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  1. How about a snare trap for Jason. A rope based one. He's used them in the films. Traps a player, hangs them upside down. If the counsellor has a pocket knife they can do a qte to escape, or they're stuck for a time limit. Alerting Jason of course. That would add some mayhem.
  2. Yeah. Saw it after I posted. Great ideas. I was just bored at work and thought of it.
  3. I can see bottles as a distraction, or a way to ping a soundwave to throw Jasons sense off for sure. But if a bullet doesn't really hurt him.....a bottle?
  4. I would love to see a backpack put into the game. Maybe found at a campsite, or somewhere random. Only one per match. That would allow players to carry maybe, 5 items. I don't think it would unbalance too much at all, and may even encourage a little more teamwork. A trophy for "pack mule" for collecting a certain amount of them........? And maybe even allow for one random item to spawn inside it upon pick up, like a med spray, pocket knife, or a walkie. Just a thought.
  5. I apologize. That is such a habit. I'm a jerk. You probably actually speak better English than ninety percent of my neighborhood. I could do a longer match, but I'm not as big a small map fan as some. I'd take a bigger map, and a thirty minute timer.
  6. Some great ideas. Jenny already has Chris Higgins outfit. It was her default outfit.
  7. Why do we as counselors, really need to see each other? On the map that is. I mean really? We have mics. We have maps. Wouldn't it be easier to avoid trolls and make it harder on them, if we just couldn't see one another. How would we know anyway? No one had g.p.s. in the 70s or 80s. I don't know, after all the trolling, jason teaming douches.......i usually regret them knowing my location.
  8. Wow. Just wow. If they get to that point here, there'd no longer be a need to post. I can't imagine. But then hey....what do you do? To the credit of gun and illphonic, at least they listen to us. Hehe....most of the time.
  9. Anarchy is fine without casualties, as in this case I think. Order for the sake of order is just being subjected to the wishes of others. Again, no harm directed toward anyone. Just thought it wasn't quite so bad as it all sounded. No one I REFERRED to in that comment seemed to care what the dude was saying. Just that it had been said before. So, to me that says why bother looking at the thread if you have seen it before. THAT sparked a debate. My WORD got omitted by a mod. Which to me seemed silly. Hence the unavoidable soup-"40's era fascist political group member" comment at the end. I can't shut up once my own hackles get up, that's my bad. And silly censorship has that effect. All in all, wow. It's all good. Peace, love, and anarchy. Heh. They were really good insults. I love words. @truth Thanks for getting it
  10. I thought it was a little much, that's all. Censorship is mostly bad in my opinion. A vulgarity in and of itself. Order always takes second next to freedom. And should always. But yeah some peeps jumped all over worrying about tina threads. I wasn't name calling in that way....more like hey what with the concern.......he didn't search the threads, just shot an idea off the top of his head. Whatever. My comment sparked some others. Getting peoples hackles up is too easy these days. We just keep getting lamer.
  11. I called someone a thread-"40's era german fascist political group member". P.C. enough that time?
  12. Groovalicious666

    F13 Show

    George Romero and even Stephen King had a bit to do with them. Great one about a couple who kidnap a kid and fatten him up on sweets. Because they are vampires and are going to eat him. But when he escapes and they chase him into the woods......they get an unpleasant surprise. Good stuff. I wish Netflix would pick it up. Tales from the crypt too. Friday the 13th suffered from common 80s budgetary issues, and special effects on a t.v. show budget back then usually sucked. The premise was solid, and I'd watch a new version. Chasing down cursed antiques......with nothing more than an old ledger to go on, well not killer klowns from outer space caliber, but not bad. God knows why they called it f13. As a Jason fan, even back then, I never figured it out. Except for a cash grab.....ala Halloween: season of the witch.
  13. I think it's got to do with using actor likeness....... And some malarkey about rights. I remember hearing that Crispin Glover(heh part4 Jimbo of the awesome dance moves) tried to sue Robert Zemekis for using his character likeness in back to the future 2, with another actor. So it's hard to tell what can be used or not. Maybe Fox was different because the actress had passed away? Not sure how that works. Maybe Cort could show up and somehow use his "indian markers". Heh. Or Megan could spawn with that cherry camaro.
  14. Yeah......basically anything I can't hear myself eating through other peoples mics. Beer and candy for sure. Sadly rules out wasabi soy almonds. But damn are those things good......
  15. Groovalicious666

    F13 Show

    That show had its good and bad, true no connection to the films, but it was a cool concept. And for a cheap horror anthology, on t.v. in the eighties, well there have been worse. Check oit tales drom the darkside......that was good. There had been talk of a show centered around crystal lake in recent years, but it got scrapped. Along with the friday prequel, because of the failure of rings. Ugh.
  16. So myself and a couple others dared to use a historical term in a discussion, and were told we couldn't use it or we'd get warnings. Really? In a forum, about a game that centers around wantonly murdering people, in horribly, graphic ways......the word nazi is an offense of some kind? Pardon me folks for despising censorship, as it truly is an attack on freedom. I don't think people get the big picture anymore. I support freedom. I am not a nazi. I don't support racism. But give me a break. They existed. They were bossy dicks. Who tried to tell others what they could and couldn't read, or could and couldn't say, and omitting the word, as much as one might like, won't erase history. Pointless censorship. Thanks guys. Big fan of friday. Jason lives. But chill the hell out. No soup for you.
  17. No, I just brought this up in a less detailed way, a few posts ago. Jason has grabbed more than one victim through either a wall, or ala pt. 2, or remake. I called it window and wall kills. Simple enough idea. If you can catch someone near a window, and you're in stalk mode Jason should get a quick chance to snatch a counselor. Like Maddy in pt. 7.....wall, or Ginny in pt.4....window. Didn't think of using the furniture though. That'd save some headache, as I tend to play random Jasons, and often get stuck with slow ass part 7. Favorite film Jason......detestable game Jason.
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