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  1. I'm going to be honest, this is probably going to be one of the harder challenges. Your goal is to have 0 fear by the end of the round. this means no seeing bodies, no lights out, and no being chased. Post your vid links in the comments below so I can watch you suffer Happy haunting -ghost13462
  2. I agree, we need to get rid of a lot of the nerfs. before the update i used to spectate and it would feel like an actual horror movie, but now, its gotten rid of that horror movie feel (which i'm pretty sure the devs reach for) I think we either need to get rid of dancing or get rid of the 10 pocket knife thing. I also like the idea of Jason being able to grab those who dance too close to him while he's down. Dancing is fun when people use it responsibly, but when given to the immature, the game becomes ruined
  3. I've actually gotten a kill like this except I didn't use my traps and felt bad for the guy. He was running in front of the fuse box and around the house when I teleported right next to him with morph. I killed him, but felt really bad for killing him 10 seconds into the round. poor dude.
  4. Hi, I'm ghost (in game name: croc shades) and I'm new to the forums. For now I am just making suggestions and player made challenges but i hope to do more with you in the future. Happy haunting, -Ghost13462
  5. Hello everyone, I have yet another challenge! This challenge will be done as a councilor. For this challenge, whenever you come upon a house, you will have one try with 45 seconds to get everything in that house as fast as you can. once inside the house for more then 45 seconds, you can no longer: Pick up weapons (bear trap counts), pick up items, open windows (jumping through windows counts), fortify/unfortify doors, hide in a hiding spot, pick up parts, and/or crouch (to prevent hiding.) Note that: you can still hide outside in tents and outhouses once you have exited the house, you can not go back inside for no reason what so ever. you may still open doors after the 45 seconds is up but if both doors are fortified and all windows are closed, your best bet is for Jason to break open a door or window to leave that house. any room that is closed off after the 45 seconds is permanently closed off. if you are not sure if you have been in the house or not, you can't go in. you can't have a friend go into the house and grab stuff for you. Post your vid links in the comments bellow so i can watch you suffer, and good luck.
  6. I like the idea, but one question: what would be the steps before rowing away in it? Otherwise great idea. If you don't have an idea for repairs, the raft could just be flat and out of air in the water and the person would have to fill it with air somehow. Otherwise I love the idea.
  7. I suppose... but then again this is a challenge!
  8. Hey everyone! It's ghost here again with another challenge. For this challenge you must hold down your mike fore the entire round. You don't have to hold it down with your thumb and can instead just tape it down, but it must be on the entire time. For a bonus, whenever you hear Jason's music, scream bloody murder. Post your vid links in the comments below so I can watch you suffer, and goodbye!
  9. Hey everyone! I have a hard challenge for you. In this challenge you can't use jog ever. That means you're either sprinting or walking as councilor. Post any vid links below of you doing the challenge so I can see you suffer, and may Jason be with you.
  10. We need to be able to change controls!!! I can't change the controls and that is just stupid. I get how this worked in the beta, but you guys have to add this in. Do you know how rage inducing it is when your crappy mouse can't do mouse 3 without throwing your knife as soon as you press mouse 3? We all want to be able to change controls so please just do it!
  11. While I do like the idea, I think the car should become slower every time Jason loses a mash off, because it would do damage. I don't like how the car gets suck and automatically starts again if you turn the key and I think there needs to be a way for Jason to completely stop the car permanently. Though it should be as hard as getting Jason's sweater.
  12. I don't think we need more heros. One person you kill already comes back as a hero, we don't need a better one.
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