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  1. Can't be anymore unrealistic than Bryce Dallas Howard running in them from Dino's in Jurassic World
  2. gotta see how her character is i game
  3. I think they mean just counselor appearance, Not create your own stats, That would never happen.
  4. Erik13E

    Worst Jason Weapon

    SPEAR/TRIDENT, Because, Who the "F" has this weapon and performs an overhead attack. RETARDED!!!!!!! Main attack should be Thrust, Side (Waist high) slash, Or a Diagonal (Torso) Shash, period.
  5. Ahh, I gotcha. yeah that doesn't bother me at all, we are limited for choices. So its bound to happen. There is definetly ALOT of potential that can remedy this with what is already in game, We just need MORE accessable customizabilities. We have the right to setup a character as we want to see them. IF there is seomeone else who like the same limited outfit seleection we are allowed to choose from then that's how it has to be... Until we get more clothing options OR {*Wink} If the Devs would ever allow the Option to mix and match between characters clothing sets per counselor, [I don't mean across the board], just withn counselors as they are currnetly set.
  6. Twins? What do you mean two separate players playing the same coulselor and wearing the same outfit?
  7. Thank you, everyone. I just didn't know before if there was anything posted in previous posts of everythig that was going to be released, or if it was bits and pieces of info. But The Patch notes list all i see.
  8. Is there anywhere to go for us to find out a definite list of what is confirmed for tomorrow's update. Or would that be covered in Patch notes, when they will be updated?
  9. Erik13E

    Friday the 13th Add more new characters

    Probably see a double XP weekend relatively soon, This coming update is pretty substantial with all the things it is incorporating to the game, Just play and you will rack up cp to spend, it takes around 6000 XP to level, so if you are averaging 500 xp per session that's only 12-13 sessions or so.
  10. i gotcha, yeah, I have managed to get the majority of perks rare/epic too. IThere are a few I am still trying to top out though. So I continue to throw away cp. I'll get them one day though.
  11. But in RPG's when you spend in game currencies you usually get worthwhile perks, The Case In F13, unfortunately you get "A Chance" to receive a worthwhile perk. while in reality wasting a ton of acquired currency from playing countless sessions. on the shit perk you already have and have disgarded, they do not go away. It would be great for the future updates to incorporate some type of perk tracking system, so THIS Problem goes away.
  12. Who cares if he gets so upset, Its a good scroll, I chuckle endlessly when I see these posts... LOL