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  1. reached level 100 this morning and feeling awesome about it :D


  2. AliceHardyF13

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    XB1 - Moonchildx1975 add me if you like to play a full match!! I'm not one to leave once I die
  3. AliceHardyF13

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks!! I was just searching for a thread like this!! that's awesome. thank you so much!!
  4. AliceHardyF13

    Leaving Match?

    Thank you! This is the first game I've taken total interest in. I try to be the best host I can be until it kicks me off the game ?
  5. AliceHardyF13

    Leaving Match?

    I see players leave during matches all the time so I tend to host my own games and I get multiple messages asking to stay in the game. I keep wondering why they leave and why they don't stick around to get the points? Do they still get points even if they leave?
  6. AliceHardyF13

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks Moe!!
  7. AliceHardyF13

    Hey everyone!

    my name is Ashley! & I've been a fan of F13 since I was 16 (now 26) my brother got me the movies for Christmas. So Jason is hands down my favorite. I'm so happy about this game and I'm level 89! I wish I would have joined the forums sooner!!