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  1. Developers know very well what would happen if players could again choose which server they want to connect to and therefore they will not. The only solution is a simple vpn program that will change your location and connect you to either the eu server or the us server. :)
  2. Nope. But it would be nice if someone could write whether the team gave up and that's the end or whether any legal steps are still going on.
  3. Well. There were so many interesting possibilities and it was stopped by greed and money. I do not know why the game was created, since there was no certainty about the license (-,-)
  4. Again, a glitch appeared, in which the game chooses a character for me. !!! ⛔
  5. It's about players who deliberately leave traps under the windows
  6. It's time for Guns to stop bear traps stop dealing damage. (Counselors for Counselors)
  7. Can the creators confirm this? Can the community help in some way? Will the game servers be disabled in October this year?
  8. If there is a problem with copyright, what license do the creators have, since the project has been stopped. I'm asking because I do not know what the law looks like in the United States.
  9. 1. Will the game be repaired for errors, better optimization? 2. Is court proceedings going on or is there a chance to appeal against court decisions and a spark of hope?
  10. You can copy in your browser, but it does not matter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETxmCCsMoD0 The important thing is, it should be a clear signal for other studies that want to produce games on famous characters. I'm curious when DBD gets into trouble, they have Fredie Krueger there . Without new content, this game does not make sense, because there is nothing to do next. I'm only surprised that Mr. Miller woke up with his doubts only now.
  11. Well, thx for fast reaction. I hope it will only get better.
  12. The animation of putting hands through AJ only frustrates me and adds a valuable fraction of a second through this action. I know this is not a mistake, but it can not be like before? Pls.
  13. @ShiftySamurai My suggestion. Add salt for suicide, because there are a lot of them now.
  14. There is a group of people who think that the game is dead. Few people on the servers, little happens. I do not know, I do not think so. But maybe it is worth attracting new players with something completely different. I mean the challenges of the month - permanently, for 12 months. With random prizes, items of clothing, CP, or other accessories, something different every month. In order to get 1 player would have to do certain tasks (set by the developers) and server tasks, players on a given server have to achieve something by playing and doing something (this would also be set by the developer). What do you say ?
  15. Everything developers need to know. The guys said about what hurts the players. Link ---> F13: The Game - Engine Upgrade In-Depth Review | Halloween Trailer Soon? | Slash 'N Cast
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