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  1. I'e been saying this since Day 1. The 1958 Crystal Lake yellow tops and black shorts like in the prologue of Part 1. Seems a no brainer.
  2. *if they are taking him away
  3. I never said they did. Read. I' saying if theyrevtsking him away to give him a unique weapon and be his own Jason, then he should be remodelled. Otherwise keep him as a skin.
  4. Yes. It is lazy. Retro Jason should have his own look to him. His own artistry. Not a cut and paste job.
  5. They definitely need a new model. Recolored part 3 Jason would be lazy on his own.
  6. Also. The actor who played Chuck wasn't a huge fan. As far as Crystal Lake Memories was concerned.
  7. I found 3 on Friday or Saturday. Forget which one. I now have 3, 5, 7, 11 and 20.
  8. Sounds great! PS4 @BodyBoyBobby
  9. My least favorite to play as is 8, to be honest. Even more than 7.
  10. Yup. I do. VI has two traps to spare, so if he wants to put 3 traps on the phone, and 1 on each car, then he can.There are no early car escapes when I play 6 because the cars are trapped to shit. Compare with 9 having to chase a 2 seater at 16:45. All I am saying is that I, by and large, succeed with VI over IX, though IX almost always gives me a 6 person death rate.
  11. As a counselor, I fix the untrapped cars and escape in under 5 minutes with J9.
  12. Part VI just plays better. Plus when the kids somehow disable the two traps at the phone, you have to be more aggressive as Part IX. With VI, having the two extras means you can sit back, relax, and kill. VI is by far my favorite Jason to play, and I don't even like the film that match.
  13. I always put the day before month, month before year. To place the day in the middle is just illogical to me.
  14. Honestly, I've met nicer hot people, and meaner ugly people than vice versa in life.