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  1. Has the devs thought about adding cross platform (Console and Pc)? I think that it would work out fine since the game isn't based on shooting skills. Or will it not work out because PlayStation and Microsoft don't cross platform?
  2. Xbone = X box one. Also thanks for telling me about the introduction.
  3. The chances of a party actually doing that is low and even if they did try to kick me I would be fine with it since I don't have to deal with them or would have already left the lobby already. The kick is there so that we can kick people off since they're wasting the whole lobbies time when we could already be in the next game.
  4. Hey guys/girls or apache helicopters! Just bought the game (for ps4) two days ago and found out there was double exp. Already level 26 and am super hyped for more Friday the 13th. I haven't seen any of the movies. I know, I'm a noob. Thanks for taking your time to read this!
  5. Don't know if someone already posted about this but the PS4 (Don't own Xbone so I don't know if it has it or not) needs a report system cause we all know PSN reporting does nothing. Had a game where a counselor literally trolling in game, not letting people into the car and running people over. Jason and the counselor were probably together since jason didn't even try to kill him. I also think that the vote to kick is also needed too. Had a Tommy Jarvis wasted 12+ minutes of the lobbies time when he could've escaped by cop 12+ minutes prior.