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  1. I just noticed that there are wooden pallets under outhouses. Around when the game came out there wasn't any wooden pallets. The pallets might have been placed there because the animation of getting into a hiding place needed flat ground.
  2. It Was In The Game When It Released, I Remember Swinging A Weapon And A Bit Of Stamina Was Lost, But Then It Just Disappeared, Weird That Its In The Wiki And The Description Of Strength.
  3. If A Counselor Has Low Strength They Lose More Stamina From Swinging Their Weapon, If They Have High Strength Less Stamina Is Lost, This Feature Was In The Game.
  4. When You Swing A Weapon You Don't Lose Stamina From That Action, Its In The Description Of Strength In The Game.
  5. Most Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game like Vanessa and other low strength Counselors Swing their Weapon Without Any Stamina loss, this also applies for other Counselors, this used to be a feature, they need to bring this feature back.
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