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  1. Would make sense if the engine update released at that date. Assuming that they're ready by that time.
  2. I actually hope they won't add the mean girl. Because everyone and their mother is saying it's basically confirmed so I think it would be kind of hilarious if she wasn't added after all.
  3. While there are multiple good ideas here, putting flashlights in drawers would possibly be the simplest to implement in the game considering flashlights are already in the game. Also, maybe having the flashlight on might require batteries so that's another option.
  4. As a consolation, I can tell you that whenever there is a Jason teamer, the Jason player is always complete trash. Recently, whenever there has been someone teaming with Jason, I've managed to either juke and stun Jason for so long that the timer ran out or they gave up and went for other people. Also another thing you can do, is go on your mic and announce to everyone repeatedly that X is working with Jason. Call them out by name. Do it during the game and do it when the game is over in the lobby. The two teamers have always quit when I've called them out by name in the lobby. P.S. DON'T GET IN THE CAR WHEN THE TEAMER IS THE DRIVER - I've seen so many people just happily hop in the car despite me warning them about the teamer. The car will stop next to Jason, he will pull you out of the car and kill you.
  5. Oh so that's how you do it. Thanks! Does anyone know what causes the radio to play in the car? I've noticed it plays sometimes but not all the time. Is it random?
  6. I know a lot of people recommend muting the Jason player when you're a counselor so you wouldn't give your position away with your mic. I can understand that being the case when you have other people in the room and thus there is potential unwanted noise that might give away your position. But when you're alone and know that there will be no unwanted noise, I really recommend you to not mute the Jason player as it makes the game a bit more intense. There have been several situations where Jason is close and I know I have to be quiet to avoid detection, in a hiding spot for example while Jason doesn't know you're in there. You also can not talk to people on the walkie-talkie which might make things more challenging. Everytime I get super anxious about not moving on my chair irl and not to make any heavy breathing sounds. It really adds to the immersion, try it!
  7. To me, I trap the outside of a door since Jason will have to step in it to start breaking the door down. Then once he starts attacking the door, there's possibility for door combat. Not to mention if Jason is in Rage mode and uses the instant door destruction it's pretty much a guaranteed stun if you have a bat. If the trap is placed inside, the possibility of stunning Jason with a weapon is eliminated completely.
  8. Wow I didn't know you can run while blocking? How exactly do you do that?
  9. Another factor to consider is whether the hit was a stun or not. A stun does not do damage to Jason. So you can be stunned 50 times with the bat and your mask wouldn't be knocked off.
  10. I have a question about Speed and Stamina. Which one of them is more useful to travel long distances faster? So let's take two counselors AJ and Jenny. AJ has a speed stat of 4 while Jenny's speed is 3. AJ's stamina is 4 while Jenny's is 5. Both have a cumulative score of 8. So let's say both counselors are jogging. Obviously AJ is going to be ever so slightly faster than Jenny, however since she'll run out of stamina a bit faster she has to start resting slightly earlier. AJ can jog for a distance of X before running out of stamina so for that distance she'll obviously reach the destination faster but I'm interested to know how much would Jenny's higher stamina score help her catch up if the distance is longer.
  11. From my experience my attacks usually miss when Jason bursts through the door in Rage mode and I stand behind the door with combat stance too close to the door.
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