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  1. Usually i know that when it's Savini i'll probably die.
  2. Then just let yourself be killed quickly and leave when you're dead? no problem
  3. Tbh I wouldn't mind these changes. It would make ganging up on Jason a little more difficult. Yes ofc it would be frustrating to be injured by a troll but if there's a troll/teamkiller/jason helper then you're better off leaving the lobby anyways whether or not friendly fire is a thing or not. The only thing I would perhaps disagree with is the climbing through windows one.
  4. I don't knowingly apply any of my training in-game. I usually like to run as the lone wolf. Hmm.. maybe... assessing the situation before taking action. If Jason is chasing someone I'll try to assess the situation and see if I can help the counselor or not. And preparing escape routes via opening the important windows and remembering weapon locations. But I mean these things are not exclusive to military training necessarily.
  5. Hang on why would Reggie be in? Wasn't he like 16 in the movie.
  6. Ok so she's not the best option. So? What is the point of saying that Jenny is useless. I play her because I enjoy playing her. Player skills matter more in this game than stats.
  7. I'm level 30 and I haven't bought a single Jason kill. Sometimes people don't have any other kills to choose from.
  8. Who even came up with no slashing and no spawn killing? That sounds ridiculous. If it's a game mechanic then use it.
  9. Every counselor starts off with a flashlight. It helps with visibility obviously, fear management and apparently with stamina regeneration. I thought it might be interesting if you didn't start out with a flashlight but rather had to find one from a drawer or something. This could have a side effect of diversifying the items a little bit (and maybe even reduce the amount of other items a bit). Just a random though.
  10. Meta switch?

    There's no rank in this game, so whether or not there is a meta or not, it does not matter. Unless you're really hellbent on winning all the time.
  11. Unpopular counselors

    I play on PS4 and generally the counselors that I see less of are Kenny, Lachappa. To some extent Jenny and Mitch (though those counselors I play the most).
  12. Oh you can do that? Neat, I'll try and hit Jason through an unbroken door next time. I thought you could only hit through partially broken doors.
  13. Unpopular counselors

    I main Jenny. Even if she's not good according to most people, I don't mind. She has the perfect stats for my playstyle and that's good enough for me.
  14. Maybe that's what Paranoia is... one counselor starts in a car and the objective is to run everybody over. But sometimes people run in front of the car thinking "oh, surely they're gonna stop when I run in front right?". I was driving a full car once, and this AJ comes running, I say in the mic "it's full it's full, sorry". And they just proceed to run right in the middle of the road (with fences on both sides) and I couldn't avoid running over her. In the moment I go "oh my god, I'm so sorry" but thinking about it, it was definitely her fault. I got -123 xp that round. I think the -1000 XP penalty for killing someone is enough.