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  1. i think they we are used to where mostly everyone places them. Sometimes they are really camouflaged and You can hardly see them, Then they jump out and get ya'. I think they work ok now , not great, but just because it would be nice to have free reign on both sides while using them.
  2. Why were the Alpha and Beta animations and counselors and Jason models changed to what is in game now, Did they cause problems? They could be ALOT smoother for both sides of playable characters. I would love for everything to be massively polished in these area's [For EX. In-Game movement, character combat interactions ] General interactions could use some touch up here and there, But for the most part are pretty good.... I think it definitely improve the game.
  3. This would look SOOOO much better if Jason would have his hand in the mouth of the Victim, instead of on the rig as it was captured, Can this be fixed? I know we can't go around rippingoff/dislocating actors jaws, BUT would it be something that can be addressed and fixed Digitally?
  4. i only found 1 tape All weekend.... The search Continues......
  5. i think if would be cool to see her but only if you are playing as Tiffany, and she could be used as a diversion to lure Jason.
  6. Hello all !

    Hello, Welcome
  7. Ha, yeah. I plan to start over with these, I forget where I left off, So back to the beginning... It's been a few months since I focused on them.
  8. Yes, I know, I didn't mean that, Sorry I was referring to grouping kills together, just trying to think of the ones i have done already, while typing.
  9. Ahh I see, OK it might work different on PS4. Gotcha.
  10. How about other horror games?

    I see what you are saying about "A Nightmare" game, [I initially meant about the 80's slasher group] & I gotcha, about the post, No problem
  11. Nice, Damn I'm guessing it was a private match with a friend? Now I see why I had a problem with it, Iwas not doing them in an entire match. Hmmm, have to find someone to work with on the PS4. Thank you.
  12. PHd in Murder - PS4

    I think there are Location specific kills also. Sorry I mean Map specific, I think there are a few kills from in the films?
  13. I'm down , I won't be able to play until later on at night though, around 10pm Est. PSN: EVL--13, If you want to add me just hit me with a message, Thanks.
  14. Recently watched Parts 1&2, So I will pickup with Part 3, after work tomorrow. Then I plan on watching Part 4[The Final Chapter] on Saturday, and Part 5[ A New Beginning], sometime Sunday.