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  1. Jason just needs to be more dynamic than shifting around grabbing people. Lots of people play him with just this one move, over and over, because it's so easy and effective. Makes things really dull. Maybe it he was limited to the amount of kills per match using this move to make people actually do something different that would be great. Hey Tiffany tell ya what. You get people to follow my rule of no spamming shift-grab all the time, and I'll stop posting about it. I think its a fair deal =-)
  2. So after countless hours of play I've got three quick suggestions. (Besides the usual fix the glitches/servers/yadda yadda stuff) Adjust the time limit if players drop out before the match starts. 7 counselors have a lot better chance going 20 min than 4 or even less (if people drop after match has begun). To make it more fun/worthwhile, perhaps the time limit could be shortened for smaller groups. I know there is a raging debate about the shift grab. Jason players love it, councelor players hate it. All I can say is that nobody likes having a stalking Jason appear out of thin air and grab/kill them before anything can be done. As a sweater lover I often find myself grabbed and in a kill sequence before I even can hit Y. Maybe give it a half-second delay unless Jason is in rage mode? Or give out more pocket knives? (any decent Jason is hardly slowed down much by a pocket knife defense, and it takes away the feeling of frustration from an instant kill if you are given at least one more chance since you are now aware). Or maybe make it fair by adding a tape-like rare one-shot item like Freddy's Glove that allows for an instant mask-removing attack. I figure if Jason fanatics are ok with dishing it out, they should be also willing to sometimes take it. Finally, and most importantly, the only aspect of the game that really takes away my enjoyment is the idea that actually being active is far more detrimental than just sitting there. Sure, you get rewards for taking risks, but they aren't enough to make it worth it. There actually needs to be penalties for players that just find a knife, spray, and a weapon and then crouch in a corner for 20 minutes. Nothing is more frustrating then frantically searching for that final car part or phone box and dying, then watching one or two hosers who've contributed nothing hide somewhere for 10 minutes and then run from cabin to cabin for the last 4. Yes, that strategy works. It's actually quite smart because it's exponentially more dangerous to expose yourself in the open, make noise, go weaponless while you carry a part, and then visit and re-visit a place Jason is obviously constantly watching instead of just passing through. And all this to try and create a means for escape and then having to actually avoid him even further while you escape with by that means. Its hard. Yet its what makes the game fun. Anymore for me though it only takes a round or two of watching people crouch in the corner for 10 min+ on a large map as Jason wanders around aimlessly before I'm switching to a different game for the night. I realize maybe there is no solution to have people play differently, but at least let us get our points and move on to a fresh start instead of having to stare at a guy creeping back and forth in a bedroom for agonizingly long periods of time. Thanks Guys, Lost Krusader
  3. Hey JPops thanks for the reply and your insight. Always good to see what you guys are thinking. I guess my only question I have before I pipe down is to ask what sort of survival ratio the developers were looking for when they designed the game. How many, if any, counselors should survive in a typical match in order to achieve what you guys think is ideal? That being said, I need to start keeping hard data of the actual survival ratios I experience over the course of dozens and dozens of games. If it comes out to be what you guys are trying to achieve then sure, no mods are needed. Before I ask for more counselor modifications I should actually test to see if that's needed. I understand that. Some of the stuff though was just for flavor. Jason gets a lot of unique things to do and can really be interesting game after game. Counselors not so much. And as for you, Angron - what is your opinion of survival ratio? Sounds like you want a 100% kill rate ever time eh or Jason just isn't strong enough? How about sharing how many counselors you think should live in a typical match so I can see after 100 games or so if you're actually getting what you want or not.
