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  1. Fix your damn game before you make addons. Jason is completely trash now, he suppose to be overpowered not a push over! The grabbing is trash can’t even morph on top of someone and grab without missing. Can’t even swing without missing. Thanks to the update now tommy Is the most competitive player of cat and mouse. I’m assuming spawning with a shotgun and being over all the best consuler isn’t enough to where he needs to spawn with a pocket knife now too huh? The game was good, now I don’t know what to say about it now before the smaller maps the game was buggy and it was still enjoyable but now it’s just stressful to play as Jason. It too many weaknesses the players can exploit. Your spose to be an Almighty powerful Jason not a doll with a knife (Chucky). Don’t even lemme get started on the trap placement that was never an issue to begin with. Your job as Jason is to kill everyone and let no one escape but now your job is to get beat, ran over, and let everyone escape. This is by no means a joke. I’m a paying customer and I expect a company to listen to any criticism coming from the community to better improve their product. So please take the time to fix the game before adding any addons. Thank you
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