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  1. Oh man...Iv'e been playing this game a lot....does that mean I will be having dreams like this?
  2. Hello! Love the game! Especially when im in a lobby of other people who love the game and love to have fun! My psn is Cutemisfit. This is also the first forums that I've ever joined.
  3. Didn't they add text for when you spawn as Tommy that say "You were chosen as Tommy, Save the others" something to that?
  4. I was in one game where someone who has a mic was threatening that he was going to leave the game if I killed him. I didn't mind it since the more he whined made for a better feeling once I killed him. I just don't get the point of that, if this game needs me to to kill you as Jason then im going to kill you as Jason. I have also recently joined a lobby with people who had mics, one of them was a female who begged the Jason not to kill her, he did say he wouldn't kill her on one condition....if she became his girlfriend ( I thought he was joking, but he was very serious). She refused his condition and he still didn't kill her because she asked so nicely. These people just need to deal with it and play the game, getting tired of all these crybabies playing this game as cowards. Even my friends are fine if I kill them when I am chosen to be Jason and vise versa.
  5. I think that some of these people who come back as Tommy, just to run to the cops or drive away in a car, are just selfish and don't care about any other counselor. Just want to save themselves, which make up about 70% of the players of this game. Especially the ones who try very hard to run over another counselor in a car, which took about three attempts.