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  1. I need a person ASAP to help level up in private match at 1 pm est on ps4
  2. PSN: iamthelochnexx ( in desperate need of someone to help me level up and get cp for perks I have 4 perks )
  3. Kooley D7.... I will look into Steam. I heard about it but really just found out bout the f13 forums, but it seem in game lobby I been introduced to ppl that seem to need a psychiatric eval forreal ..lol the game is fun but I believe being outfitted with right perks make it more enjoyable. Plus I was told about the double xp but Lil late on the opportunity to capitalize..THANKS PRECIATE IT
  4. Good idea.... I think the badges actually should help benefit the character along with perks or even introduce badges that help remove negative effects of some perks with negative rolls and add positive to effects to perks balancing out the perk itself interesting...like for example an teamwork badge that help with running with another counseler...archery badge help with aim...to do better scavenging with a scavenging badge and objective completing with a initiative badge or Boy Scout badge creating better opportunity to find more health, pocket knives ... or even adrenaline to help gain composer or badges that help be more evasive to the slashing Jason...I SEE PPL ARE SLASHING MORE WITH JASON SINCE THE STUN PERKS ARE BECOMING MORE EFFECTIVE...wat you guys think?
  5. Hey guys I’m on PS4 FT13 and I’m new to the game and see leveling up and perks are what help keep counselors alive and I’m tired of dying effortlessly with the first 5 min of the match need private match link ups to help each other level up and score XP and CP for dice rolling better perks.....GAMER TAG: ( iamthelochnexx )OH YEA FORGOT I AM MIC’d up also for coop team work to learn better survival mechanics.
  6. I agree CPT.... I been rolling extremely bad perks that don’t help like the swimming perk like 4 times wtf
  7. Hey... I’m still trying to get good perks even my thick skin was like 6%...no luck even leveling up has been kind of hard plus having mediocre perks no mics in a scavenger hunt for escape I’m dead the first 5 mins
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