  4. Howdy Everybody! Love the game so far. Have a few ideas though for some upgrades. Maybe for the sequel. Who knows. But I wanted to share them. First, would love to see some more interactive team-like abilities between counselors. Things that help you want to work together. Maybe repairs can be made quicker with a buddy helping? Or special repairs can be made in a pair that can't normally be done? I know even a caveman can install a boat propeller it's so simple (uh-huh), but nobody can figure out how clear glass shards out of a window-sill so as to not be dangerous to escape from? Maybe two counselors together could have enough smarts to figure this out? Or each grab both sides of a door since I've seen false ones laying against walls and and can put it back on the frame? Also, part of the whole horror genre is the T&A. Aside from some rique stills during load times and some burlesque outfits, there isn't much in the game..maybe counselors could have a "make-out" mini game that once completed grants like a speed or stamina or health regen boost? Have it make a lot of noise so there's a risk? Special team attacks that can be done to Jason with certain items as well as a partner at your side? I dunno. Overall though it would just would be cool if there were more reasons to not go it alone so much in the game. How about something that restores stamina like sprays restore health? Chow an energy bar and stamina gauge refilled? That would be great! Maps that can be found to lead to repair parts. This would help defeat the desire to turtle. It often seems like the more councilors search around for ways to escape, the much greater risk there is to die. If we had a map of where to go instead of wandering aimlessly, it would really help keep people from crouching down and just creeping around the woods for 20 min hoping someone gets lucky and calls the po-pos. A lot of times now Jason camps the car and boat and the smart players sit there and watch him camp. After all unless the cops are called what else can you do if your only escape options are under constant guard? If we had other objectives it would force more action. Counselors would have motivation to move and Jason would have to move around more if he wanted to keep multiple escape options from being activated. As it stands, besides the fuse, most of these parts are useless anyway so may as well make it easier to find them. Jason can move to and disable the boat and cars so easily, they are basically deathtraps. Jason gets location specific kills. How about some location specific defenses for counselors? Maybe they can push a dresser down the stairs, or a tip a bookshelf over on Jason as he approaches. Use the gas can to make a pool of gasoline and light it on fire to create a temporary barricade. Use the axe to chop a tree down to block the path and make Jason chop through? Move a couch in front of a door to create extra reinforcement? I'd also like to see some sort of defense besides a pocketknife - something that will disorient Jason for a small time. Lets say instead of stabbing him you throw a vile of battery acid in his face. For 20 seconds his morphing and map gets all screwed up and backwards and/or blurry so he can't immediately pursue as soon as he is unstunned. The item could be rare but cool. Jason would have to take a guess if he pursues immediately and it would be fun to see where he ended up. Sorry everyone who complains about Jason being too weak by the way. The truth is, Jason is like a Lamborghini. Most of you wouldn't do any better street-racing around town in a Lambo then you would in your Honda Civic. The reason is you aren't good enough drivers to be able to handle that much machine. You'd either wreck, or finish the race last, and either way you'd call the thing a piece of junk. But put someone trained and skilled behind the wheel, and the difference is awesome. People that know how to play a leveled Jason are damn near invincible. He teleports on top of you and puts you in a grab the second he appears, then starts an invincible kill sequence in less than two seconds. People around you barely have enough time to start a swing. Then he gets back up and starts the process again. Good brawlers may knock him down a few times but an experienced Jason always wins in the end because it just takes him just one lucky grab and besides - eventually your weapon always breaks. Go to grab a new one and its teleport-grabby-die time. Boat and cars are so easy to overtake and disable they are basically worthless. You have the cops and that's it. So please instead of wanting even more horses and handling in that exotic sportscar because it supposedly sucks, my advice is to stop complaining and learn how to drive it well. Finally, does anyone remember how Freddy tries to kill Jason in Freddy VS Jason? Yes, he tries to DROWN him. Because Jason is supposed to be AFRAID of water. That's his fear, his weakness. Yet you would never know that in this game. Someone from Gun Media must have really wanted to do an Aquaman game and was seriously torqued it ended up being Jason instead, so they just ported over their Aquaman character design to the villain here. Did you know you could never electrocute Jason in a swimming pool while playing? He could simply outswim the electrical current. Yup, he's that fast. I send a plea to the game designers to please take the above weakness into account and to try and incorporate it somehow. Maybe the boat needs three parts instead of of two. Maybe it can only hold one person. But please, please, don't allow Jason to start on the opposite side of the map, somehow shoot across the water faster than an ADCAP Mark 48 torpedo, grab the boat, stop it at full speed, and drown both occupants by dunking them once under the water. It's just really really stupid. Speaking of Freddy, lets introduce him in the sequel! Give Jason a buddy...or maybe even let the two villains be able to work together or betray each other? Who knows??? Thanks y'all! -Lost