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  1. yeah, I hear you. Over the weekend was not bad in a few full lobbies. But so far during this week only 2 full lobbies, the rest were 5 player max. lowest was myself and the host. Fun, Fun. Truthfully I see myself playing to finish single player challenges, find tapes, try and complete achievements. then on the shelf it goes. its a shame, this is a fun game i think, had potential.
  2. I have both the Digital and Physical copies, Everything so far as DLC content goes, except for Savini Jason. on PS4. So No interest in the Poster of a Mask.
  3. OK, So as of an hour ago on Facebook, Friday the 13th the game. now states that Savini will be excluded from the ultimate editions due out in September
  4. oh yeah. Now If SAVINI would be included It would be a definite payout from me. But I'll pass on a poster, (that could be printed out on Photo paper anyway), or a Replica mask. I guess we'll have to wait and see what info. becomes avaliable.
  5. Where can we go to find out what is definetly included within the two versions, https://www.amazon.com/Friday-13th-Game-Ultimate-Slasher-PlayStation/dp/B07FPGMZP4/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1531926706&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=Friday+The+13th%3A+The+Game+Ultimate+Slasher+Collector's+Edition+PS4. This first one is $40, which seem to include an additional poster. The higher priced version also has a replica mask for and additional $30.?
  6. I have not seen it clearly stated that "Savini Jason" is included within the DLC in the Upcoming Ultimate Slasher Collector's Edition. It would be nice to know if he's included, But I'm not sure.
  7. Hello all, I am trying the get the PH.D/Murder, I thought it worked with offline mode? I've gone thru all the different Jasons' I have first used me favorite and did his weapon kills, and all the general kills, Then went thru each other specific Jason and did their Weapon kills. The achievement didn't unlock, Am I missing something or does this method NOT work? Thanks, Erik
  8. Attempt to worry about others. when its clear they don't care or have got no clue/don't listen to advice. Jason Bait!
  9. I used to get that way initially, But I just try to have fun. It helps when counselors get caught off guard, its funny. I have a great time playing both sides. Good laughs.
  11. Erik13E

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    i think i have that one, packed away. Have had this on for a long time too, Cinema of Fear: Jason Vorhees Stylized Action Figure
  12. I suppose with no new content to release, fixes will be done in no time at all. Guess that's a bonus.
  13. Damon, Thank you. I didn't know there was an initial; lawsuit ongoing
  14. Anywhere we can go to get all info on the lawsuit, This is news to me so I'd like to read whats exactly going on. N/M, Just saw this in another post, Thanks.
  15. Erik13E

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    yep, and I had them set up how i like them, all counselors set up and Jasons setup too.... I switch my sounselors ans jasons up regularly, so it takes a while to get every thing back. But, Like I said It'll get straightened out eventually
  16. Victoria, Is she wearing Pajama's? Or some Pants suit thing?
  17. Erik13E

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I've only been able to try the first one this mornign before work, I like it. I did however NOT like having to redo all my counselor set-ups, clothing, emotes, perks AND everything about Jason. And game settings. But we'll get them straightened out and corrected again.
  18. That's All I did, It was fine
  19. Can't be anymore unrealistic than Bryce Dallas Howard running in them from Dino's in Jurassic World
  20. gotta see how her character is i game
  21. I think they mean just counselor appearance, Not create your own stats, That would never happen.
  22. Erik13E

    Worst Jason Weapon

    SPEAR/TRIDENT, Because, Who the "F" has this weapon and performs an overhead attack. RETARDED!!!!!!! Main attack should be Thrust, Side (Waist high) slash, Or a Diagonal (Torso) Shash, period.
  23. Ahh, I gotcha. yeah that doesn't bother me at all, we are limited for choices. So its bound to happen. There is definetly ALOT of potential that can remedy this with what is already in game, We just need MORE accessable customizabilities. We have the right to setup a character as we want to see them. IF there is seomeone else who like the same limited outfit seleection we are allowed to choose from then that's how it has to be... Until we get more clothing options OR {*Wink} If the Devs would ever allow the Option to mix and match between characters clothing sets per counselor, [I don't mean across the board], just withn counselors as they are currnetly set.