Erik
  22. i only found 1 tape All weekend.... The search Continues......
  23. i think if would be cool to see her but only if you are playing as Tiffany, and she could be used as a diversion to lure Jason.