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  1. I don't know much about law suits but surely if gun media did Paranoia into it's own game without using licence stuff it will be okay because it won't have anything to do with the friday franchise.
  2. yeah i'm surprised it hasn't been asked on their twitter or on here. I guess on private match you can but on quick match, we have no idea?
  3. say you are in salt mines and your friend isn't can you still play with them? i'm not in salt mines and i don't plan to be be, i'm just wondering just incase me or either of my friends somehow end up in there.
  4. I tried share play for friday the 13th and did the play a game together but i go into the lobby and my friend who i am sharing playing with isn't there?
  5. I don't know if anyone finds it a big issue but those who work with Jason because they are friends ruins the game for others and it's cheating, so since we are getting salt mines which is a good idea, why don't we have an report player option so working with Jason could be against the rules? and who ever deals with that stuff can look at the evidence and send them to the salt mines or give them a little ban. The whole working with Jason makes it easy for his friends and as i said ruins it for others and it could ruin paranoia too. Honestly they should man up and play and not take the easy way out Does anyone agree?
  6. Having snow in the game would be quite interesting because it will make it harder for the counselors and jason because snow is slippy and your slower than your normal speed and if you're outside for way too long then you get frostbite until you get a spray.
  7. thank you and yes for sure <3
  8. Hello, My name is Luke and i'm kind of obsessed with this game so i thought i should sign up to the forum if anyone wants to play F13 on ps4 with me hit me up and i will give you my gametag etc. I think this game is great, i've been waiting years for a game like this.. Dead by daylight was a disappointment but I love this game and i'm a huge Jason/horror fan.
  9. I don't know about you guys but i find being kicked out of a game because of the host exiting the game quite annoying especially if you escaped and then you don't get the points, if a host leaves it should go to the next person who joined or selected at random. I could have been on 34 by now </3
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