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  1. Skitchin' As a passenger, he'd grab the bumper of the car and hang on for dear life. As a driver, he would open the driver side door, throw a brick on the accelerator and steer with his right arm, while coasting on his wheelchair.
  2. If Jason is fighting another counselor, run up behind him, combat stance, and aim up at the back of his head. 2 hits to the mask straps and his mask comes off, regardless of his hit points.
  3. Players have caught word of the salt mines update and have decided, instead of leaving because they aren't Jason, they are comitting mass suicide. Over the course of 9 rounds today, I had 6 different people suicide within the first 3 minutes of the match. Please penalize these people Gun.
  4. So it's just a signed slipcover? Didn't even include the game? What a ripoff.
  5. Haha, yeah I was the guy that got one at a rest area on the interstate. Once I grabbed the VHS, I kept my eyes peeled for the other perks. Had to try and get them all.
  6. Whew....contributed 5 times so far. Ordered the blu-ray combo pack on day one, grabbed one of the 50 black label VHS copies last week, and just grabbed one of 20 of the signed posters today. Finally grabbed a physical script and a soundtrack! Super excited!
  7. PS4 PSN ID: pts1985 Level 52 and counting. I play with a mic.
  8. Just a quick intro. Been playing since day one. Adult male, 32, USA PS4 ID: pts1985 I play with a mic. Add me.
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